Dinosaur Island app ‘Meteor’ lands at Compton Bay, Isle of Wight

The first Dinosaur Island app ‘Meteor’ we’ve seen that, as part of Dinosaur Island, will let people ‘see’ the dinosaurs, has arrived on the Island.

Dinosaur 'Meteorite' at Compton Bay, Isle of Wight - by Bruce Steers

The anticipated arrival of the first Dinosaur Island App ‘Meteors’ is upon us.

(Or more correctly as OnTheWight commentator ‘Darcy’ revealed – Meteorite – as they change from being called Meteor when they land on the earth.)

Hanover Point
Long-time friend of OnTheWight, Bruce Steers, shared with us some photos of it he’d taken at Hanover Point at Compton Bay.

Previously all that had been seen was a computer-generated mock up of them.

The actual version looks pretty similar, with the exception of the top section which was originally showed a QR code, has been increased in size, allowing people using it to be further away from it.

QR codes not used
The design has moved away from using the standard of QR codes – the black and white square block bar code – and opted to create their own version that sits at the top section of the ‘meteorite’.

These are the ‘triggers’ that will work with the dinosaur mobile phone app that will make the dinosaurs ‘appear’.

Information panel close-up
Hanover Point Dinosaur 'Meteor' - Close up of panel

Update 18.Jun.13: Having visited all of the Meteorites, it’s now clear QR codes won’t be used, but a new version of coding has been invested for this. Copy changed to reflect this.

Images: © Used with the kind permission of Bruce Steers

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Thursday, 13th June, 2013 4:46pm


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  1. Bystander

    13.Jun.2013 5:04pm

    I wonder if it floats

    • mittromneylovesiow

      22.Jun.2013 12:08am

      Possible outcomes of the plastic meteorites:

      Landslip followed by journey across the English Channel. Zut alor c’est une les cheep et tacky Eenglish meteor.
      Stolen – IWCP runs front page story “John Giddings looking to stage Dinofestival”
      Beamed aboard alien mothership and used as sample of earth rock.
      Sold to Blackgang chine and used to replace 40 year old dinosaur exhibit.

  2. There’s also one at the Needles New Battery, and another somewhere I can’t remember.

  3. Linda Chester

    13.Jun.2013 6:05pm

    And Ventnor has two….one in La Falais Car Park and one behind the Smugglers Tea Rooms :-)

  4. Mark L Francis

    14.Jun.2013 12:52pm

    Why is the pictured dinosaur – a Gorgasaurus(not an IOW dinosaur, when the text tells us that the dinosaur in question is a Neovenator which is?
    (I have a 6 foot painting of one across the back of my shed up at St Arwald Towers which they could have used)

  5. mittromneylovesiow

    14.Jun.2013 4:45pm

    There was a rumour one was being placed outside County Hall but all the old dinosaurs got voted out in May.
    However when running the app it tells us of one such creature known as Mazillisaurus that spent 8 or so years roaming the Island (controlled by the Commsasaurus) only to retire to spend more time on its rantings in the County press.

  6. I was worried they’d look cheap and tacky… and so they are

  7. Bystander

    16.Jun.2013 8:00pm

    They’re plain dodgy, look like amusement arcade machines and will surely be a magnet for vandals. So how much did they cost? Are we paying for them? And if so which of our services will be compromised to meet the cost?

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