Book Review: PS I Love You

Hannah shares her review of the book, P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern

I made the mistake of watching the film before I read the book, knowing that the book is always better…but have to say I wasn’t disappointed.

It’s a story about the heartache of Holly losing her husband.

Holly and Gerry were teenage lovers, and were always seen together by their friends and family, so when Gerry suddenly dies, Holly is left feeling lost, and unsure of how to continue her life as normal.

Letters bring comfort
The only thing to bring Holly out of her depression was when she received the first of twelve letters, left behind by her husband.

Each month for a year Holly receives a letter from Gerry, the letter gives Holly instructions of tasks for her to carry out.

Every letter has a hidden meaning within and the overall outcome of the letters sees Holly move on with her life; and this is in the form of facing fears that Holly has; finding a job; to then later finding love again.

The novel is almost certain to make you laugh, and even shed a little tear, through its celebration of Gerry’s life and the beginning of Holly’s new life.

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