Costs Of Producing IWC’s One Island Magazine

Here’s a breakdown of the costs of printing & distributing One Island over the last three months.

For a long time now the Isle of Wight council has been saying that they want One Island – their glossy, give-away magazine written by the council, about the council – to be “cost neutral”, ie it doesn’t cost Island taxpayers anything to produce.

Costs Of Producing IWC's One Island MagazineWe’ve been trying to research this story since July when we first put our request into the council for a breakdown of the figures (more on this later).

Earlier this week, Isle of Wight Radio gained some information from IWC about the costs of producing One Island.

Finally, after further prompting from VB, the council Communication Department (who not only handle press inquiries, but are also responsible for producing the One Island Magazine) came back to us with some of the detail that we asked for back in July.

Important costs have been left out
The council-provided costs below exclude two important items. Those of editorial time – the role of overseeing what’s going into the magazine; writers to pen the articles; photography; design; layout of the edition – and the cost of sales – how much time or money is spent getting the the sales?

Speaking to people who are in the world of producing magazines, their estimate for the cost of editorial and design was £4,000 – £5,000 per issue.

What is also left out of these figures is the cost of sales – how much does it cost to gather the sales?

The council say …
When we asked for the details of these costs, the Isle of Wight council said, “The editorial content (written/design/photographic/sub-editing etc) is produced by various members of the council’s communications department as part of their overall duties.”

On the photography they said, “Photos are largely sourced from existing photo stocks or taken by members of the communications team.”

County Press
You can find something about the One Island magazine in this week’s County Press – if you happen to get all the way to page 51, that is.

You’ll see that the CP mentions that they distribute One Island, but somehow they didn’t have space to say quite how much they get paid for sticking the glossy in between the pages of the CP.

Breakdown of printing and distribution costs
There’s a breakdown of the Printing and Distribution costs from the last three magazines below – don’t forget that none of the costs of actually producing the content of laying out are not included.

Issue Printing and Distribution Amount (£)
May 2010 Printing – Belmont Press (16 pages) £4,100.00

Distribution – Isle of Wight County Press £919.80

Distribution – Mountjoy £92.00

Distribution – Isle of Wight Society for the Blind £200.00

Printing & Distribution costs £5,311.80

Jul 2010 Printing – Belmont Press (24 pages) £5,760.00

Distribution – Isle of Wight County Press £459.90

Distribution – Mountjoy £92.00

Distribution – Isle of Wight Society for the Blind £200.00

Printing & Distribution costs £6,511.90

Sep 2010 Printing – Belmont Press (32 pages) £7,175.00

Distribution – Isle of Wight County Press £919.80

Distribution – Mountjoy £92.00

Distribution – Isle of Wight Society for the Blind £200.00

Printing & Distribution costs £8,386.80

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Not only am I forced into funding the production of this “free” propaganda but I would have to buy a copy of the County Press (which I am also forced to subsidise) in order to get my “free” copy. I have no intention of buying the County Press and a magazine praising the council is hardly an incentive to start. I would like to know the full… Read more »
intentionally blank

what happened with the July distribution costs? Why are they so much lower than the other months? Surely distribution costs the same regardless of which month it is?


What I want to know is how much of the supposed income for advertising actually came from within the Council itself. From reading between the lines, most of the supposed revenue was just money being moved between Council budgets?

intentionally blank
well between the lines is just empty space. theres no words between the lines. The only way to evaluate anything is from what it says. ‘Reading between the lines’ is simply making assumptions, and assumptions are always dangerous. from my user name it could be thought i want to remain anonymous, and that would be correct. Reading between the lines, you might assume Im embarrassed to reveal… Read more »
Sally Perry

More detail is coming soon, including a breakdown of external and internal funding of the magazine

My word, you are arrogant aren’t you. I’ve found the information that I based my comment on. It’s this from the IW County Press: “Advertising income came from adverts paid for by other council departments, NHS Isle of Wight, which paid £2,280 for advertising in the July and September issues of the magazine, and a number of other external advertisers, including Hampshire Police Authority, Hampshire Constabulary and… Read more »
intentionally blank

then you werent reading between the lines at all. If you had put that quote from the county press in instead of saying you were reading between the lines then your comment would have stood up better. And i certainly dont think its arrogant to expect people to back up what they say. Anyone can make unsubstantiated claims, but its much better to back it up.


Ye gads.

Yawning alot

Ventnor Blog can be a good site but it does make me laugh how u insist on having a dig at the county press as much as you can…if you get as far as page 51 that is..pretty pathetic. And now its the councils turn..yes they need sorting out i agree. You overrate yourselves in what you do. Stop the bitching and be a blog again