450 jobs promised by supermarket giant

If plans go ahead, the supermarket giant says that it will bring 450 much-needed jobs to the Island.

Supermarket trollies

This in from Lucie at ASDA, in her own words. Ed.

ASDA says that it expects a decision on its new store in Newport – which now includes proposals for an improved pedestrian/cycle route and a bus link into the town centre as well as a commitment to promote local businesses – will be made early in the New Year.

Promise of 450 jobs
ASDA’s project continues to attract significant support from Island residents looking for the greater choice and competition that a new ASDA store will bring, as well as 450 much-needed jobs.

The company has confirmed that if the store is given the go ahead, construction work on this major development will begin as soon as possible.

ASDA’s site on St George’s Way is owned by the Isle of Wight Council – meaning proceeds from the sale of the land will stay on the Island and be invested in the local community.

Plans submitted
The company has recently submitted further planning documents to the Council which promise significant investment in the pedestrian/cycle route between the store and Pyle Street in the town centre to create a safe and attractive link that will encourage shoppers into Newport.

Further, ASDA will fund a bus link between the store and the town centre for up to three years. Also included in the new documents is a proposal to improve the N9 woodland pedestrian route from Pan Lane to Home Meade and a commitment to promote Newport town centre in the ASDA foyer area.

Another ‘Changing Places’ accessible toilet for the Island
ASDA has previously confirmed that it will be providing a ‘Changing Places’ accessible toilet in the store and free medium stay parking in the ASDA car park for shoppers visiting Newport.

The company will also enter into a Local Labour Agreement with Job Centre Plus and other Island agencies to ensure the best outcomes for local people during the store recruitment process.

“Our project the only one that guarantees an ASDA”
ASDA’s Head of Property Communications, Doug Wilson comments:

“Everybody on the Island knows that an alternative proposal for a retail superstore in Newport has been put forward by the owners of St George’s Park, the home of Newport Football Club. But our project is the only one that guarantees an ASDA on the Isle of Wight.

“We chose not to pursue the football club site at the outset of the process for specific reasons – there is not adequate space for our store on the football club site; and part of the site is in Flood Zone 2. Both sites are equally accessible from the town centre by pedestrians and cycles and will be by public transport when new bus stops are installed.

“Most importantly, the alternative planning application is an outline application for a retail superstore not an ASDA. We have no contract and no relationship with the owners of St George’s Park. If the proposal is successful, the site could be sold to any retail investor. Moreover, the St George’s Park proposal requires land owned by the Isle of Wight Council for which ASDA already has a contract – so it is not clear how the site can move forward in either the short or medium term.

“Our proposal is ready to go and the land is available immediately. If permission is granted we will begin work as soon as possible, giving a big boost to the local economy and creating jobs.”

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Friday, 20th December, 2013 10:02am


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Before Islanders get too excited at the prospect of working for ASDA, perhaps they should investigate the way that ASDA’s owners, Walmart, are alleged to treat their workers.

Ye gods,Cicero! It’s almost as bad as at my former college! One thing in our favour is that we have some semlance of workers’ rights in this country (just about). Davimel also makes some interesting points which hadn’t occurred to me. Last time I was in B and Q several staff told me they couldn’t wait for ASDA to come so they could all clear off and… Read more »
So once again ASDA return to the scene with yet more ‘sort of’ good news…They ‘hope’.. ‘if permission is granted’ etc. etc. Unless of course someone else wants them in another location or the financial package is not what they want or they need time to strategize new err.. strategies with blue sky thinking and having run it up the flagpole to see which way the wind… Read more »
I couldn’t care if it comes to the island or not, I don’t think we actually need any more supermarkets. What I can’t understand is why this application has been dragged out as long as it has and what, if anything it has to do with the football club. I’d like to say I’m sick and tired of people saying more supermarkets are good for competition… seriously?… Read more »
450 jobs quoted as the crucial decider on granting permission I presume? When Pan Meadows was given the go ahead, they said many jobs to be created, in reality the jobs created came from the mainland, and then were employed for the construction, long term it’s created very little of a positive nature regarding jobs. Did Aldi quote a number when it applied for planning in Cowes,… Read more »
I implore the council to give this decision full scrutiny with foresight and see through the rhetorical fog of short term carrot dangling. I have no issue with supermarkets per se, but their structure, influence and impact, when measured against our real world situation, can no longer be left in the shadows of ignorance. The mere systemic design of the model renders itself as an economic vacuum… Read more »

450 jobs at ASDA means 450 fewer jobs elsewhere. If we get more supermarkets, do we buy more food ? I don’t think so.

Don Smith
More Mickey Mouse jobs – When will the IoW invest in industries, create apprenticeships and start building? Charity shops, supermarkets, bookies, cafes, is all we appear to need,(Not forgetting the pound shops and the loan sharks) The new ASDA site could have been use to build badly needed homes. We have enough supermarkets, and none of them create any competition between them. Oh! I forgot, ‘The Nectar… Read more »
Don Smith

Who pays for these Nectar Cards and other Bonus Point schemes?