Everything Everywhere mobile signal? More like Nothing Nowhere from Orange

How’s your mobile reception on the Island? Appalling mobile reception from EE, Orange and T-Mobile results in many angry customers.

Those living in the Ventnor and Bonchurch areas who are signed up to Orange or T-Mobile (Now re-branded Everything Everywhere, or EE) for their mobile service have been severely let down over the last six weeks.

Back in September 2012, Orange mobile reception disappeared completely from many parts of the town. This meant no calls in our out, or even text messages.

Texts not arriving
Those who travelled out of town to other parts of the Island got used to hearing the consecutive bleeping of their mobile phones, with messages starting to come onto their mobiles as they made they way further away from Ventnor.

Those who had no reason to leave the town, were obviously left unaware that their phone may have contained important phone or text messages.

Angry customers
On The Wight received many calls and emails from residents angry at the weeks of lack of service.

We put got in touch with the Orange press team, and discovered that their service was just as faulty as the mobile reception in Ventnor. Many back and forths resulted in only stock replies from the press team, with customer call centre teams giving more accurate information about the outtage.

On for a week, then off again
Three to four weeks into the loss of service, suddenly the Everything Everywhere (EE) service was turned on and most had normal service return to their mobiles.

Sadly it was short lived. Within a few days the mobile service disappeared yet again and has been gone for most of the week.

Paying for a service not received
This sort of service is appalling and many feel a breach in the contract that mobile users have with the company.

Many are paying a fixed monthly cost for a service they are not receiving.

How’s your mobile reception?
We’re keen to hear from other residents who have had problems with Orange or T Mobile service in Ventnor (or other parts of the Isle of Wight).

Update: Social media reaction
We know that some readers are not Social media user, so we’ve gathered the reactions of readers on Facebook and Twitter and put them below.

You can jump straight to the On The Wight comments below.

Bad Isle of Wight mobile reception

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@onthewight no Tesco signal in haylands, arreton, brading or luccombe! (Even worse with an iPhone) #wantmybrickphonebackEmily Galt
@onthewight they need to focus on solid 3G in all towns rather than attempting 4G. Once again, we’re stuck in the Stone Age!Nate D
My signal is always fine, I find most people with bad signal have a prehistoric phone. We do live on an island, I don;t see how we can expect London standard facilities when we live in a rural area! Its the same in other rural areas on the mainland, its the payoff for living somewhere beautiful. Unless you want more aerials everywhere? Eyesore and possibly bad for your health!Kerstee ʚϊɞ Holden
Have had a nightmare since Orange switched to EE, no service on Ventnor Ind Est for weeks now, is affecting my work dreadfully, and Orange/EE have done nothing whatsoever, not replied to telephone calls…..spoke to someone in the shop in Newport who said they know the mast needs replacing…..Suzie Sumpter
Why should we pay full price for a service if we don’t receive it? If there was a you-don’t-get-full-service-so-we’ll-charge-you-less tarrif, perhaps everyone would be happier ^SimonIsle of Wight News from VentnorBlog
I think the point, Kerstee, is that we DID have a perfectly good signal and it has disappeared. (And I have the latest i-phone.)Suzie Sumpter
can’t understand it then as my signal (on orange, which has recently changed to EE) is fine, and I live in an appalling signal zone. I think people expect too much personally. If you can’t get the service in your area don’t sign up. Use landlines!Kerstee ʚϊɞ Holden
And O2!Heidi Wagstaff
@onthewight I’m on Vodafone. 3G outside of Shanklin is non existent. Frustrating, and also a massive drain on the battery hunting for signalNate D
o2 ok with meNiki Richardson
I haven’t had signal where I live for a year and Im on a contract. Told O2 and they can’t do anything. It’s rubbish. I have an iPhone, so it’s not the phone!Heidi Wagstaff
and vodafone i was without signal for 4 days last week,this has been happening for months now with vodafone i am in ryde.we did have a good signal all i got was a £10 refund off my next bill.customer services are rude on phone,sent emails saying it was my phone at fault when on the phone to them they said it was the mast wanted to cancel contract but they wouldnt have any of it…Louise Watson
I live in Ryde and have issues with Vodafone. My Blackberry loses it’s signal most days for hours at a time, very frustrating as I too pay for a contract. Grrrrrr…Jo Johnson
I live on Brighstone and the only way I can get signal on my iPhone & it’s just 1 nugget on my signal is to have it propt up in the lounge window, I’m on O2 and on contract, but as usual us Brits just put up with itHazel Hyslop
I’ve always wondered why the 3G coverage is ok in Ryde , but awful in and around Newport . Why is that?Rob Hayward
my signal on my blackberry on orange comes and goes like a yo yo everyday its a problem Linda Creed Was Williams
I’m on EE/orange-t mobile… My signal fine :)Jane Kingsofleon Followill
@onthewight @natedallimore Vodafone signal everywhere is shoddy, not been back to the IoW since the EE, but orange signal was always badJosh More
I’m on o2 and most of the time its emergency calls only,can’t wait for contract to end.Their customer services are very poor also.Sue Younghusband
Sandown.. went from orange (couldnt get normal phone signal, but fast mobile internet) – to o2 (get normal signal fine, but cant get internet!).. *sigh!Paul Gerfen
no signal on orange in ventnor since 27th sep ! they keep saying its "being repaired"..Dave De Hat Bradshaw
I used orange for a long time untill i found that my inland call were going to Frace and were then bounced back into the UK so my chages were international..I switched to Vodafonei get brilliant service from them highly reccommended…i am in St Lawrence.Tony Pooley
My Orange (EE) signal is absolutely fine too. Using an Android handset. If anything it’s got slightly better.Leeroy TMofo
Its just the isle of wight. We are about 5 years behind aerial updates. Whenever i go to mainlans its fine!!Rosie Curling
I,m with Talk mobile,never had any problemsSiobhan Crutcher
We r in ryde and can only get signal on our orange (EE) contract phones if we go upstairs!!!! Have been told our address should be ok for signal but its not. Been like this since we moved in 11 months agoHelen Vernau
o2 are always ok with me!Niki Richardson
When I am inside my living room or my down stairs bedroom I have ZERO reception. When I walk 2 meters outside the front or back door (And walk anywhere upstairs) I have full reception. Its highly annoying (as anyone who has ever been in my house would know). I clearly have Nazi Gold hidden in my downstairs’ walls.jono notbono
It’s difficult to pick on particular operators, as they all have areas of good and bad coverage – and they’re all different. I’ve been trying for years to work out who is "best" on the Island.These days, coverage for actual phone calls and texts seems pretty good for all networks, so my real concern is 3G coverage. Currently I’m with Vodafone, who are excellent in Cowes, Ryde and Sandown (for instance), but who have a virtually non-existent and unusable data signal in our busy county town of Newport!Because of this I’ve gone to the expense of buying a £15-a-month ‘mobile personal hotspot’ from O2 which I use for 3G data around Newport!Matt Edmunds
So many ’emergency roamers’ above – no surprise mind.Andrew Cooper
in ventnor we have always had a crap reception.Pauline Brittan
I went with 3 for my latest contract. When I do get reception its excellent for surfing, but the coverage is so patchy its very frustrating. Nothing at the top of ryde but I do a get connection decent at home and newport.Fay Woodford

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Email updates?
jane nash

My experience is exactly as above – off for nearly four weeks, then on again for about a week, and now off again. Phone starts beeping as I approach the new St Francis School ie the old Middle School site.
As a mere pay as you go customer, what can I do about it? Indeed is there anything?

Strength in numbers

This is typical of the approach of Mainland companies. They don’t think the island matters. They think they can give us a second class service, while expecting us to pay first class prices.

If we spoke with one voice, they’d have to listen.


I had this problem with T mobile a few years ago. I switched to 3 who have mainly a good service – occasionally no signal on the esplanade but only for minutes at a time. Problems are not isolated to the the Island – my father in law lives within the M25 and cannot get a signal from EE either, despite attemps at using a signal booster.

I live in Ryde, right by the high school and for the whole of pell hurst road and pell lane my signal is erratic, i can start a phone call with four bars and after 20 seconds loose signal completely, other times i will have no signal at all or one bar. When you look on the orange site it says that there should be good reception,… Read more »
Agent Orange

This lack of service from Orange is totally outrageous.

I have a contract with Orange, they expect me to pay each month and I expect a service.

I’m keeping to my side of the bargain and they have failed.

I expect to receive a refund of charges since 27th September.

Julie Holden
Hi i live in the Ventnor Bonchurch area and have been experiencing problems since end of September came back for a week and now nothing for a week! Did not pay anything for last month said they would give me a month free, too blimmin right as i could not use my phone! Just rang them today and am awaiting a call back after her manager is… Read more »
At last we feel not alone with this problem. I have only just signed up with T-Mobile on a monthly contract although our other phone is with a Virgin contract (twinned with EE) and has had problems in the Steephill area since September, no signal at all again today yet full signal in Pier Street just now! Thanks to OTW for highlighting the problem but whether this… Read more »
When a mast needs to be erected, it’s sorry not in my backyard. Then they all start whining because they can’t get a signal for most of the Island. I accept Ventnor has problems, it always has, with radio, tv and now phones. But look on the bright side Ventnor teenagers will not evolve with a shuffling walk, hunched back and pointed finger from continual texting. You… Read more »

I have been on a Orange contract phone for a year, we live in Carisbrooke and the signal is terrible to the point we have to lean on windows in certain rooms to have a broken conversation. my contract still has 6 months on it so I am paying for a service that is sub standard and am tied for another half a year.

We live in Upper Ventnor and my wife always has a 100% Orange signal (or EE as it is now called)even in Town. She doesn’t get 3g and never has, but for her useage this isn’t a problem. I have Vodafone and again have no problem with 2g here in upper Ventnor but lose my signal completely in Town. O2 are the worst culprits with no signal… Read more »
I’m not going to try and sound positive about orange – their custoner service when my payg orange sim consumed 60.00 over 2 days due to an error on their system led me to leave however as I live over the Bembridge side of the island O2 and Three have poor signals, Vodafone is ok but useless in seaview where I also go so I went to… Read more »

Orange EE)signal now back on. The most user unfriendly company I have ever met. Their helpline doesn’t


“EE” = Extremely Exasperating


I’ve moved from the mainland to Totland and there is no Orange signal in the street where I live. Unbelievable in the 21st Century.

Things began to deteriorate on the mainland when Orange/T-mobile became EE, but to have zero signal is unacceptable.

EE/Orange do not care.

Normally Orange has been OK in Bembridge but recently the network had been up and down like erm… a fiddler’s elbow! Worse than that the EE website did not work when I tried to top up online. The “Orange is aware of the problem” banner has been there for some days! Sheesh! What a way to lose money even on a cash cow business like mobiles!
I moved to Orange from O2 because of poor to non-existant signals. In discussion with O2 they said the Island was not a priority for investment so I thought in that case O2 is not a priority for me. I must say that Orange have been OK for me so far but I wouldn’t trust any of them. Now retired, I have given up the contract and… Read more »

Been an Orange user for years, reception was always good in Shanklin (mast is on top of the theatre) and non-existant in Sandown….

SInce EE I have brilliant reception (and 3G) in both towns

I purchased a Blackberry Bold from Phones 4U(P4U)just after Christmas. It will not function properly on the Island especially Bembridge. P4U exchanged the phone because they and Orange (EE) said it must be faulty. The new one did not work either. I spent hours on the phone to Orange support and contracts and they did not want to know and refused to cancel the contract despite there… Read more »

Is it too late to re-open this topic? We seem to have lost our orange, T-Mobile, ee signal in Ventnor for 2 months now but I can’t get any information from orange. Does anyone know anything about the problem?

Well here we go gain!! No orange mobile signal in the Ventnor area since Thursday 14th November and finding it difficult to find out how to report this problem without ringing Orange who will persistently ask what the make and model is for my phone and completely ignore the fact that I can tell them it works perfectly when I drive a mile out of the town… Read more »
I think it’s important to keep this topic running, it’s not good enough. I live in Ventnor and I am on 3 and the signal is brilliant, in fact I haven’t found a part of the island where it isn’t more than acceptable. I have been on O2 ( I believe Tesco use their network too) and that was OKish, vodafone was OK too but 3 has… Read more »

EE service is intermittent in Bembridge but I have found a workaround.

It seems that EE saves bandwidth by switching channels from mobiles that are not being used for a period of hours.

Whenever this happens to me, I switch off and restart. The phone then seems to be recognised as a “new” channel and I get comms straightaway. Worth trying.


This is what is called ‘progress’,how did you exist before mobile phones,that’s it, you used the landline, well perhaps you ought to think about going back to the good old landline. It’s not essential that you have a mobile phone,it’s just a must have,and the companies know that and play on it. So if you look around it’s not really ‘progress’ after all.



Ed Mew

When I get into my car my phone automatically connects to my stereo via bluetooth. Recently I have noticed while driving around it keeps disconnecting and then reconnecting. This happens if the signal goes. The above story and comments lead me to believe that it is the orange signal that is the problem. Not good as I use my phone for business purposes, to take bookings!!!


Might be a problem with mast coverage and going between coverage areas. It used to happen to me a lot on motorways journeys.

Voda used to issue a mast coverage map, does EE issue one for the Island?

the network signal shouldnt affect bluetooth at all. it might be something in the phone settings – if you dont have a network signal, theres no point in maintaining a bluetooth connection. There may be a way to maintain the bluetooth even when the network signal drops out. unfortunately the only thing to be done about the network signal is to keep on at your network provider… Read more »
Ed Mew

I have had this system for a while Woodworker, had no problem before! I have checked the phones system and all seems to be correct! It only happens when I go between different locations! My phone suddenly lights up saying Hands free disconnected and then after a few minuets says reconnected !!!

you say it only happens when the signal goes. so is it really that much of a problem? if you have no signal, theres no need for hands free is there? when going between locations, there is likely to be some dropout of signal as you pass between cell areas. with phones getting lighter, battery life is at a premium. it seems reasonable a phone would disconnect… Read more »
I would like to regenerate this thread even though its up to two years old. The EE signal in East Wight, especially Bembridge, is getting worse and worse in is in effect now unusable. As I speak, the 3G service doesn’t exist and at different times of the day may for a few minutes get up to three bars before disappearing. I speak for a number of… Read more »
At 0837 yesteday my wife sent me a txt from Coews- it arrived in Bembridge at 1815. At 1312 she sent me one from Winchester, it arrive at 1915. At 1826 my son sent me a txt from Newport, it arrived at 2315. All three phones are on Orange. Anybody know a “runner-wth-a-message- in- a cleft- stick” service- it would be quicker than Orange! I have had… Read more »
That’s really hard to answer. I was previously on BT Mobile, which bizarrely, used Vodaphone. That was rubbish in Bembridge. Before that, it used O2 (more than six years ago) which was ok then, but am unsure about now. T-Mobile also used to be rubbish until it first linked up with Orange when it was briefly ok until it joined up with NN (Nuffink Nowhere). You might… Read more »
Anna Shepherd

I live in Ryde and rely on my mobile to call taxis as I am

disabled. Until recently the service was good. Now I

cannot get a signal at all.


Looks like the EE signal issue in Seaview/Ryde is back again – anyone else been experiencing this – really wish they weren’t the only ‘reliable’ signal over this side of the island


No EE signal in Bembridge- as usual! :-((

Dave P
I sent a message to a neighbour who lives in the same block of flats as me last night at 7pm and he received it ok, however he sent me a reply text at 7.30pm but I did not receive it until 7.30 am THE NEXT MORNING. I live in Newport on the Isle of Wight my phone picks up my internet ok.If I drive towards Cowes… Read more »
Darren Irving
I’ve had no issues with signal in Newport on EE using a 5-6 year old handset. Not always the providers fault unfortunately, could be a handset issue, after all you sent and he received, although you don’t state if you are both on the same network. If it was that important for a reply would it not be easier to talk face to face if your in… Read more »
The trouble is that things keep changing with these companies. For many years you couldn’t get any BT/O2 signal here in Ventnor so I used Vodaphone and my wife used Orange but the signals began to lose strength and eventually we both changed to 3 which has not had many issues except loss of signal when it rains very hard(??) on occasion. I now learn that O2… Read more »