Watch Video Of Cllr David Pugh Giving Evidence To Select Committee On Libraries

Watch the footage of Council leader David Pugh giving evidence to the Culture, Media And Sport Committee earlier this morning.

If you weren’t able to watch the live streaming of Isle of Wight council leader David Pugh being questioned by the Culture, Media And Sport Committee today, you can now.

David Pugh at Select CommitteeWe’ve just done some technical monkeying-around and can now bring you the video of Cllr David Pugh giving evidence to the Committee at Westminster earlier today.

If you just want to see the sections with Cllr David Pugh, jump the timeline forward to around 11:40.

If you’d prefer just the audio, it’s below.

If you want to watch the video, you’ll need to download the Silverlight player. Sorry, that’s beyond our control.

Audio version
If you’d prefer just to list to the audio, we’ve placed it below. Audio starts directly at the second set of speakers, including Cllr Pugh.

If you can’t get the audio player working, try it on

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Tuesday, 21st February, 2012 2:06pm



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I’m very impressed by your abilities and skill in getting this done so quickly….well done. You make it sound a simple task.. and up and accessible within about 1 hour of the committee finishing.
This really is another example of why you leave the CP streets behind in your approach to getting relevant news and information out…


Mrs James
I can see but not hear anything … Ive got this message below the vid does it mean your computer or mine… thank You… ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Silverlight does not appear to be correctly installed on this computer. Please either try another media player, or click the link below to install the latest version of Silverlight. To test your computer’s capabilities, please see our help pages. If you have… Read more »
Kelvin Currie

Pretty sure that’s your computer telling you that.

Mrs James

My apologies I tried again anf found the sound does come after a short time I just needed to wait for it… Admin: Feel free to delete my posts once read…


Silverlight does not appear to work on my computer (Mac OS X 10.4, Mozilla Firefox 5.0. Any suggestions (I do have the programme installed).
Is there some way you can make an audio file available (rather than a black box that is not clickable)?


Video not functioning on my mac either, but audio file works.


With Simon’s help, have now downloaded Microsoft Silverlight (free) and this works once my browser was restarted. Video quality excellent.


actually if you use the link from the earlier VB article you can play the video without needing Silverlight, but the sound doesn’t come through until the chair starts the meeting.


What a one sided debate – Dave Quigley should have been there to challenge Pugh who rather glossed over the issue of Equality Impact Assessments. When I asked Edward Giles at a public meeting in East Cowes whether such an assessment had been made, his reply was “No” this is not the impression Pugh is giving the committee – they even asked him twice!


Having watched the video, Pugh gets quite a mauling from the guy pinning him down with questions about Shanklin and Bembridge Libraries – amusing to see the response of ‘Frank Butcher’ win the background, but also Louise Mensch(?) in one candid camera view.

A Smith

Bloke behind Pugh looks like frank Butcher from Eastenders lol

Pugh has shut libraries , loos and TI …. and yes PUGH the public will be your judge. ‘Undertaken a consultation’ … with whom?

Mrs James

Well after all that I had to switch off as Pugh with his “Lip Service Speak” as in “We have consulted” sent my BP soaring so I had to switch him off … :(
Mr Pugh talks such a load of contrived , trained Cr*p I cant bear to hear him or even see his smug face anymore… Grrrr :(

Fascinating! I did not realise that the IoW Council regards the supply of library facilities to a large part of the Island to be outwith their statutory duty under the Public Libraries & Museums Act 1964! What a Machiavellian way of achieving their ideological objectives. Frequently I was reminded on the three monkeys (true blue no doubt!) “Hear No Evil, See No Evil and Speak No Evil”… Read more »
Black Dog
Having watched the DCMS question Councillor Pugh, I would like to know what, if any, powers the DCMS have to combat Perjury? Councillor Pugh should immediately be thrown off Shanklin Library committee. His presence is more than a distraction from the good work carried out by Shanklin and other community libraries. A complete embarrassment and I just hope the voters on the Isle of Wight don’t have… Read more »
Bill Lucas
Black Dog Surely IOW Councillors that sit on town and parish councils have a huge conflict of interests when it come to services that County Hall have deemed not necessary. It would seem that it is becoming increasingly more difficult to serve two masters and have a foot in both camps. Or would that be referred to as “Drivel” to quote one balanced articulate response in a… Read more »

Certainly back in the days when Susan Scoccia was Mayor of Ventnor, she regularly ended up working against the community interest by towing the Party / Island Council line instead of doggedly promoting the interests of the Town – occasionally completely compromising the interests of the town past anything that could be called ‘pragmatism’.

Country Girl
From Mr Pugh’s statement he reads ‘blogs’ nice to know he actually reads our comments. Shame he can’t take time to respond to email sent to him! He is an outright lier with the statements he comes out with and makes! Nice to know he cares so much about his ‘own’ library, shame about the others. As for being a volunteer I’d like to know how many… Read more »
Country Girl

He wouldn’t meet with us to discuss the librarys, perhaps we can set up our own impromptu meeting in the library!!

Country Girl says: Today at 4:58 pm (1 hour ago) He wouldn’t meet with us to discuss the librarys, perhaps we can set up our own impromptu meeting in the library! END QUOTE: Yes…yes..yes…! what’s that thingy called..? A Flash Mob..? What an absolute great idea…. flash mob the library when he is doing his *next* ;0) shift there…. tip off the media (how about BBC South?)… Read more »
council worker

How is Pugh supposed to be a volunteer for a library if he cant even finish University or run the IOW Council!


‘council worker’ – what’s University got to do with volunteering for working in a library?

I know he’s probably not actually doing any volunteer work, but to suggest that you should have a degree in order to help out is a bit insulting to some of those who do volunteer work (and not just in libraries).

Council Worker

He cannot complete or commit to anything, University, being one of them! The council, well, he’s just ruined the reputation of and cannot run whatsoever. His days are numbered and I don’t think he’ll be having a career in politics again.

Bill Lucas
Cathy is correct in what she says about the degree and volunteers working, its not the qualifications that counts its time and effort.As for a career in politics he has one like it or not and he came over very well on the video. We may not agree with where the cuts are made but its unfair to blame the scale of the cuts on the current… Read more »
Country Girl

He TRIED to come across well, what helped him was the averted questions, not telling the whole truth, the twisting of information and outright lying. Maybe he will make a good politician!!


Is she really…Pugh came across terribly, his ideology failed him and his own Library condemned him…Shanklin is staffed by volunteers, not beauce its right, but because Pugg forced it.

It is completely fair to blame this incompetant council for the cuts…it has utterly failed the islands resident through mismanagement, incompetance and illegal cuts.

From the horse’s mouth, libraries are going to be anything from drop-in centres, bazaars, tearooms, music halls or training centres for the newly unemployed, hoping to obtain work experience, but only if Tesco are full. You might, if there is sufficient demand glimpse a book, not a hard to find or expensive reference book mind. We appear only to be catering for anyone who doesn’t wish to… Read more »
Bill Lucas

Who are the comedy gold characters at County Hall now.

Cllr Drivel to name one

Hacked Off

When Pugh spoke of the millions needed to be cut because of the Government’s spending review in 2011, he failed to mention that around £10m needed to be cut from the budget because of the island Tories over-spending


In my opinion, Pugh spun his way through the committee meeting, was unconvincing and showed a lack of political knowledge and leadership qualities.

His acting abilities in the political arena are very poor, so he would probably be better advised to stick to playing the major role in videos which he is good at such as Pughtube.


Did anyone accompany him? Please ask VB. The answer could be interesting.

Bill Lucas

Yes some one did go with him. Isn’t that a cabinet member at the back of him taking notes, or looks like one. Cllr Drivel

Sally Perry

Cllr Pugh was on his own when we saw him at Shanklin train station yesterday morning. Can’t see any officers in the room on the video.

Did not the Arts Council witness, in the first part of this hearing, say that the Arts Council had 12 Regional Organisers ‘to share good practice’ in library operation. If this was the case it would be good to know what involvement the Arts Council, regionally and centrally, had with IWC during the thorough IWC review that concluded that 9 out of 11 libraries could be shut.… Read more »
I find it impossible to believe that Cllr Pugh was telling the truth when he told the Select Committee that prior to making any decisions on cuts they had looked carefully at each area and had deliberately not made cuts to deprived areas. By any measure, for many years, East Cowes has been considered one of the most deprived areas not only on the Island but in… Read more »
When talking about levels of usage of libraries pre-cut, Pugh failed to point out that by all the usual measures of library usage, Bembridge made significantly more usage per average resident than Newport or Ryde. A Freedom of Information request revealed the following data: “Bembridge Library had 37,215 issues in 2009 – 10, 4.7% of the total branch library figure of 786,090. It had 45,604 visits, 5.2%… Read more »
Two things which struck me on the video is Pugh’s arrogance and the lack of confidence he shows in his own policies. 1. Arrogance by dismissing the letters read out by a committee as the opinions written by members of an organised, anti-library closure group as if their views don’t count or typical of the majority of Islanders. 2. Doubt and a lack of confidence by saying… Read more »
Asite2c says: Today at 10:19 am (1 hour ago) Two things which struck me on the video is Pugh’s arrogance and the lack of confidence he shows in his own policies. 2. Doubt and a lack of confidence by saying the electors will judge whether the Tory council have made the right decisions at the next election. END QUOTE: It just makes you want to do all… Read more »
daveq, for your information the Island has several towns that fall within what as known as areas of multiple deprivation (Information Advice, Indices of Deprivation 2010) From the map, one can see that Ryde North East B, Pan A and B, Newport North B, Osborne, St John’s West A, Ventnor East A & Newport South B are towns that are amongst the worst 20% in terms of… Read more »
Black dog

Having watched Pugh’s audition again I find that he contradicts himself a bit like Vicky Pollard “yes but, no but, but yes but”