Brodie to probe Isle of Wight council leader on PM’s comments about Coronavirus in care homes (updated)

Cllr Brodie has submitted a written question to the Leader of the Isle of Wight council about Boris Johnson’s remarks on the spread of Coronavirus in care homes

Trees outside County Hall and Geoff Brodie

At next week’s Isle of Wight full council meeting, the blame for the spread of Coronavirus being placed on care home owners will be raised.

On Monday Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, came under fire for attempting to blame care home owners for up to 20,000 deaths through not “follow[ing]  procedures”.

Isle of Wight politicians shared their views yesterday and next week, Cllr Geoff Brodie, Independent Labour councillor for Newport East, will ask,

” Does the Council Leader support the shameful remarks of the Prime Minister that many care homes, presumably including those on the Isle of Wight, did not follow proper procedures on Coronavirus?” 

Will leaders answer be in line with MP’s?
News OnTheWight had asked Isle of Wight Conservative MP, Bob Seely whether he agreed with the statement made by the PM, and what his view was on the long delay before the Government agreed all patients should be tested for C19 before going into care homes?

He avoided answering those specific questions and instead replied,

“I have been in contact with representatives from the care sector on the Isle of Wight throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and I have visited care home staff. As far as I can see, care staff here have done their absolute best and often gone above and beyond their duties in the hardest of times. I think we should all recognise and congratulate them for their efforts.

“It’s clear that there will need to be a period of time for reflection where consideration is taken to review whether anything could have been done differently. That is all part of the learning process for how we improve in the future. 

“I thank the care sector for all that they have done and continue to do.”

Article edit
11.30am 8th July 2020 – Wording of Brodie’s question amended slightly

Wednesday, 8th July, 2020 11:04am



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Eagle eye

Mr Seely – answer the question.

You have already proved that you don’t care much for island residents and have no concerns about breaking the law.

We deserve better, all you are proving is how your ambitions are more important than those of the people you are supposed to serve.


The arrogance of the Conservatives, who are still living in a colonial past, is becoming very clear.

They consider the BAME community and lowly paid care sector workers, fair game to exploit and mistreat. Fair fodder in their belief Tory’s, with their privileged elitist life styles, are a superior class, who exist well above and are more deserving, then those in society who genuinely work for a living.

Eagle eye
garyeldridge We are supposed to be living in a democratic country which gives the “people” the right to speak out on injustices. Elected representatives speak on behalf of the people which gives the elected representative the right to challenge what they perceive to by social injustice. If you see it as political point scoring then that is your view not mine. Can I suggest you read Plato’s… Read more »
Geoff Brodie
Very interesting last night at Full Council when the Leader responded to my question. He was clearly distancing himself from the shameful remarks of Johnson and was entirely and rightly complimentary about Island care homes and their staff. It appears that either Tories on the ground are getting as fed up with their leader’s crassness as the rest of us. Or they are more worried about how… Read more »
I stand by my opinion. Why didn’t the nhs test patients before sending them to care homes? Why didn’t care home managers order enough Ppe? I don’t recollect any time when governments have decreased spending on the nhs and indeed Johnson has right from his appointment has championed the nhs and promised even more money for the nhs. Whether nhs management spends its money wisely is another… Read more »
Jenny Smart
One wonders why/how Sir Simon Stevens is still in his post, but that aside, the PPE care homes had was woefully inadequate. A little plastic apron and flimsy paper mask isn’t going to protect anyone from someone who has Covid-19 is it? Hospitals had a responsibility to ensure any patients they discharged to care homes were clear of the virus BEFORE they were discharged. Those care homes… Read more »
In a pandemic, what is the role of national government? Surely it is to step up on all fronts to manage a co-ordinated effort, which this government has comprehensively failed to do. Try looking at comments from doctors’ groups to see what they think of the way all this has been handled at the top. You could begin with the Lancet and the Twitter account of the… Read more »

Central Government’s role and priority above all else is the health, safety and well being of the nation, the same goes for local authority responsibilities to their respective residents, both have failed.

Nearly all care homes are privately run. Surely it was the responsibility of their managers to procure ppe etc. Also the NHS sent patients to care homes without testing them. Hardly the government s fault. The government does not run the nhs. It allocates money but hospitals manage care and how it spends its money. There should be a cross party review how we manage healthcare in… Read more »

Ianc, I think you’ll find that the government, having imposed year on year cuts to the NHS, found itself very deep in the brown stuff when the pandemic hit, and directed NHSE to instruct NHS trusts to discharge as many patients as possible. Many went On a one way ticket to care homes, without been tested, Trusts were just happy they became someone else’s problem

What’s more, the government, in a mad panic shoved a load of beds in exhibition centre and gave them a fancy name, ‘nightingale hospitals’, and now want to pat themselves on the back because they weren’t needed, whereas in actual fact over 65000 people have died, and god knows how many people have long term serious health conditions. You will recall the government telling the NHS could… Read more »
I am utterly disgusted at the political point scoring agenda so clearly demonstrated here – what is the point of sounding good! Get off your personal agendas and actually do something to improve the situation. Care homes AND the NHS were clearly ‘not fit for purpose’ and have been find out. Care Home owners failed in their duty – not All – but far too many, being… Read more »

What a disgrace garyeldridge the NHS and social care have been run down and underfunded for years by this heartless uncaring Tory Government and their imposed austerity policies.

Phil Jordan
You have no idea whatsoever what you are talking about. Happy to exchange information and details about both residential care and domiciliary care at any and all levels of care provision on this Island since 2001. Maybe you should listen and defer to those that actually know what is happening across a wide spectrum of care services on this Island. Confusing both NHS with social care, private… Read more »