Covid Marshalls and isolation buddies: Isle of Wight preparations help stop spread of Covid-19

The importance of preparing for self isolation, and the introduction of Covid Marshalls were just two of the items discussed at the first Isle of Wight council Local Outbreak Board Meeting last week

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At Thursday’s first Local Outbreak Board Meeting, some of the Isle of Wight council’s (IWC) actions to help stop the spread of Coronavirus were outlined, with the introduction of Covid Marshalls and advice for residents about finding ‘isolation buddies’.

The deputy Chief Executive for the IWC, Wendy Perera, explained they had only just received guidance from the Government about Covid Marshalls at midnight the night before. She would now be able to take up discussions with the Regulatory Services team, as well as the Police, to determine what action the IWC could take in relation to Covid Marshalls.

Covid Marshalls will not have enforcement powers
We won’t see introduction of Covid Marshalls on the streets of the Island immediately, Ms Perera explained,

“I think it’s fair to say that it is likely that those Marshalls will not have enforcement powers, but will be focusing on good practice and preventative information, as well as giving advice and guidance to businesses.

“Further work will be emerging in the next couple of weeks.”

Find an isolation buddy
Cllr Clare Mosdell, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, Public Health and Housing Needs, made a point of thanking the Deputy CEO and her team for all the information the council has shared about planning for isolation.

She said,

“Having had to do two weeks quarantine, I know how different it is from when we were in lockdown.

“I think people don’t realise if you are asked to isolate or quarantine, you cannot leave your house. You cannot walk your dog, you cannot do your shopping, we need to make sure the general public are prepared for the type of restrictions that you do need have to abide by if you are told to isolate for two weeks. It is really, really difficult.

“Having an isolation buddy that could walk your dog or get your shopping is really important preparation just in case you are in contact with someone who is positive.”

You can find more advice from the Isle of Wight council about isolating due to Coronavirus on their Website.

Sunday, 11th October, 2020 9:43am



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Snooker professional Gary Wilson tested positive twice but didn’t know he had it.
“I’ve been absolutely fine and so has my partner Robyn. We’ve been sharing same bed etc, and she has had a test that came up negative.” (COVID NOT EASILY TRANSMITTED THEN )
Either his fiance has NATURAL IMMUNITY or he HAS had two FALSE POSITIVE tests.


So not easily transmitted based on the anecdotal evidence provided by a vast survey of er, two people.


Anecdotal evidence is more than Jon101 usually provides to “prove” his tinfoil hat theories.


Ah, there there, cranium helmet feeling left out are we, did your dummy fall out, ah diddums.

He was prevented from competing in a major competition because of two false positives. Imagine that, just one man unlucky enough to get TWO faulty tests, what the chances of that. Maybe they do result in a high rate of false+, how many lives are being lost due to restricted NHS, how many suicides, how many jobs, how many businesses etc. But the Covid Hystericals don’t want… Read more »

A report of real world experience, it is no wonder you do not want to know.


You take one isolated example based on a miniscule sample and present it as support for your tinfoil hat theories. You carry on believing what you do, your rantings amuse me greatly.


Go to the website linked for ‘The Great Barrington Declaration’

Perhaps you have been out The list of those signing has been shown to be full of fakes. This virus is ten times more contagious than flu and twice as likely to cause death The figures now are similar to when the first lockdown started This is NOT hysterical and it’s the influence of people like you that gives those who really don’t want to bother, the… Read more »

Well said, Greenhey.

Link in reply below this to make it easier to censor. The Great Barrington Declaration The Great Barrington Declaration – As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies, and recommend an approach we call Focused Protection. Coming from both the left and right, and around the world, we have devoted… Read more »
Imagine a Virus so deadly you don’t even know you have it… Imagine A Virus So Deadly That It Doesn’t Even Exist As The Experts Describe It… Imagine A Virus So Deadly They Have You Take A Fake Test (PCR) To Show That You Have It… Imagine Rushed Vaccines That Are So Safe That You Will Be Forced To Take Them Even When You Don’t Need em… Read more »

More tinfoil hat deluded rantings. keep it up, makes my day worthwhile reading your drivel.

I think my favourite part of your performance so far is where you call the people who disagree with you ‘hysterical’. I’m not sure if someone can die from irony, but you are certainly pushing that envelope!!! I do think you should use even more repetition, abuse upper-case letters further (inserting them inside wOrDs for eXaMplE) and instead of spelling out links with things like (dot) you… Read more »

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What a surprise. A story about “Covid”!