Floating Bridge out of service this afternoon

There will not be a replacement foot passenger launch service

floating bridge suspended sign

Cllr Karl Love has contacted OnTheWight to let readers know that the Cowes floating bridge is to be taken out of service this afternoon (Thursday).

The Isle of Wight council say,

“It has been identified this morning that a guide wheel on the Floating Bridge requires replacement, and in order to undertake the repair before any potential tightening of restrictions, we have decided to carry out this essential task this afternoon.

“As a consequence, the Floating Bridge service will be suspended between 1330 and 1630 this afternoon. There will not be a replacement foot passenger launch service.”

He said,

“I repeat what I’ve previously said, that floating bridge number six is simply not up to the job it was designed for.

“It’s at times like this, when we most need it to be reliable and operating, that it fails us.”

Thursday, 26th March, 2020 12:11pm


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A sign of the times that mine is the first comment. Bigger problems to worry about at the moment, but also no one is surprised by this at all.