World Earth Day: Here’s what News OnTheWight has been doing to become Climate Positive

Here are the steps News OnTheWight has been taking to become Climate Positive. By reading your Isle of Wight news with us, rest assured, you’re not contributing carbon emissions.

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Today, 22nd April, is World Earth Day, a time to celebrate the planet we live on and think about what we can do to help protect its, and therefore our, future.

Around the globe people who care about the environment are helping to raise awareness of what each and everyone of us can do, including encouraging Governments to take steps. You may well have heard the UK Government announced this week they plan to reduce CO2 emissions by 78% by 2035.

Doing what we can
Here at News OnTheWight we always try to do what we can to make things better. Publishing online, we’re very much aware of the effect servers can have on the environment.

Our server is with a hosting company that is powered by green electricity and they’re actively taking steps to become climate positive.

So by reading your Isle of Wight news here at News OnTheWight, you can rest assured you’re not having a detrimental impact on the environment.

Climate positive
Climate positive is the step beyond climate neutral. It’s taking steps to reverse the excess carbon that’s already been put in to the atmosphere.

About eight months ago News OnTheWight signed up to Ecologi, an Environmental Organisation to help us become a climate positive business. If you’ve looked into it before, you’ll have found out it’s a pretty complex process otherwise.

11.86 tonnes of CO2e offset already
To date that’s funded the planting of over 230 trees around the world – offsetting 11.86 tonnes of CO2e – with more being added monthly. Of course, ‘the climate’ is a single thing around the world, so positive actions taken anywhere will benefit the whole climate.

We’re well aware that some people think this is a whole lot of bunkum – our approach: If we are wrong, what’s the worst that has happened? A bunch of extra tree have been planted?

Here’s how you can make a difference
If you’re moved to sign up with Ecologi – be that as an individual, or a business – you’ll get an extra 30 trees planted and so will we, so that’ll be an extra 60 trees absorbing carbon from the atmosphere. (There’s no money in it for us, just trees 😊).

If you do it this week, every new signup will get an extra 100 trees in their forest.

Poetic inspiration
If you’re look for inspiration, have a little listen to George the Poet.

Thursday, 22nd April, 2021 1:17pm



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Justin Case
Organisations of every stripe are jumping on the World Earth Day bandwagon this year. And yet if anybody we know ran their businesses or home budgets with the same ludicrously unsustainable disregard as we do for the planet we are standing on, we would have no doubt that they were a contemptible half-wit. It really should be a day to hang our heads in shame rather than… Read more »

For what it’s worth

we are killing mother earth
and many of her creations
searching in desperation as all nations
find they face annihilation
It’s the haters and the dictators
downing life’s creators with trickery
forming a cesspool of mindless fools
eating fruit from the poisonous tree
we need to get clever,

get our act together,
by doing right by Mother earth
harangue any big bang
before meltdown
changes the face of our universe

Thank you Mother Earth for our world’s bouquet, appreciate her bounty with each and every day Love Mother Earth bless her now, forever more, conserve all that she’s gifted, love all she cares for We are groundless without her… Our one and only Mother Earth, Giving in so many ways she’s the Queen of our Universe…We have to appreciate what we have, think about what we destroy… Read more »
Justin Case

Steady on, broc

Mark L Francis

St Arwald’s Day too.