Coronavirus area risk level rises to Medium on Isle of Wight Test and Trace App (update 2)

Isle of Wight residents running the Isle of Wight Test and Trace App had a notification on their phone today that the ‘Area risk level’ changed from low to Medium. This is what we know so far

medium risk level notice on App

Users of the Covid-19 Test and Trace App have been alerted that the previously ‘low risk’ has now moved up to ‘medium risk’.

The change comes as five new cases of Coronavirus have been recorded in the last 24 hours on the Isle of Wight, a rate per 100,000 of 3.546, or a weekly rate of 6.383 (as there have been four other cases in the last seven days).

bringing the total to 455, a cumulative rate of per 100,000 population of 320.9.

What it means
The App tells people,

“This means your local authority, or a neighbouring local authority, has higher levels of coronavirus (Covid-19) than other parts of the country.”

As to what this means to the Isle of Wight is currently unclear. 

Seeking answers
News OnTheWight contacted the IWC media office to try and find some clarity, but they weren’t able to provide answers immediately – they say they’re looking into it.

We specifically asked them:

It says ‘your local authority or a neighbouring one has higher levels of infection than other parts of the country.

a) Is it the Isle of Wight it’s referring to?
b) If not IW, which of the local authorities near to us?

Comparison with neighbours
Trying to interpret the App’s message, we looked into figures for neighbouring local authorities.

Southampton local authority has 1,104 confirmed cases, with a rate per 100,000 of 437.2.

Portsmouth currently have 638 confirmed cases, with a rate per 100,000 of 296.9.

The top level data for New Forest district (Lymington-Yarmouth ferry goes) is not available but comes under Hampshire, which has 5,796 confirmed cases and a rate per 100,000 of 419.2.

What to do if ‘medium risk level’
The Government definition and advice for ‘medium risk’ reads:

This means your local authority, or a neighbouring local authority, has higher levels of coronavirus (Covid-19) than other parts of the country.

The local authority may be taking additional actions to manage outbreaks and reduce community spread of the virus. This may include enhanced communication around the importance of social distancing, washing your hands and other preventative measures. Please follow the relevant local advice.

You should continue to follow the latest official government guidance to help control the virus. To protect yourself and others, when you leave home you must:

  • keep washing your hands regularly
  • wear a face covering over your nose and mouth in enclosed spaces
  • stay at least a metre away from people not in your household
  • If you’re feeling unwell, get a test and do not leave home for at least 10 days.

For more information see the Government’s Covid-19 Website.

Article edit
5.45pm 23rd September – data for Hampshire added
5.50pm 23rd September – added rate per 100k for five cases

Wednesday, 23rd September, 2020 5:35pm



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Rhos yr Alarch

Interesting – do we only know this because the app has said so….?

What do you expect when people are coming over to the iow to be tested, holidaymakers sit quite happily outside cafes without masks, not social distancing as evidenced at Colwell Bay, Shanklin and Sandown in particular and the younger generation think there’re invincible. Wightlink allow people to sit in their lounges without a mask the whole journey with a cup and cake in front of them! As… Read more »

Business and profit clearly is the priority compromising residents health and well being. The priority first and foremost is the health, safety and welfare of communities so Bob Seely, Dave Stewart and his cronies are reneging on their responsibilities yet again for the sake of business. They all need to go come election time.


Mine still says low. I presume its that “or neighbouring” to blame, when and if it catches up?

Angela Hewitt

Rhos yr Alarch – are you suggesting that the app has a mind of its own?
Anecdotally it could be a lot more with those who have the virus but don’t know it.
It’s inevitable it will go up on the Island if residents went on holiday abroad during relaxing of lockdown. Just because Dominic Cummings behaved badly doesn’t mean everyone has to copy him.


It’s letting all and sundry come over here resulting in an increase of infection. When are we going to get it that it’s the movement and interaction of people that we must control and the selfishness of some not adhering to guidelines and the law. KEEPING US APART is KEEPING us SAFE.


A case is anyone who tests positive for Sars-Cov-2 using the far from reliable PCR tests so this is just to keep the fear ramped up.
Here are 600000 reasons why: .