Floating Bridge out of service for more repairs

The Bridge will be out of service again after yesterday’s suspension, this time for more repairs

Floating Bridge and suspended sign at East Cowes

The Cowes Floating Bridge will be out of service on Thursday for some planned repairs.

In addition to the hydraulic pipe works undertaken last week and taking advice from Marico Marine and AP Hydraulics, additional works will be carried out to replace another six hydraulic pipes.

Therefore the Floating Bridge service will be suspended on Thursday 21st between 0930 and 1530 and a launch service for foot passengers and cyclists will be in operation.

The Bridge was taken out of service on Tuesday due to a weld that had blown on the north west ram causing oil to spill.

Thanks to Cllr Cameron Palin for the heads-up.

Article edit
10am 20th Jan 2021 – Day of repairs amended

Image: © Cameron Palin

Wednesday, 20th January, 2021 8:52am


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Beyond surreal.

What did Cllr Ward say again? Every prototype has a few teething problems?

That was over three years ago, I think things have moved on a little since then. But let’s be fair, it wasn’t the Conservatives who commissioned the wreak, they are just responsible for throwing £millions of IW Council Taxpayers money at it, trying to make it work, and are now about to throw even more taxpayers money in litigation in a bid to cover their backsides ahead… Read more »

A very clever move because they can then say, in the run up to Council Elections, we can’t talk about the floating bridge because legal action is pending.

In November I wrote to Seely asking him to bring the Floating Bridge debacle to the attention of the Secretary of State for Local Goverment, who is responsible for ensuring Councils are acting responsibly. I have not had a reply from Mr Seely so yesterday I emailed Robert Jenrick myself requesting he take a look. I’m not overly confident of getting a response any time soon but… Read more »

Not fitting the slipways is poor design, welds and hydraulics failing is shoddy work and if it came from B&Q you would return it as ‘unfit for purpose’, can’t we just send it back for a refund?


why replace hydraulic pipes, in normal installations they are good for 15 plus years,were they poor quality or were they undersized? will the next thing be we need to change the engine?


Why not just stick with the passenger launch and consign FB6 to history before it gobbles up even more taxpayer’s money?