Wight Trash adapt Matt Hancock’s slogan to ‘Where the Isle of Wight rolls, Britain follows’ for new T-shirts

Matt Hancock may have said Where the Isle of Wight goes, Britain follows, but IW skateboarding brand prefer this version. Pre-order yours today and a percentage goes to a new charity set-up to help local community groups

rolls wight trash t-shirt - matt hancock slogan

Usually the butt of jokes about being stuck in 1957, this week’s (possibly tongue-in-cheek) reference by Health Secretary Matt Hancock about the Isle of Wight leading the way has been well and truly embraced.

While sustainable Isle of Wight T-shirt brand Dead Natives (well known for their anti-austerity messaging) were knocking out T-shirts with Mr Hancock’s slogan, “Where the Isle of Wight goes, Britain follows”, Wight Trash, the Island’s much-loved skateboarding brand commissioned artist Jon Horner to come up with a design for a T-shirt.

“Where the Isle of Wight rolls, Britain follows”
Jon certainly delivered, with this great design featuring a masked skateboarder, the Isle of Wight flag, a container of hand sanitiser and a skateboard the shape of our beloved Isle of Wight all within the slogan, “Where the Isle of Wight rolls, Britain follows”.

Wight Trash say,

“This is quite a surprise, as the Island is about 20 years behind the rest of the country, so we may well be leading Britain back to the 90s…that’s no bad thing, if you lived through it, you’ll know the skating was rad back then.” 

Pre-order your T-shirt now
T-shirts are available in white or sky blue, in sizes small to XXL and cost £18 each.

A percentage from each T-shirt sold will go to Ryde Unite, a newly set up charity which helps local community groups in the town.

Head over to the Wight Trash Website to pre-order yours today.

Friday, 8th May, 2020 2:49pm


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Mr Hancock is absolutely correct, we had Mass unemployment and urban \decay long before they became fasionable.

This is unbelievable, whilst I understand the sentiment it’s nonsense. We now know that this experiment using this app is not the right fit as leading experts and many commentators have confirmed this. We also know that more people on the Island are out and about more than ever clearly on the back of this app being launched as evidenced on this site. Isn’t it interesting that… Read more »

It’s only a T-Shirt slogan. Seriously.


What we need then is tea shirts with “ We will fully fund the NHS and Social Care”



Mark L Francis

I reckon that should be the Dalek’s new catch phrase. (or possibly for the whole sorry Dr Who series). Conquering the Universe through the power of apathy – “WHATEVER!” (OR BETTER YET – “WHA’EVAH!” (cue music…)

Mark L Francis

or better yet (this time in lower caps asoriginallyintended) a T shirt with a Dalek on it & a zig-zag speech bubble “WHA’EVAH!” I’d buy one – hell, I might even make one.