Deadline extended: Business opportunities being offered by Isle of Wight council

Director of Regeneration’s hope is that fledgling local business people will come forward and see the potential of these opportunities

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The council share this latest news. Ed

Budding entrepreneurs are being invited to consider a number of business opportunities being offered by the Isle of Wight Council.

The opportunities are based around the Island and offer a chance to put entrepreneurial skills to creative use, from a new facility at the former lifeguard premises on Sandown Esplanade; operation of a mobile catering unit at Northwood; storage unit rental at Ryde, to deck chair facilities at Ryde beach.

Chris Ashman, council director of regeneration, said,

“I really hope fledgling local business people, will come forward and see the potential of these opportunities, especially the new premises at Sandown Esplanade.

“Businesses, both large and small, play a vital role in regeneration, growth and productivity on the Island, so we are hoping some really interesting and creative business applications come forward and I would urge any potential entrepreneurs to consider these opportunities before the 23rd February deadline.”

Further details are as follows:

Sandown Esplanade
The Isle of Wight Council is seeking applications from interested parties for the introduction of a new facility in the former lifeguard premises located on the Esplanade at Sandown.

Northwood Recreation Ground
Interested parties can apply for the operation of a mobile catering unit located at Northwood Recreation Ground.

Ryde Beach
Applications are sought from interested parties for the operation of deck chair facilities at Ryde Beach:

1. Ryde West (B201) – Adjacent to the pier;
2. Ryde East (B202) – Harbour to North Walk;
3. Ryde East B203) – North Walk to edge of Puckpool.

Puckpool Park, Ryde
A storage unit is available for rental/ to let at Puckpool Park, Ryde.

Further details are on the iWight Website.

The closing date for offers for the above has been extended to Friday 9th March 2018.

If you are interested in any of the above opportunities and would like further information please contact the Isle of Wight Council’s Commercial Services department for an application pack, by the following means:

Post: Isle of Wight Council, Commercial Services, Floor 2, County Hall, Newport PO30 1UD;
Email: or
Telephone: (01983) 821000.

Image: William under CC BY 2.0

Wednesday, 21st February, 2018 11:48am



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Email updates?

How much is the grandly titled director of regeneration paid? You’d hope he would be trying to get manufacturing businesses to the Island rather than rearranging deckchairs…


Between £60k and £90k according to

Sally Perry

From memory, the Director role was around £100,000 and the assistant was about £80,000.


That’s why we have to cut money to the most needy then. Still, a deckchair concession and a burger van should pull a bit back in!


Great to see that our Director has a clear handle on the meaning of “regeneration”! Are these people serious???

The people of Ryde may be interested to know that Ryde Town Council has to pay approximately £70,000 each year for the cleaning and lifeguarding of the beach, and must raise that money through its local precept. However, the IoW council retains all income generation and licensing for the beach. So we pay for it, and they take the cash. I did raise this with Dave Stewart… Read more »
Geoff Brodie

Newport Parish Council on my initiative offered to contribute to a general, Islandwide fund to clean beaches on the basis that although we have no beaches our residents like to use them. This was rejected by a majority of town and parish councils.