East Cowes Crafters create Mothering Sunday display (but keep their distance)

When viewing this amazing display of crafts and art please remember to keep your distance from one another

East Cowes Crafters - Mothering Sunday Display

Isle of Wight councillor for East Cowes, shares this latest news. Ed

With so much uncertainty out there the crafters of East Cowes have created decorative flowers, insects, bees and other interesting exhibits out of all kinds of materials to help bring some cheer for Mothering Sunday (22nd March). 

The message is that we can still celebrate and remember the good things in life whilst keeping our distance during this Coronavirus public health emergency. We can do things which stimulate the mind and help to keep us fit active and healthy. 

Stay a safe distance from others
When viewing this amazing display of crafts and art please remember to keep your distance from one another.

There is plenty of space to view and enjoy them but please keep your distance. 

The East Cowes Crafters
The crafters of East Cowes are lead by Joy Cleightonhills and Judy Powell and it’s with great thanks to them – and an amazing growing group of local people – that the arts of East Cowes are really taking of. 

East Cowes Crafters - Mothering Sunday Display

Perhaps during this time of social distancing people might like to create their own small decorations to be collected together later and placed around our town umbrella tree as a memory of solidarity, hope, community and memories.  This is something that all Island communities might join in.  They can be formed into town displays and put in place after this emergency has passed. 

VE-Day theme
With VE-Day approaching perhaps the theme of red white and blue might be appropriate.  

East Cowes Crafters - Mothering Sunday Display

It’s just a thought some people might enjoy whilst being isolated at home and collectively working to produce a community memory.

Saving and preserving life
We must not forget what this Public Health Emergency is about. Saving and preserving life. The actions that are being taken are there to help protect us.

Some people are self isolating so I will put up a small video clip later for your enjoyment. Please don’t go and look at the artwork in person if you’re unwell or have any of the symptoms described by public health.

Images: © Brenda Brooke Webb

Saturday, 21st March, 2020 2:04pm


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People should be staying in, there are nearly 5,000 dead in Italy, the same or worse will happen here, unless people start taking this seriously. Organising any event, just encourages people to mix.

Angela Hewitt
I wish I could say it is great to see people working together. But not today. Karl Love, local councilor should know better. These lovely ladies are not 2 meters apart. They probably worked together to attach the very pretty and colourful craft work. Today’s news has made it clear that people are not taking this seriously. This is not a game, it is not a rehearsal,… Read more »
Jenny Smart

Much more attractive than those horrendous chains