Bob Seely spoke in favour of regular Covid-19 testing for NHS staff but then voted against it. Here’s what he said when News OnTheWight asked him why

After Islanders were confused why Bob Seely said he wants regular Covid-19 testing for NHS staff, then voted against it the same day, News OnTheWight got in touch to find out why. Here’s his reply

bob seely and chris heaton harris

Last Wednesday Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Bob Seely, spoke in the House about the importance of Covid-19 testing for NHS and care home staff, saying, “The more we can test staff—fortnightly, if not weekly—the better”.

He then voted against a motion calling for weekly testing for NHS and care home staff, proposed by Shadow Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Jon Ashworth.

Some readers found these actions as contradictory and commented via social media on Mr Seely’s press release where he praised NHS and care home staff.

Seely: Political stunts
News OnTheWight asked Bob Seely why he’d chosen to vote that way. He called on Friday morning and said it was because he didn’t support these things as they are ‘political stunts’.

We explained our question was posed from our readers’ point of view, many of whom were confused by what they saw as his contradictory actions.

Seely: No-one else is interested
Seely appeared dismissive, replying that “no-one else was interested”.

Adding that no other journalists ask him about these things because, “they are the minutiae of Westminster”.

Seely: “Designed to mislead people”
When we finished the conversation, Bob’s office forwarded his line, in which he said,

“Testing of healthcare staff is an important issue and I am in favour of the NHS staff testing policy as advised by the Chief Medical Officer.

“The motion put forward by the Labour Party was designed to mislead people. The Labour motion does not address the practical issues associated with weekly blanket testing. The Government is giving careful consideration to these factors and the likely benefits, or not, that testing achieves. Decisions are based on facts.”

Monday, 29th June, 2020 6:37pm



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Remember this guy was preaching about the importance of social distancing and then attended a far-right party, so his hypocrisy really shouldn’t be surprising to anyone.

Rupert Besley
Well, I, for one, am interested. And so is our family member who works as an NHS nurse in London. Along with her colleagues, she would like to know why Conservative MPs voted this down. And for the record, and while here on this subject, I am still interested to know the answers to OTW’s 8 simple questions about the tracing app that the Government continues not… Read more »

BBQ Bob is showing just how two-faced he is. He cannot be trusted to represent the island. He is a Tory carpetbagger who deserves to face the consequences of his self serving actions.


So why do people vote for this guy, he’s a joke.


So must we conclude that HalfSausageBob will not vote for any Labour motion, on the grounds that Labour cannot be seen to be acting sensibly?


How dare he — LABOUR attempts to mislead the country????? This government has extremely limited acquaintance with ‘facts’ and no grasp at all of ‘practical issues’. Its latest demonstration of world-beating flubbery was managing to buy the wrong type of satellite, FFS!


It still sounds contradictory to me. Perhaps testing isn’t as effective as Bob Seely first thought or at least his party is looking into this. I’d like a better explanation please.


Seems to me that Bob’s gaslighting us.


“The minutiae of Westminster.” How patronising is that?

Seely was elected by we voters of the Isle Wight to represent us in parliament. Do we think there should be weekly testing for NHS workers and care home staff? I’d like to think we do and if there are any who dissagree I’d like to hear their argument. There will be a general election eventually and, when casting our votes, we must remember this Seely contradiction… Read more »

Is that a sausage just visible in his right hand in the picture above?

Alternative Perspective

Mr Seely might like to watch last nights BBC Panorama programme, it will explain to him why it is absolutely essential for all NHS Hospital staff are very regularly tested.

The outbreak in Western-Super-Mare, which was initially thought to have been because of tourists, proved later to been largely caused by undetected infection amongst over 100 hospital staff who were later found to be asymptomatic.


Seldom seen Sausage Seely is so lucky the scheduled election is so far away. He is shaping up to be the most arrogant, useless, corrupt MP I have witnessed. P.S I voted Conservative from 1979 to 2015.


MPs have to vote with their Party, or they face consequences. It’s what they get elected for. If you voted for him, expect more of the same.

The simple truth is, the Conservatives didn’t fix the roof whilst the weather was good, which is why when the coronavirus pandemic hit the U.K. our NHS was in a position where it simply couldn’t cope. As a consequence there have been an unprecedented number of deaths, the highest amongst the G7 countries, with devastating implications for our economy, far worse that many countries that acted swiftly,… Read more »
We know Bob Sausage is frit, with his allegiances jumping from Party Leader to Party Leader. A typical self serving Conservative, who believes his constituents are there to be exploited by his Tory friends. His views and actions are in keeping with his arrogance colleagues in Parliament, who are in complete denial they are responsible for overseeing, on whatever measure you choose to use, the worst Coronavirus… Read more »