Floating bridge suspended later this week for improvement works

The leader of the council says the works are part of the IWC’s “continuing aim to get a good and reliable service for residents during this extended trial period”.

floating bridge suspended

The council share this latest news. Ed

The floating bridge will be out of service this Thursday (19 April) for on-going maintenance work to improve electrical and navigation systems.

Noise-damping material will also be fixed to the bridge’s prow to further reduce noise. The foot passengers launch will be in place while the bridge is out of service.

The planned work is to:

  • install reset switches for touchscreens and hydraulic control panel to improve the current system;
  • fit a replacement navigation strobe light;
  • adjust the northwest CCTV camera angle and
  • fit damper material (Trellex) to further protect the chain ferry prow.

An independent noise consultant will, with Environmental Health, be taking further noise measurements on site at the council’s request – this will follow the above works to the underside of the prow ramps to reduce noise.

Leader: “Continuing aim to get a good and reliable service”
Cabinet leader, Councillor Dave Stewart, said,

“This planned works is part of our continuing aim to get a good and reliable service for residents during this extended trial period.

“It will also give us the opportunity to look at the separate issue such as river silt build up that led to the bridge running aground on Saturday – which has, over the last couple of years, gathered at the bottom of the East Cowes slipway and it has been cleared as needed. I am clear that its removal is undertaken as a routine operation going forward.”

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Email updates?
Er, then why is the engine still breaking down??? This press release appears to be Council spin and deception once again – very different to what Dave Stewart and Ian Ward said at the Scrutiny Committee meeting. In fact, they were saying that the floating bridge has been reliable and frequent and made quite a song and dance of it! Saturday’s engine failure had perfect conditions and… Read more »
East Cowes if you are saying that IW Council Leader Stewart did not present the reality of this situation to the Scrutiny Committee and it also understood from elsewhere that the Scrutiny Committee members have not even been able to have access to all the unredacted data on the Floating Bridge contract, how can they have come to any conclusion? Furthermore is it true that the two… Read more »

“Continuing aim to ……………….” It’s broken down again. It’s broken, a broken design, a broken service, and a broken promise to LEP and the communities of Cowes & E Cowes. ££ million of public money wasted on a bad design, a poor execution and a broken result, £900, 000 of Islanders taxes spent patching up a broken service. It’s a disgrace.

Noise-damping material will also be fixed to the bridge’s prow to further reduce noise. As they have had in excess of 3,000 rubber blocks delivered this could well be a very frequent occurrence. And as for the ‘extended trial period’ I fear it could be worn right out at the end of this, or is it going to still be on trial in 10 years time whilst… Read more »

Popularised by Mark Twain over 100 years ago. ‘There are lies, damned lies and statistics.’ Now, about these statistics…!