Met Office cancel one of its Isle of Wight weather warnings

rainbow over freshwater bay

Anyone looking out of the window will understand why the weather warning was withdrawn. But only one of them.

Friday, 9th August, 2019 10:07am

By Sally Perry with one comment

Double weather warning for the Isle of Wight this week

storm eleanor - Jamie Russell 640

They are not always accurate for the Isle of Wight, but these weather warnings from the Met Office are worth taking note of for later in the week.

Tuesday, 6th August, 2019 2:31pm

By Sally Perry

Torrential rain, hail, lightning and gusty winds, say Met Office

Lightning by Jamie Russell

The Met Office say whilst rain and flooding is likely to be the largest impact, hail, lightning and gusty winds will be additional hazards.

Monday, 17th June, 2019 10:42am

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Met Office warning for heavy thundery showers all day

Raining cats and dogs

It's going to be 'raining cats and dogs' all day today - watch out for surface water on the roads if you are travelling.

Friday, 7th June, 2019 10:13am

By Sally Perry

60-70 mph winds could affect the Isle of Wight

windy by Johnny McClung

If you are planning to cross the Solent during the period of the weather warning expect delays.

Thursday, 25th April, 2019 9:58am

By Sally Perry

70mph wind gusts expected on the Isle of Wight at the weekend

windy dog

Might not be time to unpack your garden furniture yet - the Met Office has issued yet another weather warning for strong winds - these up to 70mph

Thursday, 14th March, 2019 11:51am

By Sally Perry

Met Office forecasts up to 65 mph winds for the Isle of Wight this week

woman's hair blowing in the wind

Get ready for more strong winds, trees down and disruption to cross-Solent travel as the Met Office forecast wind gusts of up to 50-55 mph inland and 65 mph along the coastlines.

Monday, 11th March, 2019 2:08pm

By Sally Perry

Met Office update strong wind weather warning for the Isle of Wight

This wind vane warns you how windy it can get in parts of the Isle of Wight.

The weather warning has been updated by the Met Office and will not last as long as previously forecast.

Friday, 8th February, 2019 10:20am

By Sally Perry

Isle of Wight weather warning for 60-70 mph winds (updated)

windy dog

Watch out for disruption to cross-Solent travel and trees down cross roads as the Met Office issues two severe weather warnings for wind on the Isle of Wight.

Wednesday, 6th February, 2019 10:33am

By Sally Perry

Met Office issue severe weather warning for the Isle of Wight

Heavy rain :

Oh dear, according to the Met Office more rain is on its way to the Isle of Wight. Coastal areas could also see wind gusts of 50-60 miles per hour. Details within.

Monday, 17th December, 2018 9:49am

By Sally Perry

Weather warning for rain and wind could affect mainland driving

rain on car window

Driving west on the mainland tomorrow? Take note of this severe weather warning from the Met Office.

Friday, 14th December, 2018 10:04am

By Sally Perry

Heavy rain and 60 mph winds expected on the Isle of Wight on Friday

Jamie Russell - Stormy 3 640

The bad weather could affect cross-Solent travel on Friday as the Met Office issue a severe weather warning.

Thursday, 8th November, 2018 10:07am

By Sally Perry