Bacon calls nonsense on accusations of ‘cover up’

Conservatives rushed to accuse the Independent leadership of trying to cover things up, when he says the Executive reshuffle had been planned for sometime, but brought forward due to Cllr Jordan’s circumstances.


Leader of the Isle of Wight council, Jonathan Bacon shares this statement on the Executive reshuffle and Cllr Jordan’s resignation as Executive member for PFI and Public Protection. Ed

A number of comments have been made by some in relation to the timing and content of the press statement released yesterday about the Executive Reshuffle. A reshuffle has been under consideration for some time for the reasons stated in yesterday’s press release.

There has been much activity in respect of regeneration over the last six months and yesterday saw the publication of the papers in respect of the new Regeneration Strategy, which has been on the Council Forward Plan for some time.

Cut across the timetable
The situation in respect of Councillor Jordan has cut across this timetable but it is fair to say that the fact it has arisen added an impetus to proceeding with the proposed Executive reorganisation.

I did not disclose more detail of the situation concerning Phil in the statement in accordance with his wishes as it is fundamentally a personal matter, although it is of course the case that in my view it has made his position holding roles in relation to public protection, public health and liaison with the police untenable.

Desperate attempts to fling mud
I find it particularly farcical that some have suggested there is an attempt to cover up Councillor Jordan’s situation when the court proceedings are wholly within the public domain.

Such allegations come across simply as desperate attempts to fling mud.

One of our hardest working Councillors
However, as the press have now published details of the charge that Councillor Jordan faces I feel I can now make comment and pay tribute to Phil and his work over the last three and a half years.

Phil has been one of our hardest working Councillors, whose abilities have meant that he was able to deal with some incredibly difficult and complex matters that I suspect few others could have coped with, particularly the PFI contract inherited from the previous administration. His warmth, generosity and sensitivity have contributed both to the Independent Group and those residents he has helped.

A great loss to the Administration
It is all the more sad that his time as an Executive member has come to an end as a result of foolish behaviour which cannot be condoned.

Phil’s abilities are a great loss to the Administration. However, there is much work underway which we can and must continue to pursue to do what we can for the Isle of Wight and its residents. On that journey Phil’s support and contribution to the Executive will be greatly missed.

Thursday, 8th December, 2016 1:32pm



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Albert Street

So why the glowing reference now?


But the real question set aside regardless of this councillors conduct, which is appalling in my opinion.

Is was this an attempt to cover up this

Well the answer must be yes, why else would a restructure of the executive be released the very day news leaks out of this probable conviction?? There was no glowing reference regarding Cllr Jordan yesterday???!!

Island Monkey
Curious and curiouser. Bacon knew what was going on, and exactly why he needed to announce this yesterday, yet he made no reference to the reason or timing. He could easily have waited until the Phil Jordan personal statement, or even waited for the police to give the press notification of the intended prosecution, before announcing this oddly timed nonsensical reshuffle. I dare him to deny that… Read more »
Island Monkey

By the way Sally, why can Bacon write as he does above, assuming guilt, when every other poster is banned from doing so? He actually calls him foolish!

not so
No. He doesn’t. The statement talks about foolish behaviour – it does not call Cllr Jordan foolish. It seems clear that Cllr Bacon kept this quiet as it was a personal matter. I dont think a court date has been mentioned anywhere – just that Cllr Jordan realises this will be dealt with in court and he supports the courts in doing so. Cllr Jordan was charged… Read more »

I find it surprising that a reshuffle was planned so close to the election.

Anyone who has any intelligence can plainly see what has gone on here. Cllr Bacon used council resources to issue a statement that gave an – at best – half truth assessment and at worst [part comment removed by moderator]. There is no two ways about it. It is spin of the very worst kind, it makes a mockery of the Independent’s claims to offer a fresh… Read more »

Well council officers have plenty to answer for as well then. Councillor Bacon should be tendering his resignation now as well.

Please onthewight can you cover these developments with an unbiased approach. Every recent turn of events this council is involved in becomes even more concerning. Surely even you can see they are a utter disgrace.

I voted for an independent councillor. I really wish I hadn’t now.


‘Is it only Conservative IOW Councillors commenting on here now?? such a negative bias towards anything Indy. Not so much to say about your colleagues who, for example, ‘borrowed’ without telling anyone from lifeboat funds before becoming an imprisoned sex offender, or gave the world Pughtube, or had to be forced to apologise for insulting the public…

You are all hypocrites the lot of you’

I am a bit fed up. A few weeks ago one Councillor took up the front page regarding his daughter, a couple of weeks ago – a Councillor found guilty of animal cruelty and now one charged with drink driving. Not only does it undermine the decent people who put themselves forward to be Councillors but how can we be sure that people we vote in to… Read more »
Notokayanyway – I have not been charged with drink driving, I have not embezzled from the RNLI, I have not been caught on video shouting at the MP, nor been forced to apologise to the public. Neither am I a Conservative. Neither expecting IW Council members – whatever their political persuasion – to stay the right side of the law nor expecting their remaining colleagues to be… Read more »
Albert Street

J B doing a bad job at playing politics? Trying to disguise musical chairs on the Titanic as a planned reshuffle brought forward?

Whats the saying? You can fool some of the people……..

Notokayanyway. now this does get even more curious. You virtually copy my post, change it to your version and then my post disappears..?? How is that possible. You can say what you like and we all do make mistakes, there is no doubt of that. But this is a morally broken situation.. Forget the last administration. That is way off topic. This was a very disingenuous attempt… Read more »
sam salt
I cannot believe I am reading submissions from sane people. I find it sad that so many of you pick up on someone’s misfortunes and make sweeping comments and accusations when none of us know the full story. What we do know is that Phil Jordan has been a fantastic Councillor who has gone far beyond the call of duty and worked tirelessly for the Island at… Read more »
Steve Goodman

I believe we are reading submissions from people hoping that we cannot make up our own minds, or that we have short memories, or that we will be easily conned into thinking that this council is not an improvement on the last one. As demonstrated again by tyke below.


Marion – A councillor responsible for road safety and alcohol abuse has all but admitted drink-driving, his colleagues have been found out attempting to cover it up using council resources and your response is to eulogise both parties!
Possibly the strangest post I have ever read here. And that’s saying something.

steve stubbings

Nobody tried to cover anything up. Using council resources or otherwise.

It’s not about whether or not you can technically argue that there wasn’t a cover up. It’s all about whether the two of them have the integrity required of people who hold elected positions. Cllr Bacon tries to spin the notion that the whole reshuffle had been planned for some time and that it was a coincidence that Cllr Jordan happened to meet his fate now. Are… Read more »
sam salt

Where’s your proof Tyke that colleagues have been found out attempting to cover up anything?

Sorry Steve – the council issued a release claiming the reshuffle had been predicated by a wish to bolster economic regeneration. Within hours it had become clear the real reason was that an executive member had left (pushed or shoved) because he had been charged with drink driving. The initial release was clearly a disingenuous communication that sought to airbrush the real reason for the reshuffle. That,… Read more »
Jonathan Bacon

Agreed. If it had been an attempted cover up ‘clumsy’ wouldn’t go anywhere near describing how daft it would be to try and ‘cover up’ a matter of public record. There was no attempt to airbrush anything because to do so would be idiotic in the extreme. That perhaps shows more than anything else why these claims are farcical, as I said in my statement earlier today.

Black Dog

I hear that there is a prominent Independent who is going to run against JB in March. Let the games begin


JB – So your position is that you would have had a cabinet reshuffle three months before an election period in which you shed an executive post even if PJ had not been charged with drink-driving?

I quite like our Indy council. They’re not perfect. They do stuff I don’t agree with. Some of the characters are a little unusual. But I get the feeling that they give it their all and have their priorities focussed more or less where I would like. They have their fair share of critics. I’d describe my interactions as those of a “critical friend”. Some here and… Read more »
steve stubbings

Thank you, Dave.
You appear to have understood the position precisely.
Perhaps others would prefer not to.


Unfortunately, IWC officers are not employed to undertake ‘honourable acts to protect a respected colleague from being pre-judged.’ They are employed to give factual information on the policies and activities of the council. That these resources were used to give a highly manufactured version of the truth is a serious issue.

Don’t we all have a moral imperative to support the rule of law? Doesn’t that include protecting the long established presumption of innocence? Putting the news of an arrest or charge in to the business of the Council would undermine that essential principle. I will be the first to condemn anyone convicted of drink-driving. But until they receive a conviction, no one is guilty of anything. Our… Read more »
steve stubbings

No it isn’t because nothing was ‘highly manufactured’, you just made that up.

East Cowes

It was very silly to announce the reshuffle today, especially before the news re: Phil Jordan. That was a very rookie political mistake. You should have waited until tomorrow.


Steve – your press release stated the reshuffle was to bolster regeneration activity.
It now appears the real reason was to regroup after PJ’s sacking/resignation.
You have now endorsed a new theory that the release was in fact framed to ‘protect a colleague’.
The fact is the reshuffle was not for the reasons given in an official IW Council statement. I really don’t see what is so hard to grasp.

steve stubbings

tyke – You’ve been watching too much Sherlock.

anyway anywhere

No, its a fact. The reshuffle was because Cllr Jordan had to step down. It is pointless to continue saying anything else.

Plus, remember that if this was a conservative led council and this was one of their senior ‘executive’ members, you would be having a field day.


You’ve become quite the expert on popular fiction, Steve…

Island Monkey
At best, this looks like a crass attempt to withhold the truth for as long as possible. At worst, this was a deliberate attempt to conceal the truth for as long as possible. The facts were known by the Executive on the 28th of November and yet nothing was said. Can you imagine how vocal the usual suspects posting here would have had to say, had this… Read more »
retired hack
IM and others: do you not understand, or want to understand, the rules of contempt of court relating to sub judice comments prior to a court case where a jury may be involved? Neither Jonathan Bacon, nor anyone else at the IWC, was free to make any comment which may have prejudiced such a trial. The penalties for doing so could be quite severe. This changed only… Read more »
Island Monkey

It is not contempt to say he’s been charged. The ‘open and transparent’ indie council could and should have said this on the 28th.
It’s they who are contemptible, not Tories.

I don’t know how people can imagine any kind of cover up – it would have been inappropriate to say any more about this any earlier than necessary. On a personal note, I’d like to say how very sorry I am to hear of Cllr Jordan’s situation – a simple miscalculation – and one any person could make. He is a remarkable man and I’m sure he… Read more »

Drink driving is *never* a “simple miscalculation”. It is well known and publicised that *any* alcohol impairs your ability to drive safely.

If you are driving. Don’t drink. At all. Ever.

If you abide by that simple rule there can never be a “simple miscalculation” over what you have, or have not, drunk.

Note: This is a comment on my opinion on drink-driving in general.

Albert Street



Well there but the grace of God go a lot of drivers on the Island.
That is not to say it’s ok to drink and drive ……only that it happens.
Thank you Phil for always answering our questions with interest and
a straight bat.. Other councillors posting here could learn a lot from

I’m sure we could all get into the finer points over the timings of press releases and what the Council’s intentions were. What it appears to boil down to is this: would Cllr Bacon’s reshuffle have taken place at this time, on this day, if it wasn’t for the imminent public confirmation that Cllr Jordan had been charged with drink driving (thereby forcing his departure from the… Read more »
One other thought. If Cllr Jordan’s position was untenable, was his resignation effective from 28th November when he was charged, or from 7th December when it was announced? If the latter, it means that Cllr Jordan spent an extra week in post having responsibility for road safety and alcohol misuse, and claiming the Special Responsibility Allowance for doing so. If his position was untenable, he should have… Read more »
Geoff Lumley

Very interesting that the CP website is not allowing comments on a similar story to this due to legal concerns. Personally I consider Cllr Bacon’s handling of this matter to be of real public interest

Island Monkey

So do the rest of us. I’m glad they made it front page and published Whitehouse’s and Stwewart’s criticism. Bacon’s excuses don’t wash.

This is major news.

Green Light

Cover-up or not, guilty or not, there is no doubt that Councillor Jordan is a very hard-working person who has always taken the concerns of his residents to heart.

Nothing wrong with Indy! Nothing wrong with saving your Bacon! A reshuffle is alright if you can stand up? I hope road safety and alcohol misuse issues are never passed to the Town and Parish councils as they are very responsible subjects. Phil is now entitled to drink what he likes, if he gets caught short in the Taxi, I hope there is still a toilet open… Read more »
I am glad Geoff is here to sort the wheat from the chaff. There are of course two, distinct, issues here: Councillor Jordan’s error and Cllr Bacon’s subsequent handling of it. Councillor Jordan’s actions will look after themselves via the proper processes but the actions of Cllr Bacon and his group in handling this issue – using council resources, half-truths and obfuscation – needs wider examination and… Read more »
steve stubbings

Are you and Island Monkey in any way related, tyke? I ask because you exhibit so many similar traits that it becomes difficult to tell you apart.


You sound rattled, Steve?

steve stubbings

That’s a statement, tyke. It doesn’t need a question mark.
Interestingly, Island Monkey occasionally struggles with his grammar.


Wrong again, Steve – it was a rhetorical question. Given your fondness for rhetoric, I would have thought you’d have realised.
Here’s a proper question though. Do you believe PJ should have resigned?
Please break from the norm of half-truths if you feel minded to respond.

steve stubbings

No it wasn’t. A rhetorical question is a real question to which you may not be expecting an answer. e.g. Do liars lie?

You see, just because you say something on here doesn’t make it true.

I hope that helps.


As expected, another half-truth and a non-answer from Steve.

As you appear not to know (and why should you in your role), a rhetorical question can also be one that ‘has an obvious answer but is asked to make a point’.

Still, arguing the toss about grammar and the meaning of ‘rhetorical question’ helps you to avoid the real issues here. Which I guess is your intention. Well done.

steve stubbings

‘You sound rattled, Steve’ is NOT a question. It cannot, therefore, be a rhetorical question.

How on earth can that be presented as a ‘half-truth’?

You sound rattled, tyke!

Irrespective of his sidestepping of tyke’s questions, we should acknowledge Steve’s willingness to engage on here. One question I do have for Steve: given that PJ has been charged with a serious criminal offence, should he not at the very least be suspended / removed from the Island Independents group – particularly as he has now admitted his guilt. Or is he making up the voting numbers… Read more »
steve stubbings
I’m not sure the voting numbers are a consideration here, Wightlad. The Tory alliance had the opportunity to take over the council months ago and they didn’t. There are people in other groups who have committed offences so there might be a few vulnerable glass houses around the place. There is no precedent for somebody being suspended/removed from the Island Independents group. We’re a group of Independents,… Read more »
I’m not really sure what the Tory alliance means, but I’ll have to take your word for it. You may be a group, not a party – I get that. (Although you fight elections on a joint platform – Framework for Change etc.) But by virtue of being a group you get a certain amount of seats allocated on committees etc. So should PJ, particularly if he… Read more »
Geoff Lumley
Tory Alliance; The 21 members of the 40 member IW Council (a majority) who could run the Council tomorrow if they had the guts or the ability. Includes the 14 Tories under Dave Stewart, the 2 Ukip, the 3 ‘Independents’ who fell out with the ruling group after a year or so despite being elected in 2013 against sitting Tories, the unofficial LibDem Bob Blezzard who generally… Read more »

Blimey – sounds like a right unholy alliance!

Does this make the indies, Labour and Reg Barry the socialist alliance?

Geoff Lumley

Unholy ? You have it in a nutshell :-)

As for a ‘socialist alliance’ ? Hardly. Have you any idea of the politics of Roger Whiby-Smith and Lora Peacey-Wilcox ? Alan Hollands and I stick openly to our principles. A rare commodity at County Hall.

No idea, but I’m guessing with those double-barreled surnames they’re a bit Tory-ish. I seem to recall that senior independents have referred to their administration as “left-leaning”. This is no doubt a factor in you being sympathetic towards them. On the spectrum of politics it is probably fair to say that the so-called Tory alliance is the political opposite of the left-leaning alliance which heads up the… Read more »
Excuse me but are you the same Steve Stubbings who is a grown adult, has responsibility for running adult social care and is deputy leader of the council (but doesn’t want to be leader)? If so, haven’t you got more pressing concerns that require your attention? I’m retired – I have an excuse for being sat here wasting my time. PS you didn’t answer the question about… Read more »
steve stubbings

I’m having a day off.
I hope that’s ok with you.

I assumed that your question was rhetorical.


Well you were wrong again. Quite a habit you are developing there, Steve.
And still no answers….


I believe that Councillor Bacon is doing his best in difficult circumstances to try and get the best outcome for the Isle of Wight.

Robert Jones
Read the story, read the comments, understand the feelings expressed on all sides, but I’m left with a deep sense of loss in all of this: I don’t suppose Phil Jordan was the brightest and best councillor I’ve ever know over the last 50 years or so, but from my observation of him, he tried hard and he worked hard, and I’ve known councillors in the past,… Read more »
David Whittaker

What, Phil Jordan tried in “appallingly difficult circumstances”? The man is a complete and utter fraud and failure. We’re well rid. He is nasty and vindictive, promoting self over the common good at every opportunity.

Robert Jones

No one, other than perhaps yourself, is as worthless as you’re suggesting Jordan is. Ad hominem rubbish.

David Whittaker. Well I do not know who you are or where you are coming from and of course you may well think the same about me! However, Phil Jordan IS held in very high esteem by many of his colleagues on the Council and across “Party ” divisions. He is, I believe, an honest man with the welfare of our Island his first priority, he always… Read more »
Geoff Lumley

If that is THE fomer Tory councillor David Whittaker, you should perhaps reflect on how YOU compare to Phil Jordan’s alleged transgressions. If you are I bet you don’t respond to this.

Sally Perry

The comment left by ‘David Whittaker’ at 10.05pm on Saturday night was actually left by Chris Whitehouse, who claims the mistake may have been made because he was using David Whittaker’s former equipment.

steve stubbings


I wonder if Chris posts here under any other pseudonyms (by mistake, obviously!)

Simon Cooke

The Papal Knight once again showing us the righteous path of hate and deceit. Nicely done!

We all of course completely accept the premise that the sainted Bentley-driving lobbyist uses second-hand computer equipment previously owned by the Tory Cllr convicted of child sex offences?

Geoff Lumley

That’s a relief. I trust DW is still locked up and that young people are still safe from that particular individual.


He’s a mischievous little scamp that papal knight of ours.

I can quite imagine that a chap who runs a political consultancy firm could get confused by IT systems and make a little “mistake” like making unseemly comments under another’s name.


Chris Whitehouse accusing someone else of self-promotion has quite made my day.

Comedy gold!

Amanda BH

Was Mr Whitehouse looking in the mirror when he wrote this …………

“nasty and vindictive, promoting self over the common good at every opportunity.”

Sounds just like him, if you ask me.

Albert Street

Or is a case of it takes one to know one?


Well that quite takes my breath away Mt Whiehouse.


Geoff – has PJ ‘bowed out’ or merely been forced off the Executive?


Apologies, of course he still remains a Councillor, and many hope that he will continue.

Steve Stubbings (not Susan Scoccia)

Is there any chance of getting the full story from Cllr Whitehouse (not Whittaker) How on earth could this happen? What ‘equipment’ was the spin doctor using?
Anything short of a detailed explanation will surely look like a cover-up!

Sally Perry

No I won’t be spending any more time on this today. Since leaving my first comment, Cllr Whitehouse has suggested that it could be connected to when his ‘device’ was hacked. It would have to have been the same device used by Cllr Whittaker and I’m not privy to what equipment that might be apart from the IWC blackberry issued to all councillors.

Geoff Lumley

This councillor accepts no IT equipment or mobile phone/Blackberry from the Council. I use my own and always have.

Geoff Lumley

And the same for my colleague Alan Hollands.

Steve Stubbings

Hacked!? :-O

Steve Stubbings

One can only presume that he was using council resources to vent his personal spleen. Not for the first time. ;-)

So just to recap… The IW Council Executive member for road safety and substance misuse gets charged with drink-driving. He steps down or is dismissed. We don’t know which but I suspect the latter. Days later, the council issues a press release saying there has been a reshuffle to enable it to better focus on regeneration. Within hours is becomes clear the real reason for the reshuffle… Read more »
Steve Stubbings

You guys seem a touch rattled to discover that this post truth stuff cuts both ways.
Surely you accept that the Whitehouse hacking story is big news, don’t you? An Isle of Wight councillor’s email hacked! By whom and for what purpose?


I agree it is big news. But let’s not use it to distract from IW Council’s use of the press office to deflect attention from the real reason for the reshuffle – Cllr Jordan’s drink driving charge.

Why not just put out a press release being honest about the reason for the reshuffle taking place on that day?

I don’t give a cuss about Whitehouse. The guy is neither here nor there. He is am unpleasant sideshow. What I would like to know from you, one of the guys in power, is this: Do you think Phil should remain an executive member? Was he pushed or shoved? Do you agree the official IW Council communication should have referenced the real reason for the reshuffle? Have… Read more »

“He is am unpleasant sideshow.” This doesn’t make any sense!

“Do you think Phil should remain an executive member?” Phil is NOT an executive member, so how can he remain?

“Was he pushed or shoved?” Please explain the difference?

“Have I demonstrated correct use of the question mark?” Possibly, but NOT the correct use of the English language and certainly NOT asking Four straight questions.


Humble apologies, Pedant.
You are quite right – there were a number of syntax errors in that post. Heaven knows what we would do without such a prescient input from yourself.
Nice use of capital letters in the absence of coloured ink, by the way. Proper angry aren’t you? And great grasp of the issues at stake.
Congratulations – you must be proud of your contribution.

Island Monkey

What Tyke said. Although I too am having a day-off.

Steve Stubbings is priceless. Is this a spinning competition, or some kind of post-truth parallel universe?

What Tyke said. But I must add a comment on the Whitehouse / Whittaker assertion. What a load of baloney! Log-ins to OTW’s comment section are nothing to do with IW Council IT equipment. Each individual posts under their own personally-created log-in, and I simply cannot see how Cllr Whitehouse could possibly have been posting under the name David Whittaker unless he personally chose to create a… Read more »
Geoff Lumley

Some will be appalled that a very rich man is using Council equipment. One who brags about how he distributes his allowance to good causes.


And if he is using council equipment, why is he using it for political purposes?

And if it is a blackberry, why is the mobile number not shown on his contact details on the council website?

Luisa Hillard
I assume the equipment referred to is a Council laptop. These can only be used for linking remotely to the main Council server and store no information or files themselves. Ss if the laptop was hacked then my basic understanding would suggest that the whole council system could have been vulnerable. Was this alleged hacking incident reported to the Council’s IT department? To the Police? We are… Read more »
Thanks Luisa. It is very odd. It does seem that Cllr Whitehouse has made a serious allegation which impugns the good name of the Council’s IT Department. If what he suggests is true, then there appears to be a woeful lack of basic competency in the IT Department. This effectively amounts to a serious allegation against council staff’s handling of IT equipment, and it therefore surely imperative… Read more »
adrian whittaker

Somebody needs to give me a full explanation on how my fathers name has come up i cant see any post but i will report all the councilors to the monitoring officer first thing in the morning if i do not get satisfactory response. My fathers council phone was rest to manufactures settings so for it to be a it mistake its impossible

Luisa Hillard
Adrian, a quick recap: last night at about 10.30pm a post was made by a ‘David Whittaker’. Geoff Lumley questioned if it was the former Conservative Councillor? Sally established that the post was made by Cllr Whitehouse and therefore changed the name to ‘Cllr Whitehouse (not Whittaker)’. When Sally asked for an explanation as to why the name David Whittaker had been used she reports that Cllr… Read more »
adrian whittaker

Thank you for the information just a slight problem my dad never had a iwc laptop this get stranger by the hour .

Luisa Hillard

Well, you will have to clarify with Sally (in private) as to the excuses given by Cllr Whitehouse regarding the equipment used. I would expect Sally’s comments to be accurate.

Island Monkey

Keep going guys, brilliant diversion tactics. Wont be long before everyone forgets Bacon’s Press release omission, and possibly even who and what started all this.

I think the way you’re going, it’s only a question of time before you Indie’s will claim Councillor Whitehouse could have been spiking a certain councillor’s drinks?

The faux outrage has given me a little chuckle, thanks.


Look, IM, I am outraged by both Bacon’s conduct and Whitehouse’s. No amount of diversion on either will deflect me from the other.

Whitehouse needs to explain himself just as much as Bacon. Come on guys: let’s hear from you!

Island Monkey

And Phil Jordan? They say things come in threes?

adrian whittaker

I have decided to report cllr Whitehouse first thing in the morning to the monitoring officer .i have tried to ring him along with cllr Ward .Bacon .Jordan