11 new ways the council propose to make car parking more expensive

The range of proposals are wide-ranging, which include increasing parking charges, removing currently-free parking and stopping Blue Badge concessions, alongside others.

Random parking spots by alper

The Isle of Wight council, controlled by the Island Independents, has proposed eleven different ways that it will become more expensive to park a car on the Isle of Wight.

The council currently earns around £4m a year from car parking on the Island.

Residents of the Isle of Wight have, in the past, proven very sensitive to increases in parking charges, so many will be surprised to read the long list of proposed ways to increase costs for Island car owners.

These proposals are part of cost-cutting and price-increasing proposals.

OnTheWight has got the full detail below, but in summary the proposals are :-

  • Increase parking charges: short-term parking up 20%; long-term up by 10%
  • Extending the hours that you have to pay for parking in car parks beyond 6pm, with midnight mentioned
  • Blue Badge concession to go from council car parks
  • ‘Review’ the 19 currently-free car parks
  • Remove free afternoon parking from East Cowes, Cowes, Sandown, Shanklin, Newport and Ventnor
  • Remove free parking at The Heights and Medina leisure centres and Moa Place, Freshwater
  • Increase on-street parking zones at Newport, Ryde, Shanklin and Sandown.
  • Start charging at Appley & Puckpool parks

If they were all to be implemented, the council estimates additional income of £356,000.

Are the proposed options fair?
What do you think of the proposals? Which do you think are justified; which should be dropped and which other ideas could be added?

The official list

Proposed option
Est. add. income
Tariff car park Increases
Tariffs have not been increased since April 2008. This option assumes a rise of 20% (rounded up) for short stay car parks, all short stay on-street & long stay on-street tariffs up to 4 hours – above 4 hours are rounded up to nearest £1. A rise of 10% (rounded up) for long stay car park tariffs up to 2 hours, with no increase for above 2 hour tariffs. No coach increases. The increase in income allows for economic & tourism downturns and a resistance to parking charge increases – this allows for an overall reduction of 9% parking users.
Remove free 30min parking at Moa Place, Freshwater
Currently the above car park allows parking for 30 minutes free, subject to obtaining a ticket from the machine. Currently, 82% of users of these facilities are doing so for free) – allowing for a high resistance to charges of 80%, the Authority would generate additional income of £13k based on above tariff increase. New Road, Lake has free 60 mins, but no alternative limited waiting parking available.
Remove free parking at Leisure car parks (Heights & Medina)
Heights car park currently allows 2 hours free parking – this policy is to be repeated at Medina when charges are introduced. Removing this free element, but in return of free parking with One Card memberships, would encourage sales whilst ensuring income is received from those using the car park for other reasons than using the leisure centres
Remove free afternoon concession
Six Council car parks operate a weekly concession of free parking between 1pm and 6pm on one weekday – this includes East Cowes, Cowes, Sandown, Shanklin, Newport and Ventnor. Comparisons to weekday afternoons when charges do apply show the free concession costs the Council £14k.
Re-introduce charges at Appley & Puckpool
Currently it is free to park for 5 hours at both Appley & Puckpool parks, which are located a short distance to the beaches of Ryde. Car parks of similar dynamic (close to beach) suggest reintroducing charges within these locations could generate circa £45k. Charges were previously in place during 2005.
Review free car parks
Parking Services currently manages 19 free car parks (not including Appley or Puckpool). Many of these would not be cost effective for installing ticket machines and regularly enforcing, but a small number are likely to yield an income for the Authority. These include High Street, Carisbrooke and Pier Road, Seaview.
Extend chargeable hours
The current hours of charging for parking are from 8am to 6pm. Many authorities charge for parking until midnight, with some having flat rate charges to cover a car park visit after 6pm until the day charges return the next day. Extending the chargeable hours will also encourage further purchases of 200m radius permits. A late shift is regularly undertaken, so any additional enforcement costs would be minimal.
Additional On-street Pay & Display (Newport)
Currently on-street pay & display charges within Newport are located on the High St, Pyle St, Orchard St, Quay St, Holyrood St and Lugley St which generate annual income of £460k. Further on-street P&D could be introduced on Upper St James’ St and Crocker St, which are both currently limited waiting areas.
Additional On-street Pay & Display (Other)
Apart from Newport and Esplanades (seasonal except Ryde), the only other on-street charges applied are at St Marys Cowes, Cowes Parade and Yarmouth Common. Areas that could be considered are Ryde, Shanklin and Sandown.
Remove Blue Badge concession

Under the blue badge scheme, the national concession applies only to on-street parking. On the Island, this has been extended to include parking within our car parks, which we have no legal obligation to do. According to the Councils “Disability Needs Summary – November 2008”, the number of blue badge holders on the Island was 7,564. As the concession is not just for residents, the number eligible to use our car parks for free will be much higher. Other Authorities are considering removing similar concessions.
Extend seasonal charges to include March
Current seasonal parking charges on Esplanades are from April to October. By extending the "season" to include March, this will ensure that the busy period of Easter is not free parking on seafronts. Easter will fall within March in 2013 & 2016.
All Island Tourist Permits
Potential now exists to re-introduce the popular tourist permit scheme without returning to the administrative burden previously experienced. This would involve direct selling to tourist either by transferable tickets from the pay & display machines or from period parking option purchased via the mobile phone operator. Further option potentially available from paypoint outlets using same method as Southern Vectis rover tickets.
Estimates total increase

Image: alper under a CC BY 2.0 license

Friday, 3rd January, 2014 11:51am


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Island Monkey
We constantly hear that Government policy is that all revenue from parking must be spent on roads, can only be spent on roads. If that is true, what is the point of trying to raise more money this way, or was that the way the Tories expected to fund their disastrously expensive roads PFI scheme? Evening charges will damage the night economy; restaurants, bars and pubs in… Read more »

Will an unintended result of making Blue Badge holders pay for parking in council car parks be that BB holders will be tempted to park on single- and double-lines in the road (as they are enabled to do by national BB guidelines)?

If so, what effect will that have on traffic flows in the narrow roads of the Island’s towns, villages and elsewhere?


Don Smith

Many disabled drivers need extra space to allow their door to open fully, so as to allow them to get out of their car.

Why must we always pick on the most vulnerable?

Chris Bonney
The hope is starting to fade that this might be a council that can increase the lot of this Island by stimulating the economy and thereby generating extra wealth rather than further aggravating the economic difficulties of the very people it is meant to serve. There is still time to grasp this opportunity and get on the right footing, but the window is closing fast. Parking strangles… Read more »
phil jordan
@Chris Bonney: …..and we shall have to add about £3M per year to the existing revenue shortfall of about £9M per year (averaged over three years…£28m in total by 2017) making a target cost cutting of about £37M (instead of £28M) in revenue spend by 2017. It’s suddenly got a whole, whole lot worse by not charging for parking. I’d love to support the idea…..it’s just not… Read more »
Chris Bonney
Phil, £3m is a lot of money to loose, especially when you are already on a reduced income, but what is true of the Council is also true of the people of this island. We don’t have it, but you keep taking it, whether we have it or not. The Council must consider policies that encourages grass roots growth in the community. I would be more sympathetic… Read more »
Chris Bonney

@Phil, can you confirm that you have not included in your figures above parking penalty charge income as well as the parking permits income to make the net income you quote.

phil jordan
@Chris Bonney: I have the gross figures with me only… I am confident that the net figure is the total revenue from parking (..and that, I think, includes penalty revenue) which is around £4.2M less operating costs of about £1.2M…giving a net revenue of around £3M. Without the breakdown to hand I wouldn’t state categorically about the penalty revenue ( ..though, as I say, I’m confident it… Read more »

This is the breakdown per the accounts
Parking income:
Ticket machine income 2,692
Permit income 425
Penalty charges 753
Other income 64
Turnover 3,934
Expenditure 1,796

No breakdown of expenditure

Chris Bonney

Thanks both.

paid parking at leisure centres could be offset by allowing users of the centres to claim back their parking money with a discount for gym or swimming. One-card holders should get it free anyway – they have already paid enough. Charging casual users who park and then wander off into town for 2 hours is a good move. On-street parking could have a 30 min free period… Read more »
steve s

Many thanks for your positive contributions to the discussion.
Yes, resident permits are also under review with significant reductions in charges.

Steve, permits are by their very nature of form of discounted parking. No-one is going to buy them unless they are likely to make an overall saving in the what they pay for parking throughout a year. With this in mind what modelling have you received from officers that suggests that the introduction of such a permit will not increase the budget gap on parking, thereby negating… Read more »
steve s

Yes, they have.

Steve, are you planning on a yearly permit? Or will it be possible to buy a ticket which is usable at any council parking for the day or week? I rarely use council car parks, but when I do I tend to use 2 or 3 in a day – it would be convenient, and hopefully cheaper just to buy a ticket to cover the lot rather… Read more »
steve s

Some excellent suggestions here, Max, thanks.
I don’t have the full details of all parking proposals but will find out more on Monday and report back here.
I think your mix and match One Card approach has legs, too. Definitely worth considering. Anything to encourage more people to use these excellent facilities.


I look forward to seeing it discussed and implemented. You seem to be someone who acts on what they say Steve – lets hope that impression is correct and you put this proposal forward.


Just as a matter of interest do Isle of Wight Cllrs have to pay for their parking permits to park at County Hall ?

steve s

Yes, tiki, they do.

phil jordan

…and also to park in the Ward that they represent when working on residents issues.

RUBBISH.can you honestly confirm or deny that ALL members have a valid permit, if not can you tell me how I can obtain this information would it come under the freedom of information act.. ALSO..How much do you have to pay?, and is it claimed back on expenses or does it come out of a allowance? my parents (pensioners)who live in a town where sometimes it is… Read more »
phil jordan


Rubbish it is not.

If you ask a question and there is the possibility to answer, then I will…and no doubt steve will as well.
I’ve responded further down to you about this…again.

You asked a question about parking permits and you have been given the truthful answer. Describing the answer as “rubbish” is not productive, helpful or correct.

OK not rubbish inaccurate or misleading, do you personally know that EVERY MEMBER purchases a permit, my ward councillor who I have seen in his car many a times, definitely has not got a permit in his car window, now unless he walks to newport or buses it, then he is not paying for parking, next time there is a full council, and I know he will… Read more »
firstly, I would just like to point out that not everyone is as honest as you Cllr Jordon, such a shame as only every seems to be a few genuine members but unfortunately always a few that give you all a bad name. I will personally make it my new year challenge now to find out, how much councillors pay for a year, and how many of… Read more »
phil jordan
@alec: Alec, I do not personally police the parking at County Hall… I know it is policed. I have a colleague who received a penalty ticket one week before christmas for a parking infringement (permit had expired). Alec, if this is such an issue for you I am happy to meet up with you at County Hall and take you around at any convenient time. That is… Read more »
unlucky for me i am not in your ward, but moving soon so hopefully my new councillor will be as committed as you are. Your colleague might have been parked on a saturday or a sunday, because i can honestly say mon to fri anyone can park in county hall and not get a ticket, I have done it myself lots and lots of times and will… Read more »
Island Monkey
Unpopular as it may seem, I think asking elected representatives to pay to park at their place of work, (County Hall) seems unfair. This line of questioning is a distraction. What matters is that parking charges achieve a balance between revenue generation and cost, and are fairly applied. No-one likes paying to park, but it is now a fact of life. Could any of you blogging councillor’s… Read more »
phil jordan
@Island monkey: The quick answer to that is…yes. To concur with that, one will have to accept that all (well, most…for the purpose of this we should just accept that to be the case…) revenues received by the Council are collated into one revenue pot and from which costs are then apportioned. or paid out. We receive about £3M in net revenue from parking and since April… Read more »

What else would a hard-working, conscientious councillor be doing with his Saturday evenings….except politely answering heated questions from (not necessarily his own) electors? Not for the first time, I’m impressed.

sam salt
Steve, you may pay but are the spaces subsidised? Have you considered that by lowering parking costs income might increase? More people would no doubt use car parks if cheaper than clogging up side roads in towns thus increasing revenue. I used to purchase a resident’s permit, they were good value as did my partner. However when there was a hike in charges we didn’t bother to… Read more »
steve s

Yes, jalo, we’ve very much considered that. It’s why we’ll be bringing forward proposals including massive reductions in the cost of a resident’s permit.
I think our spaces are subsidised.

sam salt

Thanks Steve, nice to get an honest politician and one working for their community.

Absolutely disgraceful, all concerned should hang their heads in shame, car users already get taxed to use the road, taxed to fill up their vehicles, incur untold damage to vehicles by poor quality road and repairs, many people can’t even park outside their own homes because of double yellow lines! If taxis and buses were reasonably priced and actually went to where people needed to go perhaps… Read more »

Is £3 a day an unreasonable price for the bus? Look at the key card. I drive a car but I also have a key card which I use if I want a trip out somewhere on my day off. usually cheaper than paying for petrol and parking.

Buses are very expensive on the Island compared to many places in the Uk. A low paid friend and one who is unemployed should they wish to go into Newport have to find £7 .oo each for return fare. That is a big chunk of their very low income. I lived in London where transport is much cheaper and very well used and work on the mainland… Read more »
The key phrase there is very well used. On the island, people dont use public transport much. I regularly see busses with half a dozen people or so on them. Yet, if southern vectis dares to suggest withdrawing a service because it is underused and not profitable, there is uproar. £3 for a days travel is eminently reasonable. Perhaps people will actually pay it if parking fees… Read more »
steve s

I agree, Superman. £3.00 to travel wherever you like for a day is phenomenally good value. I understand that Southern Vectis are soon to make the Key card available to purchase from their offices, too.

I do not believe it
Scene – Carisbrooke High Street Car Park – Free Parking – but 2 hour limit. Date – New Year’s Day this week. Weather – Rain, wind and miserably dank. Cast – One short and somewhat obese and puffing with exertion male Council Parking Enforcement Officer applying a ticket to a camper-van that is displaying a blue badge but is not parked in the disabled bay. When challenged,… Read more »

Possibly the same ParkingNazi who did me for £35 because my BB “was not presented properly” in a council car-park Disabled bay.

Maybe we need an FoI to find out if such people are given targets for the number of tickets they issue?

phil jordan


Not my portfolio but….. I have been assured by a cabinet colleague that there is NO such activity or targets for penalty notices.

See my post further down to ‘alec’.

A cabinet member received a parking ticket at County Hall just before christmas because his parking permit had (just…and I do mean just) expired.

@PJ Looks like councils over the water are not so forgiving. Who employs the Civil Enforcement Officers, the Council or an outside company? How are they rewarded? Wages only or wages plus bonus? “Christmas shoppers in Portsmouth are enjoying ‘free parking’ today (Monday 23 December) as Portsmouth city council refuses to pay traffic wardens working to rule in a dispute that includes the imposition of targets for… Read more »
Whilst I fully understand the need to raise revenue why have those who can least afford to lose any more money been targeted once more? Do what you like to the Disabled Badge holders, they (we) will simply park within the law on roads that don’t really need more parked cars, but anyone who needs to sign on or visit the Job Centre, or attend interviews etc.… Read more »
Whilst I fully understand the need to raise revenue why have those who can least afford to lose any more money been targeted once more? Do what you like to the Disabled Badge holders, they (we) will simply park within the law on roads that don’t really need more parked cars, but anyone who needs to sign on or visit the Job Centre, or attend interviews etc.… Read more »

Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity; doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

what a joke, this will hit once again the good old working islanders having to pay more money for parking to earn a wage, can one of the councillors that read this answer this question HONESTLY……How much do you pay for parking at county hall? Are you parking charges going up? Do you all pay for parking (meaning all of the 40 members, as I have heard… Read more »
phil jordan
@alec: Q1:How much do you pay for parking at county hall? Are you parking charges going up? Do you all pay for parking (meaning all of the 40 members, as I have heard some members who do not, yet still are guaranteed a space and they use it…. Also is it true that there is a inner car park at county hall that has reserved spaces for… Read more »
phil jordan
@alec: Q1: How much do you pay for parking at county hall? It’s around £50 per 6 months. Q2: Are you parking charges going up? I assume so. Since the budget isn’t set we have not made any decision on the car parking strategy in total. I suppose if we put charges up for Councillor permits at County Hall we could gain another £800 (ish) per year.… Read more »
All it’s cleared up, is I feel (only my opinion) you can’t be trusted to tell the truth, I know that regarding your answer to Q1. £50 for 6 months are you sure? or is it 50 per year i have a friend who works for the council and only pays that for a year, also why so cheap, if you only have to pay that why… Read more »
I remember before the Council Elections writing here that whoever was in charge at County Hall would have to face the fact that with Government cuts to Central Grants and a Council Tax Freeze savings would have to be made. I rest my case. I am now living in Derbyshire in a tourist area where I pay 60 pence for one hour’s parking, 90 pence for two… Read more »
phil jordan
@alec: What exactly is the problem, alec? You ask me questions then give me your own answers…..but it is getting rather nonsensical. What is disheartening for me is the emphasis you appear to place on this ‘relatively minor’ issue when the Island is faced with the greatest financial challenge in it’s history (..it seems!)and dwarfes the money involved or the apparent *privelege* you seem to think our… Read more »
Guy Eades
How about this idea. Make all parking in council car parks and on streets free. In return each car registered on the Island has to purchase an annual permit for £100. If there are 100,000 cars on the Island this would raise £10,000,000 annually towards solving the Isle of Wight Councils lost grant income. £100 is probably less than a person spends annually on parking so he/she… Read more »
Hertz van Rental
Both my wife & I don’t spend anywhere near £100 a year on parking between the pair of us, so there is no way we would buy a £100 permit. As for 100,000 cars, I doubt even 10,000 would purchase it thus the revenue would be less than £1 million. The permit would benefit those who do use the car parks whilst at work, however by them… Read more »
Vanessa Churchman
I think Guy has at least come up with the germ of an idea. However the biggest problem would be enforcing a fee of £100 per car on the Island as I suspect it would require an Act of Parliament to get the authority to collect such a fee. There is a very fine line between obtaining revenue from parking and deterring shoppers and thereby destroying the… Read more »
Chris Bonney
Vanessa, as you say, Guy is on to something. Clearly there are alternative and potentially better solutions, if only there is a willingness to take something of a gamble. With a very poor financial outlook, the Council has an absolute need to ditch some of the old solutions that have failed us and start thinking in a bolder, more courageous way. I want to believe that there… Read more »
steve s

Have you read the recently published Root and Branch review progress papers? The one entitled Contacting the Council suggests exactly what you have here about the power of the internet.


@Chris “An example would be some kind of process that allows independent retailers to refund a parking fee after a sale transaction has occurred (this is by way of an example as opposed to a well thought through suggestion).”

Neat idea! Might rescue Leisure Centres whose membership could well fall if those members have to pay parking charges for the time they are there.

Chris Bonney
Steve, no, I haven’t. And perhaps I should. But it’s encouraging to know that this forms part of your thinking. Perhaps you should be drawing attention to this review to encourage comment and debate so that you get feedback for solutions that are seen to involve those who would like to have their say (I realize I am open to you parrying by telling me you have… Read more »
steve s



Included in the papers for Thursday’s cabinet meeting. Available online.

steve s

That’s not worth a down mark!
Chris is an old friend and VTC colleague.
He knows exactly what I meant.

Ed Mew

@ Guy Eades, I’m not sure of the logistics of this, however it is nice to see somebody thinking laterally for a change! I actually think this is a possibly good idea. Ok I am sure there are potential loopholes but in principle it could work. Perhaps some people that use vehicles for a living could even offset this against their tax.

Im sorry, but Guy’s idea is ridiculous. I very rarely use council car parks – so why should I pay £100 for the privilege? I pay for what I use as I use it. In the summer months, residents would be in uproar when they are unable to find a space even though they have paid £100 for the year because those spaces are full with tourist… Read more »
Ed Mew

@ Max, I do agree with many of your points. As I stated the logistics may be wrong. However it is a starting point and if people put their thinking caps on there could actually be a fair and reasonable solution to this problem. Let’s all try to think positive and find a solution :)

unfortunately, the only solution is that people pay for the parking they use, or choose to pay for a permit in advance if they are a regular user. I could suggest that every resident on the Island be forced to pay £3 per day so that the busses can be free at point of use, or that every resident pays £10 per day so that the ferries… Read more »
Ed Mew
I agree your comments make sense! However I pay council tax each month and if I were to look at the breakdown I am sure I will find things that I pay for that I do not use. Also Southern Vectis receive subsidies. I have only used SV 3 times in the last 20 years, so why should I be paying them? I could go on but… Read more »
Yep. You dont use busses, some of which are subsidised. I dont use social services and hopefully will never have use for police or fire services, yet I still pay for them. The difference is EVERYONE pays for them, EVERY council tax payer. And they all use SOME services. Guys proposal is for car owners ONLY to pay £100 per year. If all council tax payers had… Read more »
Hertz van Rental

@Ed “Let’s all try to think positive and find a solution”

Just as long as it is not a compulsory charge for every motorist. That will be a non starter!

Ed Mew

I agree but at least someone is thinking!


Parking Permits generated income of £857,000 in 2008/09, this has fallen to the current £425,000. This reduction must be as a result of the withdrawal of residents parking permits. They should push ahead with increased tariffs but at the same time reintroduce the residents permits, what have they got to lose. Postpone any changes to blue badge until the financial impact of reintroduction of permits is known.

I don’t know what we are all worrying about. All the major towns bar Sandown have ample free parking. 3 (nearly 4) supermarkets in Newport, 2 in Ryde, 2 in Shanklin. They know that the customer old/young/single/families want to park near the place they but stuff. We go, we park, we don’t muck around finding change for machines which are always odd amounts and don’t give change… Read more »

You obviously haven’t been to Cowes.

Ed Mew

At this present time I have two dislikes on my previous comment! Why is it ok for a mainland company to come here and reap the benefits of this island and stick two fingers up at us local workers? I will tell you why! because the council support the bgcc and Sv !!!

aly keele-toms

why is union street still free parking and yet newport main roads have parking charges if like in nodehill there was free parking for short term it would also help the shops in the town to keep going, more people would go to town to do little bits as to going to the big out of town shops

Island Monkey
Why are we debating this? The council don’t benefit from any extra raised (fleeced) from motorists. The money can only be spent on roads and highways said the man. Unless. We are committed to spend money we do don’t actually have on the PFI nonsense? This is what some of us have been telling you all for years. It’s the price we must pay for Island Roads… Read more »

Not so. It is recommended that councils spend parking money on roads, but only recommended. It can be spent on other things too.

There are several issues here. Cllrs should pay the same as the rest of us for parking permits – FACT. You do get paid don’t you? I have a Cllr friend and he gets more than £500 a month for being an IW Cllr which is half my take home pay(and he has a business) and I have to pay FULL price for a parking permit. There… Read more »

I understand that Councillors pay the same rate as the Council staff. The actual cost is calculated on the staff’s salaries, which seems fair. Also, the PFI is paid for by a special government grant not general council funds. That fact doesn’t seem to have sunk into some peoples brains despite it being widely explained.


jonham said: “Also, the PFI is paid for by a special government grant not general council funds”

Incorrect: Half the PFI is paid from by the Gov grant, the other half, every year for 25 years is paid from the council’s coffers.

Is that clear enough to sink into your brain?

Don Smith

Councils, supermarkets, leisure centre’s, etcetera’s; must retain disabled bays.

Many disabled persons need the extra room to open their car doors to their full extent, to enable them to get out of their car.

Please remember, you may be disabled yourself one day.

When are the council going to wake up and start to promote the Island and help the traders to survive, if the council want more vacant shops, which reduces rate revenue, then carry on with some of these parking increases. We have an incredibly short sighted council who tend only to look after their own salaries and pensions and don’t give a damn about locals, business and… Read more »

Correct me if I am wrong, but was the land at Appley not gifted to the council for the free benefit of all with charging for parking not allowed?

Car parking charges help to kill off shop trade. That’s it. Is that what you want? Why do you think the likes of Tesco have large free car parks. Why do the edge of town shops have free car parks. Why do Lidl, Currys, Dunelm, Matalan, M&S, B&Q and the estate shops have free car parks? Why do I also buy a lot of my goods on-line?… Read more »

What do tourists remember most?

Being fleeced for seafront parking.

Being fleeced on the ferries.

Unable to find an open toilet.

Shalln’t go back there.