Chef Martyn Cutler to leave Ventnor Botanic Garden

Many will be sorry to see Martyn leave the Ventnor Botanic Garden. He’s a well-liked and popular chef.

Martyn Cutler

It’s a great shame to hear that chef Martyn Cutler will be leaving the Ventnor Botanic Garden at the end of October.

Martyn has created some really innovative menus at the Garden since joining just over a year ago, so many will be sad to see him leave.

No news yet on where Martyn might be heading next, but we’ll keep you informed once we hear more.

Wherever he decides to go, we wish him the best of luck.

Image: © Ventnor Botanic Garden

Thursday, 26th September, 2013 2:19pm



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mike starke

Just that ticklish old-fashioned journalistic business of popping round and asking Martyn: “Why are you going?” and: “Where are you going?” Not to mention getting a comment from his employers on the matter.


Ah well, I’m sure some comforting press release will suffice; it certainly seems to work for the Island Roads PFI folk.

mike starke
Ooooh, tender skin? After 45 years in the wacky world of the words game, mostly as a proud member of the NUJ (still paying my reduced fee in retirement) My hide is less tender, Sally. PFI firm press releases? Who does those now? Just a thought… Then there’s all the other questions: 1. Why (when we were always told by IWC no outside financial institutions would be… Read more »
Don Smith

I’m confused, (Not for the first time I hear you cry).

However, are you writing on the right thread Mr
Mike Starke?

I thought, (Just a thought) that the thread was about a chef losing his job.


after 45 years, it might be expected that you would have some respect for other members of your profession, realise that sometimes people actually dont want to answer questions that are put to them, and perhaps, just perhaps, be able to stick to the subject.

Sally – how are you so restrained?


no Chef changing his job


In the background someone looks like they are crying
and someone is coming forward towards him, maybe to comfort him. Maybe he’s leaving as well, or maybe he’s been peeling onions.


I hope the new chef will go back to basics with at least one of the restaurants and serve some tasty, traditional grub at reasonable prices.

Don Smith
A chef prepares and cooks food – Why all the fuss. The TV programmers think about cooking day in and day out. Thank goodness for the remote. My wife has done the cooking for over sixty years and my mother before her. Great cooks and without the foreign accents or all the spices. There is nothing special about a chef, and why they become Celebs. completely surprises… Read more »
Amongst generations of women, many have found the daily expectation on them to prepare food for family to be a pressure and a limiting chore, Don. If the cult of chefs encourages men to see themselves as equally responsible, that’s one worthwhile side effect! Cooking for family has often been devalued and seen as nothing special, despite that it can be hard work, so people are glad… Read more »