Another dog attack on sheep. This time in Niton

A flock of sheep in Niton were left in a distressed state this morning after a dog was seen chasing them through the field. Two were discovered to have bloodied necks. The farm issue a warning for all to be vigilant.

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Following last week’s report of 20 sheep fatally attacked by another animal – thought locally to be a dog – there’s another report today.

Dog attack in Niton
Cheverton Farm posted a warning to Facebook earlier today, after hearing from a neighbouring farmer of an attack.

They discovered that two of their sheep – from a flock of around 275 sheep that graze in Niton – had bloodied necks. The Farm have around 3,700 sheep grazing in different locations around the Island.

Be vigilant
Their warning read:

A neighbouring farmer at St Catherine’s Down saw a black dog chasing our sheep this morning at approx 8.15am.

Unfortunately it was from some distance away so he couldn’t identify the breed or if it had an owner. On closer inspection we were able to see two sheep with bloodied necks and the young Cheviot ewes were in a VERY stressed state.

This is the second local dog attack on sheep in a short time and may be unconnected to the terrible one last week at Merstone, when Angus Baird lost around 30 sheep.

Please be vigilant if you live anywhere near either attack. These dogs and owners must be stopped.

No guns
Claudia Hodgson told OnTheWight,

“Despite farmers being at liberty to shoot an animal in the act of worrying stock – our staff who check them daily will not be carrying guns.

“We are just keen for people to keep their dogs under proper control when walking through fields with grazing animals.”

Get in touch
If you have information please get in touch with Andrew Hodgson on 01983 741 034.

For more information see the Cheverton Farm Facebook Page.

Wednesday, 12th September, 2018 2:36pm



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Email updates?

If this is dogs… This /these dogs must have blood on them surely? so the owners would know if they were involved in something dreadful!


It is now time for farm staff to carry guns and use them where necessary. How long will it be before these “bloodied” dogs start attacking other animals AND PEOPLE?