Homosexuality ‘wrong’ and ‘dangerous to society’ says Isle of Wight MP claims college students (updated)

While visiting A-level students today (that’s 2017), Isle of Wight MP Andrew Turner is said by one of the students there to have told them that Homosexuality was ‘wrong’ and ‘dangerous to society’. Here’s the detail.

Andrew Turner MP puppy

Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Andrew Turner is reported to have told A-level students today that homosexuality is “wrong” and “dangerous to society”.

The statement was made during a discussion about Isle of Wight Pride raised by A-Level politics student, Esther Poucher.

Turner: Homosexuality “dangerous to society”
Esther asked Mr Turner whether he’d been involved with, or would be attending the Isle of Wight Pride event in July.

She said,

“He told us that he’d been invited, but wasn’t intending to go. This is because (and this is a direct quote) he thinks that homosexuality is “wrong” and “dangerous to society”.

“At this answer, I had to leave.

Students “completely horrified”
Speaking to OnTheWight this afternoon, Esther said,

“Other students were shocked, equally shocked I believe and completely horrified.”

She went on to say,

“I’m glad it’s got the attention it’s got, it would have been completely in vain, that comment, if nothing had come from it.

“I think now we have the chance to show people what exactly we’re allowing the Isle of Wight to be represented by.

“I’m really hoping that that can change, particularly with this election coming up, I think it’s vital that these things are going out now, because it’s giving people the opportunity to see that that’s not what we want and that’s not who we want speaking for us.”

Esther: “It’s terrifying”
In a posting on Facebook, the sixth form pupil is now encouraging everyone she knows over the age of 18 to vote in the general election to help change the government.

Esther added,

“It’s terrifying that in this age and point in our development as a society, there are still people that can’t care enough about a person’s well-being to just accept who they are. And the most terrifying thing is that we as an Island consistently vote him in to represent us.

“If there is anything I can give to you from this, it is that we need change. We can’t wait, and we can’t just nod politely and respect and opinion like that. Yes, we all believe different things, and that’s wonderful. But when that belief treats a group as sub-human, and attempts to take away their fundamental rights, we can’t respect it.

“To those over 18 please do the right thing, and vote in a government that works for a society of diversity and acceptance. Don’t be complacent.”

MP’s office
OnTheWight has contacted Mr Turner’s office to ask whether he denied making the statement.

We also asked,

On reflection, does he still think this is the right thing to be saying to
1) people under 18 years old, or 2) anyone?
Is he prepared to apologise for these comments?

At time of publishing, we had not heard back.

Read: The country responds to Andrew Turner’s comments on homosexuality

Friday, 28th April, 2017 2:37pm


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If this is true, Turner needs to stand down as MP. There is no place for bigotry and hatred like this in modern society. Nobody holding such abhorrent views is fit for public office of any sort. Island Labour utterly condemns homophobia of all kinds. There is nothing “wrong” or “dangerous” about our LGBTQ neighbours and fellow islanders. Views of the sort Mr Turner is alleged to… Read more »
Jamie R

“nobody holding such abhorrent views is fit for public office of any sort” – isn’t that rather intolerant of you? Shouldn’t you be able to accept that other people in a democratic might have different views to your own? I’m afraid you’re using “tolerance” as a smokescreen for your own brand of intolerance, and you’re not even aware E of how ironic your inconsistency is.

Alaric Snell-Pym

There’s nothing wrong with people having different views, but there’s a huge problem with people in positions of power having views that are wrong. People have a right to be wrong, but society as a whole needs to prevent the spread of wrong ideas. “Gay people are bad” and “Gay people are just people” are both views, but the former is demonstrably false…

hasnt happened yet

‘Gay people are bad’ is not definitively a wrong statement. There are undoubtedly some gay people who are bad.
However, that has nothing at all to do with their sexuality.

The only statements which make any sense at all is ‘some people are bad’ and ‘people are just people’. There is never any need to judge anyone based on their sexuality.

Vix Lowthion
Deeply deeply worrying. This seems to be appalling behaviour from an MP who is supposed to represent all his constituents. Sadly I am not shocked. We have a number of young, gay, green councillor candidates standing up for election to our council on Thursday. I am horrified that our current MP could think that they are Wrong and Dangerous to Society. It frankly makes me feel sick.… Read more »

That is absolutely shocking if true.


And also possibly extremely hypocritical, given the things I’ve been told multiple times over the years by people who know him well.

retired hack

It’s time for those people, who know him well, to speak out. Within the next couple of weeks.


So true of a batchelor who was ‘engaged for more than 20 years !


This has been confirmed by people that were there, if he was to have the chutzpah to try and deny it he’d be digging an even bigger hole for himself.
This is not a voice that belongs in parliament and it is not a voice that should be represent the Island. I can’t wait for a statement from him.

this man is a complete Moron he is totally out of touch with the modern world he is completely useless as an MP and now he has proved he is also a bigot these things are not what anyone expects from an MP he should do the right thing and stand down and crawl back under the rock he came from. I am not asking him to… Read more »
I am not a fan of Andrew Turner. I do not think he fights for the Isle of Wight with sufficient passion. I will not be voting for him. But this is not because of his views on homosexuality which I respect. There was a free vote on gay marriage organised by David Cameron and the majority won. Democracy in action. Do not tell Mr Turner his… Read more »

Just to be clear, his views are wrong. Homophobia is disgusting. I’m happy to tell him his views are wrong, and all those who agree with him that homosexuality is “wrong” or “dangerous to society” is also wrong.

I’m sure I speak for the whole of the Labour Party when I say I don’t want the votes of homophobes. They have no place in our party.

retired hack

His statements should be fact-based. “Wrong” is an opinion, but “dangerous to society” requires evidence and there is none.

This isn’t about democracy or free speech. Everyone here, particularly Vix I’m sure, will agree that Turner has every right to his own odious views. The issue is whether he should be free to express those views to a young and potentially impressionable audience. Indeed whether he should be free to express these views to any audience at all. It’s true that there was a free vote… Read more »
Lynne Morgan

This is similar to the marmite question….. you either love it or hate it. I won’t be voting for him but credit where credits due, he had the guts to say what he thought. Would you prefer him to lie? Honesty is always best.


so its alright to spread hatred lies and bigotry as long as you are up front about…

He has to quit

Your comment re: Tim Farron is nonsense. Tim Farron has never opposed gay rights, in fact, on the occasions he did not vote in favour of bills it was because he felt they did not go far enough in representing LGBT+ rights. Get your facts straight. How you can even think of comparing is beyond comprehension. This MP’s views are wrong. That he expresses them openly does… Read more »
What in fact IS wrong and dangerous is publically airing the kind of views that Andrew demonstrated. It leads to others, who are more extreme, feeling that not only their view on this is valid, but encourages them to act on these views, leading to verbal and physical abuse and discrimination against people from the LGBTQ+ community. There is a reason that abuse and discrimination are illegal.… Read more »
Jake Gully

If this is confirmed Andrew Turner must stand down and be deselected – truely abhorrent views in 2017. Personal and private views are his own concern, but making statements in a public forum as our member of parliament is not acceptable.


If this is true then, then it is totally unacceptable that person with such repugnant views should be involved in mainstream politics. Based on the results from the 2015 election, the frontrunners for election on June 8th are Andrew Turner, a UKIP candidate likely to have some similarly intolerant views, and Vix Lowthion of the Green Party. The best choice could hardly be more obvious.

Trouble is a CRB check for entry into a school doesn’t test of this sort of attitude. Imagine being the parent of your child at the age of 14-18, discovering who they are and how they measure up to their peers. Possibly being bullied for their differences, whatever those may be from the social “Norm”. And then in charges Andrew Turner or any other bigot (the local… Read more »

Sorry, should have said “imagine being one of these young adults, discovering …”

If this is true, and I don’t think for a moment that the young lady misheard, what AT said then the conservative party should kick him out. We do not want people who have these views representing the island .But I think the conservative party with there racist chairman will do nothing
Alexander Buggie

I was there in the room when this comment was made by mr turner, I was equally shocked and disgusted by his attitude and reply, he needs to stand down and accept that this speech is awful and discriminating

Billy Builder

I would suggest that Andrew Turner’s extreme bigoted view would not be out of place with his Tory Right/UKIP comrades. Ian Ward has recently also shown his far-right credential. What might be even worse than AT being deselected if for the right-right Tories to elect an equally bigoted candidate who can hide be anonymity


Andrew Turner is allowed to have his own opinion.
He was asked a question and gave a straight answer.

If you disagree with his opinion DO NOT VOTE for him.

There really is no need for a debate. But don’t assume that because he disagrees with you he is therefore wrong. No opinion is wrong however much you dislike it.


Rubbish…being openly bigoted racist and homophobic is wrong, being open about it does not make it right.

Of course opinion can be wrong..that is an absolutely nonsense statement


Absolutely correct No. 5.

Zebedee. Its not acceptable to go into a school room and chuck in a match for juvenile bullies to use, BUT its especially NOT ACCEPTABLE to tell whatever % of that class is homosexual that they are a danger to society.

Holding public office comes with a code of conduct and this act breaches it so far its off the scale.

@zebedee – yes, he is entitled to his views, of course. Seriously he is entitled to them, and to freedom of speech. But in his job there is responsibility – MPs are seen as leaders, voices, opinion makers. To that end anyone in public service needs to temper their words to avoid causing offence or harm. Yes, harm. Its words like this that build the pressure points… Read more »

A fair comment.
All I would add is that he didn’t volunteer this view, he was asked.
His words could have been chosen better but the alternative is to swerve the issue like Tim Farron did which makes people equally annoyed.


Are you genuinely trying to suggest that in spewing hatred and bigotry to a class of schoolchildren, he was somehow doing an honourable thing?

What nonsense. Complete and utter nonsense.

I wouldn’t presume to speak for the Island Greens, but I’m fairly sure they would be happier without your support.

I am suggesting that we should have an honest debate where people don’t hide behind political correctness. This was a bunch of A level students not a group of toddlers. Please don’t think that my defence of Mr Turner, who i do not like, means that I agree with him. I am defending his right to an opinion and applauding the fact that he is being honest.… Read more »

homophobia and hatred is not political correctness…it is repugnant bigotry

Alaric Snell-Pym
The debate about homosexuality has been had, long ago; extensive studies and debates have led society to the conclusion that homosexuality isn’t a choice (so punishing people for it is extremely unfair, and it is entirely natural), and that it does not cause any measurable harm to society. It’s been observed in animal species other than humans. Homosexual people report higher than usual levels of mental illness… Read more »

So Turner turns up on the Island with a pretend fiancée who he never marries and then she runs off with a mate of his (and he is fine about it). Seems suspect to me! Hypocrisy?

That is the view of many Tory members and the trio feel that all is forgiven and forgotten. What is worse is that the trio virtually live, work and campaign together. Many members of the Tory party on the IOW feel that this is a bizarre situation and wish to vote on the selection of the candidate to possibly be the next MP for 5 years. Stitching… Read more »

Absolutely shocking. Is On the Wight or any other media outlet able to begin a petition calling for his removal?

Geoffrey Brooking
I’ve just been barred from campaigning for Portsmouth Conservatives for having exactly the same opinion. What is the world coming to when you can’t even speak the truth. I really feel sorry for school children these days. They are being bomb barded with lie after lie about evolution and they are being brain washed into thinking that tolerance is the new religion. You can’t even talk about… Read more »

Oh boy.

A Creationist.

Are we supposed to take your comment seriously?


My God. It’s like a plague of hateful idiots has broken out.

You, sir, disgust me.


Don’t worry, Julian.

At least when we all go to Hell we won’t have to put up with the likes of Mr Brooking blathering on about how the Earth is only 6000 years old.

If I were Mr Brooking, the Island would be the last place in which I would display my self-delusion and lies. The very island whose crumbling coastline provides fossil evidence and radioactive dating evidence that this planet is approximately 4.6 billion years old. Mr Brooking’s wilful error of magnitude denies this truth by a factor of at least 750,000. On this basis, he must believe the distance… Read more »
retired hack

Well done Portsmouth Conservatives.




Well it’s nice to see that the people of Portsmouth are not all members of the nasty party .So much for the tories being the party of the people


Not sure if trolling or….


oops silver foil hats on…. no wonder they banned you…you are a repugnant bigot


actually in hindsite…i think he’s having a laugh…nobody is that stupid

mark francis

“Banned by the Portsmouth Conservatives” ! Oh the shame! The humiliation. Many are the sufferings and afflictions of the Righteous! Wear it as a badge of honour Geoffery. I would have a T shirt made up if I were you. No really – I would.

or a punk rocok song

mark francis

punk rocok is like a baroque version of punk rock – possibly involving a harpsichord.

Old Knobby

Banned from the Pompey Conservatives, ok,
I never wanted to be a member, anyway.
They said they only wanted well-behaved boys
Do they think intolerance and bigotry are just f***in’ toys…


Do you not think that this has been put out there falsly to try and take votes away from the tories. Why would Andrew Turner make a statement like that before an election? Think about it.


You think a bunch of 6th formers at Christ the King made this up to damage the Conservative’s election chances?

A lot of witnesses confirm he *did* say these things.

Why he would say them is anyone’s guess.

Think about it.


Paosbnily becuase he’s a bigot?

retired hack

Kathy, that sort of response is straight out of the Trump “fake news” manual.


It’s not a secret he is against gay people and equality. His parliament​ voting record has him voting against gay equality every time.


Jake Gully

His personal views and conscience are not the issue. The issue is espousing/promoting these views in public as our elected MP, particularly in a school to 6th Form students.

Geoffrey Brooking

Andrew is right.

Fornication is Sin.

The Bible tells you so.

The world we live in is in End Times.

People are being deceived by the devil but for Christians he is a beaten foe.




Comedy Gold.

retired hack
Portsmouth has had a very lucky escape, Mr Brooking. You must excuse me now, though, while I put my chief of staff to death for working on the Sabbath (Exodus 35:2). My mother, were she still with us, would have to go the same way because I clearly observed her wearing clothes of two different threads (Leviticus 19:19) when she went off to Bingo. Not such glad… Read more »
mark francis

I disagree, retired hack – take away the absurd superstitions from thousands of years ago & what have you got? You might as well let riff-raff like me and my family into the Xtian schools I am forced to pay taxes for.

mark francis wdp
Well said Geoffery, I would have thought that allowing religions to run our state schools was toadying to the only groups in our society that continues to promote homophobic hatred. I take it the student was OK with attending the jesus-freak college in the first place, ahead of children whose parents do not abase themselves every Sunday or Pakistanis (e.g. my family). It seems to me that… Read more »
Rod Manley
This is desperation, trying to appeal deliberately to the lowest common denominator. The logic is fascist as it is arbitrary in its provocative language. You can see the politics of hatred in operation by the nasty party.It was taken with full realisation of the location amongst our young people.Voters must not support or vote for this reactionary party because you can see what they intend to inflict… Read more »
retired hack

The Daily Mail has it. Pix of Turner and Esther.

retired hack

…together with a refresher course in all things AT.

retired hack

I’m wondering which members of CTK staff were present while this hateful bile was being spouted; and what, if anything, they did about it.


Given this happened at our Papal Knight’s chosen temple of learning on Earth, I wonder what he thinks about it all?

Indeed I wonder if he agrees with him, given his fervent Catholicism?

Definitely something the Executive member for Education and Lord Protector of Christ the King College, Councillor Chris Whitehouse should comment on with some urgency, methinks.

mark francis

Do they allow women teachers?


Cllr Whitehouse is uncharacteristically quiet. Perhaps they haven’t got broadband in London yet.

Rod Manley
Teresa May talks about strong Government in getting a Brexit deal and Chaos if Corbyn is elected. First the EU has told us straight, there will be no deal or negotiations until the 2 years are up, regardless of who is in power after the election.So having a “majority” is meaningless. What more chaos is there with war mongering and war itself. Fallon even talks about “first… Read more »

Conservatives ‘Party Of Chaos’!


I hope we are not displaying that hated bigotry in our condemnation of Mr Brookings’ beliefs?
Btw, GB is due respect for his work with the homeless charity TwoSaints in Pompey, among other.

Jake Gully

Just waiting for the BBC to take this up, a deafening silence from AT and the local Conservative Party. Surely it’s all over, he must now stand down, or be suspended/sacked by central office?Looking forward to tonight’s news!

Andy Whittall
I call freedom of speech here: It is a sad time when a person cannot express their opinions, whether you see them as right or wrong. If you don’t like his views and feel that this affects his judgement enough to not be effective as your MP then don’t vote for him. But he has the same right to speak as anyone else. Remember – just because… Read more »

when it is hatred, bigotry and homophobia…apart from possibly being illegal, it is not freedom of speech…it an abuse of freedom of speech

mark francis
I understand that according to the case of R (Williamson) v Secretary of State for Education and Employment (2005) it was argued that it was an expression of xtian religious faith to beat children in schools. Indeed we had a vicar at my school (Ryde) who used to do so regularly & he wasn’t homophobic at all (I understand he later got 2 years or it). It’s… Read more »
Rod Manley

One does not have the “Right” to speak the politics of hate.That has nothing to do with free speech.Free speech to take away the rights of a human being’s sexual orientation.


Daily Mirror and Pink News have it…

retired hack

What must the rest of Britain think of us?

‘The rest of Britain’ will have a pretty good idea of what ‘we’ are like if they read this board. I hope they will realise we’re not all the same. I think what Mr Turner said and where he said it was at least ill judged. ‘I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it ‘. Said about… Read more »
retired hack
Cllr Ian Ward’s fellow Conservatives had to explain to him that he was very wrong to re-Tweet a racist. Mr Turner’s behaviour is, on the face of it, a lot more serious because these are his own views, not someone else’s. What if he’d said the Islamic faith is “wrong” and “dangerous to society”? It would have been seen as an intolerable affront to millions of Muslims… Read more »
Geoffrey Brooking

And what of the affront you sinners continue to practice towards traditional Christians?

Forgot did you???


There is nothing traditional about the extreme form of Christianity you are spouting.

I also note that you probably aren’t joking, looking at your Twitter account.

Please return to the dark ages, from whence you came.

mark francis



retired hack. Your Comment “What if he’d said the Islamic faith is “wrong” and “dangerous to society”? It would have been seen as an intolerable affront to millions of Muslims quietly practising their faith and minding their own business.”
What are you saying would of happened then?

Geoffrey Brooking
If Creationism is so bad where did they get the name for the school from? I assume you will all now be queing up to name it after an evolutionist instead now! Wake up people – Can you not see that the devil is deceiving you??? Fornication is a sin – The Bible says so! The person you named your school after died on a cross for… Read more »
mark francis

Right on Geoffery! You are the Man.
And does not St Paul tell us thou shalt (or is it “shallt?) not allow a woman to teach, for it is an abomination?
Does CtK continue to employ Xtian women teachers?
Oh, ye hypocrites, ye generation of vipers! Did not the holy father St Jerome encourage us to skin such scarlet women (Hypatia of Alexandria alive using oyster shells for teaching maths?


I much prefer Steve Stubbing’s brand of Christianity, this Trevor bloke is far too depressing for me.

Barney Mcgrew

Geoffrey you are correct! The wages of sin ARE death but the hours are good and fringe benefits munificent.

Robert Jones
Andrew Turner was always on the right of his party, but he wasn’t always stupid, offensive, and reckless in comment – in fact in his day, he was reasonable rather than ridiculous and would not I believe have made so insulting a remark about some of his own constituents, and in front of school students; I can only conclude that his illness has much to do with… Read more »

Hear, hear, RJ!


“it leaves me wondering if he was entirely in control of himself.”

I think it has been clear that has been the case for *years*.

Having seen plenty first-hand, he has plainly been operated by Lady McBeard for a long, long time. Perhaps his internal circuitry had had enough and finally blew out.

Steve Goodman

Probably as entirely in control of himself as he has been when telling us that, for example, he wants dying people to suffer needlessly rather than to be allowed the choice to die with dignity if they are unable to pay for a Dignitas death in Switzerland.

Darren Shorney
i am so horrified by what I have read in the today’s news I do not know what to say but feel I must say something. I have for most of my adult life struggled with my sexuality until I met the man of my dreams and finally put an end to the 22 year marriage to be with my husband to be. If someone like Andrew… Read more »

I agree as a Christian I believe God loves us all whatever our race, colour, creed or sexual orientation or preference.

But what about the Parrots ????

mark francis
Leviticus 18:22 “‘Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable. 23 [some schtick about animals] 24 “‘Do not defile yourselves in any of these ways, because this is how the nations that I am going to drive out before you became defiled. 25 Even the land was defiled; so I punished it for its sin, and the land… Read more »
Darren Shorney

Get a life. Your dam rude

mark francis wdp

Rude to who Darren? I am in favour of both gays and fornication. It’s christians I can’t stand. What is is with gay christians?
Why belong to a death cult that hates you?
Have people forgotten that christians actually committed genocide in the Isle of Wight?

Cllr Karl Love
I’m deeply saddened but not surprised at the comments Andrew Turner has made about our LGBTQ island population. His attitude towards diversity, inclusion and equality over the years has not helped carry our islands people forwards into the future. We should be celebrating our diversity as an Island and promote this to a world audience. This would be a great asset for Isle of Wight PLC. As… Read more »

people like him should vanish from this world, it is him who is wrong and dangerous to the society and people who thinks like him. MFr


So good to see the frothing, hysterical, swivel-eyed, pitchfork and flaming brands crew are out in force… The hypocrisy drips from the page…

mark francis

Goooood. Use you anger, Skywalker….

Hazel Wyld

As Mr Turner has resigned really nothing more to say

hasnt happened yet

He hasnt resigned yet – he has only stood down as the conservative candidate in the general election.

Ian Digby
With all due respect and love to everyone of any sexuality, there is so much intolerance and vitriol coming from all quarters on this issue. Let people say what they believe (it is the stock question asked of all candidates nowadays it seems) when asked, and let’s not raise an angry clamour if their answers do not fit with our own views. Truth will out, and to… Read more »
Geoffrey Brooking

You poor people.

You hate truth.

You are being completely deceived by the devil.

Wake up.

I am no radical.

All I am doing is what the Bible tells me I should be doing in end times namely spreading the gospel of repentance and forgiveness.

For Christians the devil is a beaten foe.

Those who refuse to believe are being deceived by their own pride.

I do hope you don’t work as a children’s entertainer or anything, I think you would be ill-suited for that. Glad to hear the devil is beaten, I assume we don’t need to worry about being deceived by him now? I strongly suggest you try to relax and enjoy life, in light of that victory. I’m sure your God would prefer that to all this doom and… Read more »
mark francis

Geoffery’s god loves this doom & gloom business.
Christianity is a doomsday cult. Their god-man is coming back to destroy the world anytime soon. He’s just running a bit late. (a thousand ages in thy sight are but a moments past- isn’t that right Geoff?)’

mark francis

Comedy gold.


Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you Mr Geoffrey Brooking:


Robert Jones
Geoffrey – really, lad, no one believes this junk anymore: it’s been left behind; it’s nonsense; it’s belief in bronze-age superstition and prehistoric illogic. Now, I know you won’t accept that; and I know that those who believe in nonsense for which no evidence exists won’t suddenly stop believing because people ridicule them for doing so. But do reflect – you have no support for your beliefs… Read more »

In the 1960’s the IOW was known as ‘Polio Island’
then it became ‘bicycle island’
I hope to goodness it won’t become Poofter Island

Darren Shorney


Robert Jones

Offensive and incredibly stupid in one simple comment. Congratulations.

mark francis wdp

Fornication Island! Yay! Bring it on!

I do not believe it

Please, please, please – will someone throw me a comfort blanket and confirm my worst fears are unfounded? I had a dream last night and it featured a certain Mr Pugh filling in an application form to stand as thr island’s replacement Tory MP.
I woke up in a cold sweat!
Comfort blanket please!

All over the National press article in today’s Daily Mail and mentioned in the quality papers, with Tigger, numerous mentions in Private Eye and all his other antics, massive expenses, second home flipping and including his “colourful private life’ and his ‘ex fiancee running off with his new best friend, his transport advisor. We on the IOW are yet again the laughing stock. We need a good,… Read more »

Well that excludes any Tory party candidates, then.


**” We need a good, safe IOW resident or willing to live here as their principal home, dynamic MP who can speak up for the Island and not one who surrounds themselves with self serving Uriah Heep sycophants attaching themselves to the gravy train.”**

She’s called Vic Lowthion, I believe.


Oops Vix. Damn you autocorrect….

NOT SO ! , there are some good candidates both on and off the Island. We need a change and now . We have a chance to have that as long as we can get rid of all the old guard who never told Mr Turner what he needed to know and whom he should ditch. They were/are complete controllers/puppet masters and hangers on who benefit and… Read more »

It is a sad comment on the Island that this buffoon was elected to represent us just two years ago.


Just wondering whether if AT were Muslim he would have attracted the above level of bullying and vitriol for stating views in line with his religion?

hasnt happened yet
If Turner were Muslim and stated to a group of students that homosexuality was wrong and a danger to society – then yes, he would have attracted the same level of criticism. Religion is a personal thing. Turner was in a public position, required to represent the people of the isle of wight, not just those who agree with him. These were homophobic comments that should never… Read more »
hasnt happened yet

Just to be very clear – Turner has used religion as an excuse for a hate crime.

Terrorists use religion as an excuse to kill people.

BOTH actually debase their religion in the worst possible way.

Darren Shorney
He should keep his personal views to himself. Religion is a persona thing and shouldn’t be viewed in this way, particularly to a group of 16 yo who for all he is aware could be struggling with their sexuality. Saying to adults is bad enough to a a class of your people in a school. God only knows what damage he may have done to such young… Read more »

Perhaps you misunderstand that religion is much more than just a “personal thing” to committed believers.

hasnt happened yet
But thats the problem. Turner was talking to students as a member of parliament. He attempted to use that forum to promote his own personal religious views. What you seem to be saying Minnie, is that he was right to express homophobic views in that forum. I am telling you clearly that he was very very wrong to do so. People must make their own minds up… Read more »
Darren Shorney

Then keep it in the church. People will make up there own minds what they want to her and explore. RE is on the curriculum and doesn’t need some follower giving a lesson on his views and not those of God to potentially vulnerable children. It’s more about where he did it

mark francis wdp

Turner has not been prosecuted or in anyway sanctioned by the law but by Conservative Party Central Office. Take it up with them.

Any 6th former who is traumatised by taking Turner’s views on anything is too frail a bloom for this world.

I recall my best friend at school getting detention for call a visiting political speaker a “fascist” & refusing to apologise.

mark francis wdp
How is it personal when there are bishops in the House of Lords (plus all the retired bishops), god botherers get tax breaks & run state schools the rest of us pay taxes for? Might I remind you that the christians have already committed genocide in the Isle of Wight once. All pretty public. (They also picketed Algernon Swinburne’s funeral in Bonchurch for being an athiest –… Read more »
hasnt happened yet
“the christians” You surely mean “some people who claim to be christian”. Religion has absolutely nothing to do with bigotry or anything else – Religion is simply used as an excuse for all sorts of depravity, and has been throughout the ages. Currently, the most obvious example of this is ISIS claiming to be muslim. Going back a bit, the KKK claimed to be christian, the Inquisition… Read more »