We’re Seven years old – and have passed 70,000 comments!

Thanks for all of the support – and comments – over the past seven years. More good things on the way!

Amazingly we’ve been publishing stories dedicated to the Isle of Wight for seven years, as of today (Friday).

Yes, it’s our seventh birthday!

Facebook Happy Birthdays
We had half-forgotten about it, until today when a crazy number of ‘Happy Birthday’ messages started getting posted to our Facebook profile.

Thanks for much for those – there’s so many messages, we can’t count!

That’s not the only celebration today.

70,000 readers’ comments
As of today, Islanders have left over 70,000 comments on the site. That a mind-boggling number, averaging of over 27 comment each and every day for the past seven years. Thank you for that – it’s truly staggering.

With this massive comment milestone passed, we’ve been reconsidering our decision to make an account essential to comment on On The Wight, the ‘innovation’ that we introduced with the switch.

Opening up comments
While we’ve had hundreds of people register for accounts, we think we made a mistake. Readers have told us that they’ve had problems trying to leave comments when reading at the stories on their mobile (lots of people do) because they aren’t able to remember their passwords.

We’re going to try opening up comments to the non-registered again for a while to see how it goes. Those who have registered will continue to have the advantages they currently enjoy, plus some other enhancements that we’re planning to introduce.

If you already have an account, you will start to receive exclusive special offers, so if you don’t have one, get signed up now!

Thanks for the support
This year has been a massive one for us – the re-branding of VentnorBlog to On The Wight.

As you know the main reason for our name change was for us not to be perceived as ‘just’ about Ventnor. We’re delighted to let you know that the early signs are (one month in) that it’s already working. People now see On The Wight as about the whole of the Isle of Wight (even though, under the VB banner, we had been for years!).

Google search results better than ever
There’s no denying it – the re-brand was a huge amount of work, and happily, not only have we maintained the Google-topping search results that we used to have, but amazingly they’re even higher than they were before. Translated to the non-Web-obsessed, Island businesses and news that we write about have a greater chance of being found here On The Wight.

Looking forward to another year of innovation – and thanks again for all of your support.

Image: leeco under a CC BY 2.0 license

Friday, 28th September, 2012 8:21pm


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Y's 1

Happy Birthday

Yippee… I can post again :-)

Janet Scott


Sorry, I don’t tweet or do facebook so had forgotten.

Your statistics are amazing and well deserved.

I am proud of you. x


Happy birthday – it’s a good thing you do!

Katie Steiness

Lovin’ your work! Please keep it up for at least another 7 years ; )


Happy birthday VB, only joking, On The Wight ;-) Love the new name and new site. Onwards and upwards!

Man in Black

Congratulations to you both for sticking with it for seven years. Here’s to many more anniversaries.

Island Monkey

Well done for your success and persistence. VB – On-the-Wight is the go-to place for news and comment.

Did you get a card from anyone at IOW council?

Don Smith

Happy birthday and congratulations. VB gave me very much pleasure, and I feel that your new format will do the same.

Thank you!

Tilney Heritage

Happy 7th Birthday VB, now On The Wight :)


Belated birthday wishes and well done on the big change. I’ve been offline for the last few weeks so the new site was a surprise. It looks fantastic, your hard work is certainly paying off.