Adult Social Care Cuts/Westminster House Public Meeting (updated)

A meeting for carers and stakeholders in Westminster House

This coming Monday a meeting being held at Riverside Centre will tackle issues facing users of Adult Social Care on the Isle of Wight. Ed

Westminster House Public MeetingLeading voluntary sector organisations on the Island have joined together to provide an open event, on Monday 10th January 2011 to enable social care service users, carers and other stakeholders the opportunity to discuss the implications of IW Council proposals to change eligibility criteria, increase charges and review the use of Westminster House.

Robin Goodfellow, Chairman of IW Mencap, will be making a introductory presentation, and representatives from the Local Authority, including Director Ian Anderson and Cllr Roger Mazillius and the Primary Care Trust’s Sue Lightfoot have confirmed their participation; and have welcomed the local voluntary sector taking the lead in providing a public forum to discuss these issues.

Presentation by Ian Anderson
Ian Anderson will be making a presentation at the event (and will be around from 9.30am) to clarify the three consultations and provide greater detail of current situation.

Event co-ordinator John Vosper said “We recognise that this has been a very frustrating time for carers and service users, and this event aims to provide an opportunity to move forward, provide clarity and certainty for carers and, most importantly, an opportunity for service users have a voice at this critical time.”

Smaller discussion groups
In addition to presentations, there will be smaller discussion groups, and all information will be fed back into the main consultation process.

John concluded “The 10th January event is a significant opportunity to influence the way services will be provided, in the future, on the Island and we would welcome attendance from Carers, service users, councillors, providers and other groups and individuals, as it really is a chance to help shape service provision.”

Programme and Organisation
09.30 Registration/Coffee (Function Hall)

10.00-10.45 Function Hall presentations-format for day

10.45-11.30 1st Set of workshops (Resource Room, Coffee Lounge, Phase III)

11.30-11.45 Tea

11.45-12.30 2nd set of Workshops (Resource Room, Coffee Lounge, Phase III)

12.30-1pm Feedback of morning

1pm Refreshments

1.45pm-2pm Introduction to Afternoon (Hunnyhill)

2.0-2.45 3rd Set of workshops (Resource Room, Coffee Lounge, Day Room)

2.45-3.30 4th Set of workshops (Resource Room, Coffee Lounge, Day Room)

3.30-4.0 Final comments (Hunnyhill)

Thursday, 6th January, 2011 9:39am



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