Bob Seely standing firm behind Theresa May on Brexit – To a mixed reception

The Isle of Wight MP makes it clear he continues to be supportive of Theresa May’s approach to Brexit, following her addressed to the country from 10 Downing Street this week.

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Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Robert Seely took to Twitter to make it clear that he is still backing the Prime Minister on her approach to Brexit.

At 11:34am on Thursday, the morning after Theresa May addressed to the public from 10 Downing Street, Mr Seely tweeted:

I agree with @10DowningStreet. Parliament IS trying to block the mandate. If MPs are furious with the PM, I am NOT one of them, and I am frankly fed up with those MPs trying to block #Brexit. Get.On.With.It!

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Mixed reception
Unsurprisingly, with its connection to Brexit, reactions from the public were mixed.

The Tweet has received 73 Likes, 25 Retweets and 60 Tweet responses (at time of publishing).

While some agreed with him, the majority of responses to his Tweet have been unsupportive of his position – and they are mixed between people who want to stay in the EU and others who want to leave.

Some criticised Parliament for blocking the ‘Will of the people’, suggesting that the MP needs to think carefully about his actions, or face a backlash at the ballot box in any future election.

Others were pushing for no extension of Article 50, seeking to exit under WTO rules.

Friday, 22nd March, 2019 6:57pm



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Email updates?
He can be made aware of his constituents displeasure much sooner than the next election. While there don’t seem to be any public numbers on how many members belong to the Isle of Wight Conservative Association some quick calculations based on the estimated national membership of the Conservatives as a percentage of the population gives a rough total of around 265 for the Island. Seeing as the… Read more »
Of the IOW electors who voted, 61.9 voted to leave. It could be said that Mr Seely is representing his constituents. Personally I think it would have been better to stay but that is democracy. Also, 51.3% of those who voted at the last general election voted for Mr Seely, the next nearest candidate gained 23% of the vote, that is also democracy. It is up to… Read more »
Bob Seeley claimed that he backed the move to Leave the EU. He has reneged on that pledge and is now voting for May’s deal. May’s deal is not to ‘leave’. May’s deal is to remain under the control of the EU. The referendum question in 2016 was Remain or Leave. Leave won the vote. It did not mention anything about a deal. Bob Seely should RESIGN… Read more »
Rhos yr Alarch

So has the beard gone already…?

iain mckie

It is funny that he says “Get On With It” and yet votes to extend Article 50

Another Perspective

‘Get on with it’? I wouldn’t read too much into that. Bob latches on to any populist phrase or cause, like the deliberately inflated island housing proposals, which he can challenge and decry in order to look good in the eyes of the gullible Tory voters.

He is just another shallow politician seeking to climb the greasy pole in Westminster.


He sounds like one of those awful Wetherspoons warriors with his ‘Get on with it’, what is next from this person? How long before he starts calling those who wish to remain in the EU ‘remoaners’ or ‘traitors’ as people of that ilk tend to do.

Be gone odious one and take useless May with you.

Mark L Francis

Lobby fodder

I think Bob Seely may be clinging on to TM’s kitten heels as she slowly and reluctantly sinks below the water. I wrote to Bob Seely this week ( see below) about my concerns. I think I might be wasting my time…! Dear Mr Seely I have not written to you before but I now must as I’ve lost faith in this prime minister and her Parliament… Read more »