Isle of Wight Conservative’s pick their MP hopeful

It will be of little surprise to hear that Bob Seely (Capt and Cllr) has been selected as the prospective parliamentary candidate for the Isle of Wight Conservatives in the general election.

Bob Seely and Parliament

On Friday evening at the Isle of Wight Conservative Association (IWCA) special meeting, Bob Seely was selected as the Conservative’s prospective parliamentary candidate for the 2017 general election on 8th June.

The selection of candidates had been delayed until after the local elections and the shortlist when through several changes this week. Those on the list had included Mark Fox (Island resident and Governor at two schools), Clare Foges (parachuted candidate, who, according to trusted sources had visited the Island twice to talk at IWCA meetings), Alicia Kearns (another parachuted candidate) and Joe Robertson (Islander).

IWC councillor for Central Wight
Bob Seely got through on the first round of voting on Friday evening, with, we believe more than two thirds of the vote.

Just the night before, he was re-elected as Isle of Wight councillor for Central Wight with 1,026 votes – that’s 75.16% of those who voted and 35.85% of all those who could have voted.

In 2005, Bob stood as the Conservative candidate in Broxtowe, Nottingham, coming very close to winning the race with 37.2% of the votes (18,161) – just 2,296 behind the Labour candidate.

He’s been a spin doctor for the Conservatives and a member of the PR team at music channel MTV. Not to mention serving in Iraq in the Territorial Army. Bob’s currently doing a PhD at King’s College, London, where his area of study is non-conventional warfare.

Image: tomsaint under CC BY 2.0

Sunday, 7th May, 2017 10:29am



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Just what the Island needs – a war-mongering spin-doctor.
How long before the horse appears to complete the picture?

Cap’n Bob. Says it all.

Kind of think the “war monger” epithet is uncalled for. I don’t agree with his politics, but serving in the armed forces deserves some respect. Judging by the result of the Council Election, I’d guess he is very likely to be our next MP and, if he is, he deserves a chance to show his mettle. Will he show himself to be a good constituency MP, always… Read more »
Luisa Hillard

Suruk, we already know that he votes as he’s told, in line with Conservative doctrine.


Why should someone who has served in the armed forces automatically be given respect? Respect has to be earned. You might as well suggest he deserves respect for having served in the Consersative party.


Because signing up to put your life on the line for your country *does* earn respect.


Well instead of Captain Bob, there’s always Island woman Julie Jones-Evans who was educated at Medina High School not Eaton. Julie has been involved in local politics for some 9 years and not affiliated to any party so she would be free to serve islanders in fact she is probably the most qualified candidate. #JJEMP17

Steve Goodman
Or ‘Well instead of can’t be bothered Bob (can’t be bothered to attend council meetings on time or to stay until the end it seems), there’s always Island woman Vix Lowthian who is both educated and an educator and apparently unconnected to either Eaton or Eton, and who, unlike JJE has not been voting with the con. politicians for some 9 years and is most able and… Read more »

Yes, so we are shaping up to have a good choice: Bob, JJE or Vix.
Soz for the typo :)

Luisa Hillard

Vix has a good chance, I think. It seems likely that Julie Jones-Evans will take a lot of the moderate Conservative vote, which could reduce the usual Tory majority. Factor in some tactical voting and we could see an alternative – one who won’t vote in favour of cuts to Council funding, unlike Andrew Turner.

Billy Builder
luisa, unless the candidate of the centre-left can appeal to voters of the centre and the left then they will have no chance of success on the island. Unfortunately I do not believe that Vix well get the necessary support from the centre, and with the Tory/UKIP vote combination Vix will lose even if the LibDems and Labour stand aside. On the island the centre ground is… Read more »
Billy Builder

I should perhaps also add that I believe that both the LibDems and Labour should step aside to give Vix the best possible chance, and to encourage further cooperation between LibDems and Greens in those seats across the country where the LibDems would be the best Tory challenger.

Luisa Hillard

Well, we’ve tried an Independent candidate before and the Island didn’t get behind him, despite being well-respected within the Council and popular in his ward.

For clarification, I hope you aren’t suggesting me?

Geoff Brodie

All ‘independent’ candidates on the island are doomed to lose their deposit at General Elections. The evidence demonstrates this. Look it up.

Luisa Hillard
Geoff, I’m inclined to agree. Whilst I believe in all councillors being independent (to avoid the kind of nodding dog upholding of national policies that we’ve seen with the Conservatives) I believe that an MP needs to have support of a political party, if only to fund and drive the election campaign. Having allies in Parliament would also be a huge asset. Now is not the time… Read more »
Billy Builder
luisa/Geoff, the electoral system only works correctly when there are two candidates. It does not work with three or more. As an example take the first round of the French presidential elections, based on that round alone, which would be equivalent to our FPTP, France would have a fascist as president. Unfortunately we are stuck with FPTP, so we need either to find a way to make… Read more »

Steve.Worthy though it is , I think we can your devotion to Vix
Lowthian to one side now.

Steve Goodman

Care to rewrite that with all the words needed for it to make sense, and/or provide some convincing justification for the muddled thinking?


Just a put between can and your and it makes sense !
I have jumped the gun too. So many elections…
so old……..Apologies.

Steve Goodman

Accepted, thank you. Does your admitted advanced age and apparent confusion also make you think more about putting your commenting to one side now?


I wonder, “bones”, do you support the continued privatisation of the NHS?

Because will certainly be the result of another 5 years of Tory rule with Hunt running it.


I think I probably know more than you do about the NHS.
What it needs is a government willing to increase taxes to afford a decent service. It’s not magic.


My apologies, bones, I must have misunderstood you earlier comments. It appeared you were supporting the Conservative candidate.

Luisa Hillard

Given that he’s been criticised for rarely being seen at County Hall I wonder how he thinks he can make a commitment to taking on the full time job of MP. Let alone be a successful one.

If elected as an MP is he going to stand down as a Councillor? Will he fund the cost of a by-election?

Luisa, your rating of him as a Cllr is clearly not shared by his ward, where the votes for him increased. Perhaps it is not in the ‘bear pit’ of council meetings, where the norm seems to be grandstanding and point scoring for the benefit if the gallery, but in the day to day work, behind the scenes, of getting the job done.
Luisa Hillard

Ward work and County Hall meetings are two very different jobs. Most are good at one thing or the other.

I’m not familiar with the issues in his ward but I can’t imagine that it’s been hectic.


A strange comment, Luisa. From what I’ve seen, Central Wight has had its fair share of contentious planning applications which councillor Seely has battled against.

I’m guessing the residents of East Cowes didn’t think that you been that hectic in your ward work when they voted you out last Thursday.

Luisa Hillard

That would seem to be the case.


Good luck to Bob, I hope that he gets elected as our next M.P.


Warmonger ?
If all our troops had been warmongers the population of the Falkland Islands would all be talking Spanish, the Far East Japanese and the UK German.
And your ancestors would have perished in a Nazi concentration camp. Which would have precluded you.
Have some respect and patriotism for once.


Well said Georgegm, very well said

Our brave forces do not whinge, do not bleat, they go into danger without question, stand up for us and stand in front to protect us. Very well said.

Steve Goodman

Which is why we shouldn’t have to keep reading in Private Eye and elsewhere the reports of how our less appreciative government choose to keep failing them and us.


Agreed. It’s time to stop being bad losers. And congratulate the winner.

Steve Goodman
Bad losers like the Royal Navy engineers lumbered with the expensive but flawed gas turbine power systems on the type 45 destroyers (‘stuck with the useless pieces of sh**’)? Winners like the companies paid for those fighting ships that often conk out when used and the companies now being paid to add extra diesel engines so that the ships can still limp back to port? (As reported… Read more »
With the 3rd highest win margin in the latest elections he must be doing something right…..maybe it’s because he doesn’t turn up at county hall and add to the hot air circulating there and just gets on and does things for his constituents? Warmonger…I hadn’t realised that he had been calling for an invasion of Iran, Syria. Or the north Island. Electrikery, you obviously have not had… Read more »

Perhaps he believes in freedom of speech unlike some other candidates and their supporters?

Stewart Blackmore

Neither Vix Lowthian nor Julie-Jones Evans has a cat-in-hell’s chance of winning and, if by some miracle it did happen, they would have absolutely no say in anything that happened in Parliament, no influence whatsoever.

There will ONLY ever be a Tory or Labour government under the present electoral system; any other vote is wasted.

Steve Goodman
? As previously discussed here , the indications are that Labour’s candidate will neither win nor get as many votes as Vix (as recently acknowledged nationally by some well known Labour members and supporters), and that Vix is the best candidate for everyone on the Island partly, but not entirely, because she gets the big green stuff that others can’t catch up on soon enough – as… Read more »

Correct, so correct.
In reality just a day in the park for them.
it is a two horse race and the bookies know who will win.

Don Smith

Mrs MAY PM bottles it yet again (Trump Disaster. Leader? She’s worse than dizzy Boris. Deserves EGG on her face for calling this election.

She’s another Mrs Thatcher. I prefer a caring leader rather than a welfare cutting hard liner. Cuts, cuts, and more cuts to come. God bless America and make America great and sod the rest of the world.


Bit harsh Don.
You had better get used to omelettes.
She will win and we will have recognition in parliament.
All good, unless you prefer sour grapes?

If she wins and, sadly, there is still a very good chance of that, you’d better get used to being turned away from hospital unless you can present your health insurance certificate. You’d better get used more crime and terrorism as she cuts our police forces still further. You’d better get used to more illegal immigrants as she cuts our border forces still further. You’d better get… Read more »