Breakdown of all Isle of Wight age groups with positive Coronavirus tests

Despite warnings older people may be more likely to get the virus, more positive tests have been found in people aged 0 to 59 than 60+. Full details within

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Covid-19 is hitting all ages on the Isle of Wight — with three under-fours getting the virus.

Statistics published by Public Health England, show Coronavirus cases on the Isle of Wight have been recorded in every five-year age group between 0 and 90+ in the last seven months, since the virus started.

Positive tests for children and young people
Figures produced for the period from 4th March up until 23rd October show three cases have been found in children aged between 0 to four and two in five to nine-year-olds.

In children and teenagers, six cases have been identified in 10 to 14-year-olds, but 28 found in 15 to 19-year-olds.

20 to 24-year-olds
The biggest number of cases found in one age group under 50 was in the 20 to 24-year-olds were 40 cases has been found.

Either 30 or more than 30 cases have been recorded in every five-year age category between 25 and 49.

The first positive case identified on the Island on 4th March was found in someone aged between 55 and 59.

Cases of people in their 50s show 85 people have tested positive for the virus, compared to only 65 cases in people in their 60s and 57 in the 70 to 79 age range.

Between the ages of 80 to 89, 91 cases had been recorded.

The most cases have been recorded in the 90+ age category with 54 positive tests, with the second-highest totals in those aged 85 to 89.

Largest group
Despite warnings older people may be more likely to get the virus, more cases have been found in people aged 0 to 59 than 60+, with 325 cases to 267.

On one day in April, 34 positive cases were recorded — with 18 confirmed cases in the 0 to 59 age category and 16 in the over 60s.

Three cases have been unassigned to age groups.

Since this data release, the total number of coronavirus cases on the Isle of Wight has surpassed 600.

Age rangeTotal cases
(up to
23 Oct)

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How do so many people aged 80-84, 85-89 and 90+ people catch Covid-19?

They are hardly in a group who are running about in the community.


It’s possibly the case that the 50’s and 60’s group have infected their parents….


You are forgetting the epidemics in care homes.

Angela Hewitt

Tamara, don’t forget Asymptomatic

This breakdown is interesting, but difficult to draw conclusions from. Are older teens and twenties more susceptible to catching the disease than younger children, or is it their lifestyle, mixing in larger groups and getting physically closer to each other? Very young children also get physically close to each other in play and lack a sense of hygiene so can more easily pass on infections. Then why… Read more »

Here are some scientific explanations as to why younger children are less likely to spread Covid-19 than teenagers and adults.
Why Schools Probably Aren’t Covid Hotspots – Nature magazine