Cowes Enterprise College announce Academy sponsor

College aims to change to Academy status by January 2014 and is in talks with potential sponsors, Ormiston Academy Trust.

Cowes Enterprise College

Following the recent Ofsted inspection which found Cowes Enterprise College ‘Inadequate’ and placed in Special Measures, this in from the College. Ed

Cowes Enterprise College have announced that following the decision of the Full Governing Body, that they will shortly start the consultation stage towards becoming an academy with their chosen sponsor Ormiston Academies Trust.

The Ormiston Trust is a well respected charitable educational trust, with significant experience in working with all children and particularly those who are most vulnerable.

Outstanding Academies
The Ormiston Academy Trust, who operate under the Ormiston Trust, already sponsor some very successful Academies across the country and claim to have the highest proportion of OFSTED recognised ‘outstanding’ Academies compared to other Academy sponsors.

Following this decision there will be a process in which the sponsor will engage in consultative meetings, with major stakeholders including parents, staff and the community. This process will probably start towards the end of June. This will then lead to a final decision on the College’s Academy status.

Change of status
The change of status will be at the earliest January 2014. Ormiston have already stated that they will not change the College name or uniform and have been clear in their support of the original vision for the College and the full involvement of the community.

Rachael Fidler, the Chair of the College Governing Body said,

“The Governing Body and the College leadership are pleased to have reached this decision and would encourage parents, the staff and community to fully engage with Ormiston in the forthcoming consultation. This decision, together with the opportunity our new building will give the College, offers an exciting future for all our pupils and the community”

Christine Hardman, the College’s Interim Executive Principal said,

“This is an important stage in improving the quality of provision at the College. It is really important that we all work together to raise standards and improve the life chances for all of our pupils. Ormiston have a good record of supporting staff and raising standards for all.”

Ormiston excited about relationship
Ormiston have already expressed their excitement at working with Cowes Enterprise College and to help us to realise the full potential for all pupils, particularly with the opportunity that the new building brings.

They look forward to an open consultation period, in which all stakeholders can play their part in ensuring the best provision for our pupils and the community.

Open and honest debate
The Governing Body acknowledge that there will continue to be questions raised by interested parties, particularly the teaching unions who are understandably cautious about the academy process.

However, the Governors are confident that all questions raised can be answered so that an open and honest debate can occur.

Friday, 31st May, 2013 6:00am



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Martin Stones

‘Open and honest debate’ Coming from Rachael Fiddler, Keith Simmonds and the Trust this is surely an oxymoron.The Trust have left a trail of bodies as a result of their discreditable behaviour and incompetence. I note they have still to acknowledge any responsibility for their culpability in failing standards, and their delaying the move to the new building etc.


Hear, Hear!


“…the teaching unions who are understandably cautious about the academy process” too right they are!! Now the government wants all schools on the island to become academies. The aim all along has been to break up the State sector. It will mean more divide and rule all along the line with more pressure on fewer staff.

Concerned Parent

Why is there no official comments from the council on this?
There is little from the Department for Education on this protracted Academy conversion?
If the MP is back ‘on-side’ when we he comment?

I heard recently in Cowes that staff are still being kept in the dark.

Concerned Parent

Oops Sorry…
Should be ‘when will he be commenting’