Floating Bridge ‘fails at the most important time of day’, says Cllr Love (updated)

School children and workers are late to school and work this morning as the Cowes Floating Bridge “fails at the most important time of day”, says Councillor Love.

floating bridge suspended

The Cowes floating bridge has been experiencing problems again today (Thursday).

Vehicles loaded at East Cowes around 8am had to reverse off the bridge as a problem occurred with the chains.

The passenger launch is in service for pedestrians, but all vehicles are being diverted via Newport.

For some time, the official floating bridge Website was reporting the service was running – it has now been updated.

11.20am Update
A spokesperson for the Isle of Wight council said,

The floating bridge was temporarily out of service this morning and a replacement foot passenger service provided, due to a combination of wind direction and low tide occurring at the same time. The chains had been adjusted yesterday to take account of high winds.

“However, chains have now been adjusted further this morning to suit the weather conditions and with the return of the high tide, it is now back in service. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

They went on to add,

“We do plan for weather conditions, but conditions this morning had changed to what had been forecast, therefore necessitating the further adjustments to the chains.”

Love: “Failed at most important time of day”
Cllr Love told OnTheWight,

“The chains are so slack and noisy, as well as its size that it continues to fail customers and this morning school children and workers are late to school and work as it fails at the most important time of day.

“No statistical data will ever tell me or residents that this is anything near as ‘good or reliable’ as the old bridge. The statistics are just a joke, as this council is, it’s happy that the bridge limps from one side to the other.”

Love: Bridge is “not fit for purpose”
He went on to say,

“It’s clear Isle of Wight council don’t know how to fix it, or why would they consider purchasing a replacement launch that can also be used to push it at low water. The noise on board can be frightening to those who don’t use it regularly and to pets.

“It’s not fit for purpose and we should not pay for it and demand our money back which has been spent purchasing it?”

Thursday, 14th March, 2019 9:30am


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If the IW Council state that Floating Bridge could not cope this morning with a low tide of 1.40m plus a breeze of considerably less than than the specified 55 knots, how will it manage next week when the low tide will be 0.10m? This vessel has simply not been designed or manufactured to meet the contract specification and the well known local conditions. The IW Council… Read more »