Floating bridge suspended earlier today … due to a dolphin (video)

We’ve heard of some excuses in our time, but suspended due to a dolphin! Yes, it’s true.

dolphin - floating bridge -

The Cowes floating bridge was suspended this afternoon – due to a dolphin.

Pete Edwards was on hand to film the event (see below) which attracted onlookers, keen to grab sight of the blue beauty.

Dancing away
The video shows the floating bridge staff pulling at the chains, and the dolphin doing a little flip through the water.

Pete tells us that the dolphin was rubbing itself against the chains, but the more the crew tried to scare it off, the more it wanted to play!

The floating bridge is now back in action.

Sit back and enjoy
Thanks to Pete for sharing the video on Facebook earlier.

Thanks to Kirsten for the heads-up

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Monday, 19th June, 2017 4:37pm


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Email updates?


Just thought you should know that Facebook deleted my sharing of this post, telling me it ‘looked like spam’. That’s never happened before! I pointed out that you are a highly respected local news source!


Sad that your post was deleted but that just goes to show what rubbish facebook is.


I think you will find that the Video above was filmed during the scheduled suspension due to tidal contraints which are currently affecting operations.

I was watching on the webcam!