Football Challenge Aims to Raise Funds

17 footballers take part in a ten hour challenge.

How about this for a fundraiser and a half!

Football Challenge Aims to Raise FundsNext month, the Isle of Wight Schools Under 15’s football team will be taking part in a ten hour football challenge to help raise much needed cash for a trip to Spain.

Off on a jolly you ask? Absolutely not, the team which is made up of 17 lads from Island High Schools, is hoping to compete later in the year at the Donosti Cup in San Sebastien in Spain.

The trip is going to be costly, so they hope to raise cash through sponsorship for the ten hour challenge.

Get your football boots on
It’s not just money that the team is after. The lads also need other teams to play against on 16 February.

This is where your help comes in. Volunteers of any age, boys, girls, men or women are invited to take part in 5-a-side teams to challenge the lads.

To book a time for your match please ring 07810556794.

There’ll also be a table top sale on the day with other activities to keep you all happy. Check out more details on Events on The Wight

Image: Jayel Aheram under CC BY 2.0

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Tuesday, 26th January, 2010 1:35pm



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