Andrew Turner’s MP’s Expenses: Three Media Reports Compared: UPDATED

Three media sources, three different levels of details being reported.

Andrew Turner's MP's Expenses: Three Media Reports ComparedWe were contacted by Judith Townend, news reporter for media trade publication today, in connection with VB‘s reporting of Andrew Turner’s MP’s expenses.

UPDATE: Judith Townend’s article has now been published.

It reminded us that Tony Hirst, data-guru at the Open University, had written an article comparing the coverage of that news by The Telegraph, the County Press and VentnorBlog.

He systematically breaks down each of the pieces of information reported and looks at how each publication chose to cover them.

It’s a fascinating read.

What’s left out
One of the most important lessons you learn early on in journalism training about understanding news – its creation and distribution – is it’s not always about what is put into an article, but what is left out.

Wednesday, 10th June, 2009 3:46pm



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Wendy V
I really appreciated you publishing the full Q&A in advance of the Telegraph or IWCP running their pieces. Reading the full text allowed me to form my own views rather than being swayed by an “angle”. My first response was simply that Andrew Turner had given very thorough and cogent answers. Like the author of the blog you’ve linked to I was fascinated by the three very… Read more »

This comparative study not only shows how VB is on the ball, Simon, but that the County Press is so shallow and non-challenging on an issue of interest to Islanders. I was going to say ‘ it’s readers’, but I’m certain they must be falling off, I don’t bother to buy a copy anymore.