Isle of Wight MP, Bob Seely’s non-vote on the Brexit extension

The details of this week’s Parliamentary vote on the extension of Brexit

Houses of parliament

Tuesday this week (9th) saw the latest Brexit vote in the House of Commons.

Under the title ‘Section 1 of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2019’, it was introduced by the Conservative government’s Solicitor General, Robert Buckland. He opened:

“That this House agrees for the purposes of section 1 of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2019 to the Prime Minister seeking an extension of the period specified in Article 50(3) of the Treaty on European Union to a period ending on 30 June 2019.”

Three opening points
Followed by three points he gave as his reasoning:

  • “First, the Government did not want to be in this position. I do not say that in the spirit of seeking to attribute blame to people, but in a moment of solemn reflection it is important that we acknowledge where we find ourselves.”
  • “Secondly, it is clear that the House is not willing to leave without a deal. “
  • “Thirdly, nobody who respects the outcome of the referendum could wish the UK to participate in the European Parliament elections, nearly three years after our country voted to leave the institutions of the European Union. However, if the UK remains a member state on 23 May, that is what it will be legally required to do.”

Bob Seely didn’t speak in the hour and a half long debate.

Hansard has the details of the whole debate.

The Vote
The vote was taken and passed with 420 votes in favour and 110 against.

Bob Seely didn’t vote. In total 80 Conservative MP didn’t vote, joining 18 Labour MPs.

131 Conservatives voted for Aye, 97 No. 223 Labour votes Aye, 3 for No.

Last night there was an agreement between the Conservative Government on behalf of the UK and the EU to extend Article 50 to a new deadline of 31st October.

Image: jasonwharam under CC BY 2.0

Friday, 12th April, 2019 10:03am



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Email updates?

I was interested to learn only recently that Mr Seely was a member of the ERG. No mention to be found on his official website or during the election IIRC.

iain mckie
iain mckie

Bob Seely was utterly anonymous during the Referendum campaign. Since elected he has tried to degrade notable pro Brexit characters, Christopher Chandler and Crispin Odey, and supported Theresa May’s deal which keeps the UK effectively a member of the EU ad infinitum. Seely is as pro Remain as it gets and only masquerades as a pro Leave to keep the local members of the Conservatives placated.

I previously suggested it would be very easy for enough people dissatisfied with Bob Seely to join the IOW Conservative Association and deselect him. It seems that Bob is well aware how poorly he is representing the Island and is seeking to head off any such threats as, according to [Part of comment removed by moderator] and climate change denier Nicholas Finney, Bob Seely has requested re-selection… Read more »
Mark L Francis
I think Michael Heseltine had the best take on the whole sorry business. He reckoned people were so fed up with 1. declining living standards for the poor 2. stagnating standards for the middle and 3. increased wealth for the rich that they wanted to protest and then along someone comes & blames everything on foreigners & the rest you know. He also reckoned that as the… Read more »

The Brexit party candidate will be announced soon watch this space.


The new Brexit candidate will be announced very soon watch this space.


We voted to leave and it is obvious that the Government is refusing to take us out.
MPs should be voting against anything that doesn’t involve leaving. That includes the Customs Union, an extension, the Withdrawal Agreement.


The Government are honouring the promise of the referendum, which said that we would only leave once we had an acceptable deal. To leave without a deal is a betrayal of all those who voted to leave in the referendum.


It didn’t say any of that on my ballot paper.


It said in the official leave campaign’s manifesto that we would not start the process of leaving until we have agreed a deal with the EU. At no point during the referendum was leaving without a deal on offer.

What rot! All sides of the debate acknowledged the truth that to leave meant to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which very clearly says that 24 months after giving notice, the nation leaves everything. With or without a deal. That was the offer before the referendum, that was what the legal document said, and that was reaffirmed by all sides after the referendum result came… Read more »