The country responds to Andrew Turner’s comments on homosexuality

The response to OnTheWight breaking the story about Andrew Turner’s ‘homosexuality is wrong’ comment have been rapid and furious. It’s all over the nationals, raising much comment.


Earlier today (Friday) Conservative MP, Andrew Turner told A-level students that homosexuality is “wrong” and “dangerous to society”.

Not surprisingly, the news has spread nationally pretty quickly, being picked up by National newspapers as well as LGBTQ publications and bloggers.

Labour election boss: “Theresa May should intervene”
There have been countless calls across social media for Mr Turner’s resignation, including from Labour’s election boss, Andrew Gwynne, who told PinkNews,

“These allegations are deeply worrying. Theresa May should intervene and investigate immediately, and if true, Andrew Turner needs to be suspended as a Tory candidate.

“There is no place for bigotry and hatred like this in modern society, and no one holding these views is fit for public office.

“I look forward to Theresa May doing the right thing, and speaking out against these homophobic allegations and show that she is now serious about LGBT equality.”

Youth MP: “This man can never again speak for us”
Isle of Wight Member of Youth Parliament, Joe Davies, told OnTheWight,

“Andrew Turner has today proved that he is unfit for office as the Isle of Wight’s MP. He has a truly awful voting record regarding LGBT rights and his comments today confirm that he is a absolute homophobe.

“I am calling on him to resign, and on Ian Ward, chairman of the Isle of Wight Conservative Association to rescind their nomination. This man can never again speak for us whilst holding our LGBT community, of which we are so proud, in contempt. Love wins, and, come the 8th of June, so must anyone but Turner.”

IW Pride: “Deeply shocked and saddened”
Matthew Bundy from Isle of Wight Pride told OnTheWight,

“As a group we avoid making political comments, but in the light of the attached Facebook post by Esther, we are deeply shocked and saddened.

“Any person who makes such a statement in a public forum as our MP is dangerous. Suicide rates amongst LGBT young people are still disproportionately high. Mr Turner did not know if anyone in the room was struggling with their Sexuality or Gender identity and he does not know how his comments may impacted on those present.

“There are lots of organisations available to provide support and guidance to LGBT young people, including Stonewall and also our own Breakout Youth service.

“Nobody should be told they are a danger to society based on who they love or their Gender identity.
Isle of Wight Pride have not specifically invited any individuals as we want to be as inclusive as possible and want All to feel welcome.

“We openly welcome Mr Turner to attend Pride, meet some of his own constituents that he is supposed to fully represent and find out for himself that we are not a dangerous group of Human Beings and that #LoveWins.”

Lowthion: “Deeply deeply worrying”
Leader of the Isle of Wight Green Party and prospective parliamentary candidate, Vix Lowthion, said,

“Deeply deeply worrying. This seems to be appalling behaviour from an MP who is supposed to represent all his constituents. Sadly I am not shocked.

“We have a number of young, gay, green councillor candidates standing up for election to our council on Thursday. I am horrified that our current MP could think that they are Wrong and Dangerous to Society.

“It frankly makes me feel sick.

“We have to stand as our community and fully reject any such poisonous attitudes and set of values.
They don’t speak for me. They don’t speak for many of us.”

LibDems condemn Turner’s comments
Nicholas Belfitt, Isle of Wight Liberal Democrats prospective parliamentary candidate, told OnTheWight,

“The Isle of Wight Liberal Democrats condemn Andrew Turner’s comments today. We at the Isle of Wight Lib Dems want to reinforce our commitment to helping and supporting the LGBT+ community on the Island, and are against all kinds of discrimination, and discrimination at any level.

“What Mr Turner has said is wrong, discriminatory and brings into question in his position as a MP.

“Our PPC Nick Belfitt has and will continue to work closely with groups like Pride on the Isle of Wight to make sure we can be build a better inclusive community on the Island. We look forward to working with Isle of Wight Pride and LGBT+ community in the future.”

Petition: Stand down Turner
An online petition has been created set up calling for Andrew Turner to stand down as Isle of Wight MP.

Set up by Chris Ilott, the petition reads,

“On Friday morning, Andrew Turner (MP for the Isle of Wight) openly said to a class of A Level politics students that homosexuality was both “wrong” and “dangerous to society.

“I can speak for the vast majority of people when I say that these views are not welcome in 2017. Not in public and certainly not in politics. This type of language is harmful to the LGBTQ+ community on a scale that people like Turner cannot even imagine.

“This petition demands that Turner does not run as candidate for the Conservative Party on the Isle of Wight in the General Election, as his views do not represent the majority of voters on the Island.”

Friday, 28th April, 2017 5:00pm



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Like wolves circling a wounded moose…..


Everyone loves freedom of speech until it offends someone. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, no matter what others may think or believe.

Yes people are entitled to there opinion but when you are an MP representing the people of the Isle of Wight how can you talk about people in that manner he is exposed to represent everyone if he was not in the position he was in he would not of got such a huge reaction. If you are in public office you have to careful what you… Read more »

Well said! Sick and tired of the PC brigade telling us what to do and think.

Steve Goodman

Timely reminder; it’s not easy for anyone to control the thoughts of others, nor is it easy to stop people doing or saying stupid things which make some other people sick and tired of the stupidity. And it’s not to hard, and usually beneficial, to try harder to be more considerate to each other.

I wholeheartedly support Andrew Turner’s comments: that homosexuality is wrong and is dangerous to society. The furious response and demand for his resignation further substantiate the truth of his statement. Who was the dangerous one? Who has been savaged by the national and social media sites? I’m sick of the LGBT bullying and the argument that people such as Andrew are bigots and fossils and shouldn’t be… Read more »
Just going to exercise my right to freedom of speech to state that you are a danger to society, along with all who think like you, hiding behind the dogma of religious doctrine to legitimise your foul mind. The thing to note here is that religion is a choice. You *chose* your beliefs. People do not *choose* to become gay, no more than people choose to be… Read more »
retired hack

If I were a candidate for a respectable political party on the Island, I would hesitate to share a hustings platform with Mr Turner if he survives as the Tories’ choice.


He is entitled to his opinion. The Tory party is not a dictatorship, and many within might disagree.
Long live freedom of speech – Brussels might not agree.

Luisa Hillard just told me he will “nod on command”.
How she has underestimated him.


He’s resigned -hooray !


When I wrote and asked him to sign an early day motion regarding the fact that feminine hygiene products had the Luxury Tax on them…he said he couldn’t see the point! I’m glad he’s gone. He was self serving and clearly didn’t care about people.

Romans 1:26-28 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error. Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do… Read more »

George, there are also other scriptures.


Those who seek to shield their bigotry behind archaic dogma do so only because they are bereft of any rational defence for such vilenes


As far as being a bigot is concerned, you should look in the mirror. Do they have these things in the Home for the permanently offended?

Steve Goodman

We wouldn’t know, but do they have them in the home for the permanently offensive?

Robert Jones
George – just don’t be daft, all right? You’re citing texts that are thousands of years old, written by an isolated scribe, on matters which have no relevance whatsoever to life today and weren’t even generally accepted then. Presumably you’d call yourself a Christian – there are two texts condemning homosexuality in the Bible. One is Leviticus, whose writer wasn’t a Christian at all, the other, as… Read more »

Well said George. With you 100%


There is no place for hatred and bigotry and he calls himself a Christian. Good riddance!


Shock horror as Christian claims to agree with Bible.

The belief that sexual acts are only right in marriage, which can only be between two people of opposite sex, is orthodox Christian belief (not to mention most other world faiths).

David Chiverton

Odd that he didn’t seem to stick to the Bible when it came to living with his partner out of marriage. Sounds like plain old homphobia to me.

mark francis

Never did me any harm (I think)


Yes but it was purely ‘platonic”

Robert Jones

As the Bible isn’t a Christian book, until we get to the Gospels (which don’t mention homosexuality at all) this is a pretty weak argument.

But it doesn’t stop bigots from advancing it: blasphemously, some might say.


The Bible isn’t a Christian book? Why not tear out the bits that offend you?


The Old Testament, with all of the hellfire and damnation stuff in it, *isn’t* a Christian book as it predates the birth of Christ (the clue is in the name of the religion).

The New Testament is the Christian book, and says nothing about homosexuality as Robert Jones rightly points out.

Robert Jones
Try not to be dense? Of course it isn’t – all of the Old Testament was written before Christ was even a gleam in the eye of whoever his parent might have been. It’s a Jewish book, or collection of books, if it’s anything. And it can hardly really be called that, since other than a form of primitive Judaism, and Baalism, there was precious little else… Read more »
retired hack

How on earth can it be “orthodox Christian belief” if Christ said nothing about it?


The Old and New Testaments constitute the whole of the Bible – have you ever read it?

Steve Goodman
I had to a long time ago. From memory, it contains a lot of contradictory and nonsensical messages, instructions, lessons, and predictions in addition to some good stuff, and a lot of nastiness in addition to the ‘best to be nice to each other’ messages most often heard from modern clergy. (Part of the religious ‘brigade making some people sick and tired by trying to tell them… Read more »
mark francis
Yes there is. Hatred & bigotry has kept the church going for a couple of thousand years. Professor Jared Diamond gives the 6 uses of religion as 1. explaining natural events we dont understand by supernatural means. 2. giving comfort to adherents. 3. explaining events we have no control over 4. promoting obedience to the kleptocracy, 5. regulating exchanges between strangers within your own community 6. justifying… Read more »

This is islam to a tee!

Steve Goodman

Or ‘Crusader’ type Christianity ?
While some inside and outside of Islam seem to see it that way others don’t.

Robert Jones

You asked someone else if they had ever read the Bible. Based on that reply, I begin to doubt that you have.


Turner failed to heed the political survival message of Farron’s “The Art of Lying”.

I know nothing about him personally, and have no clue about his past record or performance , but he is entitled to have an opinion on this subject. He is saying what many of us think. There is so much vitriol against those with Christian values or any values which don’t fit political correctness. If the World was gay civilisation would disappear. Procreation comes from normal heterosexual… Read more »
Get out of the manger!! Yes he is entitled to his opinion, as are you, but what a lot of people who scream “freedom of speech” forget, when someone gets shouted down for an opinion that they also happen to hold, is that while you have a right to hold and articulate any opinion you deem true, that does not grant that opinion or you immunity from… Read more »
Luisa Hillard

Well said, ohnhai.

I notice that men tend to be much more accepting of gay women (not a threat), than gay men (a threat). I think this sums it up perfectly:

“Homophobia: The Fear That Gay Men Will Treat You The Way You Treat Women”


This guy is, and always was, an embarrassing buffoon who does the Island no credit whatsoever.


The anger expressed by ohnhai simply illustrates the point made by roydini that the vitriol comes from those who take the view that same sex relationships are not just to be accepted but endorsed as in some way they are normal. Once again an opinion supporting heterosexual relationships is assassinated with an obtuse cringeworthy justification


Well said, Sagaluma. Andrew Turner wasn’t preaching hatred unlike those of a certain other religion, he was merely stating a personal view. Perhaps he could have phrased it better but it certainly wasn’t a hate rant, not that these Leftie bigots will ever accept a point of view that doesn’t tally with their socialist dogma.

Robert Jones

Socialist dogma? Grow up – seriously, learn to think before you speak.

Robert Jones
Turner wasn’t ‘preaching’ anything: he was simply talking utter nonsense. He’s fully entitled to think that homosexuality is ‘wrong’, if he really can be bothered to care, but he was simply drivelling when he described it as a ‘threat to society’. It is not remotely a threat to society – the very idea is infantile. As for ‘wrong’ – on what basis is that claim advanced? Leviticus?… Read more »
retired hack

Quite. And it’s a short, slippery slope from demonising people as “a threat to society” to punishing them as a populist political strategy. It’s happening right now in Chechnya. It’s happened in fairly recent European history. Persecution of minorities never ends well. No Christian should go anywhere near it.

You probably also support Apostasy then. After all, its designed to deal with anyone who challenges an ancient belief based on a religious doctrine. The exception, however, is that in over 10 countries in the World, its punishable by death. Once again we should be thankful that we live in a Country where people can express their views without fear of recrimination. Oh no, perhaps we cant… Read more »
Robert Jones
There is no country in the world, and nor should there be, where views can be expressed without recrimination. All are open to challenge. The fact is, however, that public opinion has moved on and left the likes of Andrew beached like a suffering whale – and frankly not before time. There are countries in which you can’t express a view without being stoned, tortured to death,… Read more »
Robert Jones

Ah ha. Done it myself (I think). Yes! Senility rules…

Jeremy Cox

I think that the percentage of homosexuals is nearer 2% than 10% except in the Kinsey report which is widely discredited

Luisa Hillard
I expect that those percentages are correct, based on those who have had to pick a choice on a form… But how many of the 98% once felt attraction for an individual of the same gender? Experimented? Or kissed a mate on a night out? Or even had a same gender partner at one point in their life? I’m not convinced that sexuality is black and white.… Read more »
Robert Jones

That probably depends, just a little bit don’t you think?, on where you live.

Andrew Turner is quite entitled to speak out on this and any other issue. The fact that the poor little snowflakes are up in arms is irrelevant – there are some people who would be offended by anything that anyone else said. In their eyes, free speech is fine as long as it agrees with their opinion. If it doesn’t, then someone with a different viewpoint must… Read more »
Here we see the common Swivel Eyed Loon in its natural habitat, the Internet Forum, where it can heard uttering it’s characteristic call “poor little snowflake, poor little snowflake”. A stupid bird that struts around squawking incoherent gibberish and frequently tripping over the bizarre logic in its own arguments. Easily falls prey to more accomplished predators as it is easy to tempt into the open with the… Read more »
Robert Jones

The snag with that is that Andrew does appear to be, if not a racist and fascist, which I would never accuse him of being, a homophobe. If he dresses in the raiment and people notice – it’s not really anyone else’s fault but his, is it?

Steve Goodman

If, as seems to be suggested, Andrew did nothing to be ashamed of, why did the ‘poor little snowflake’ then decide to melt away?