Fourth Isle of Wight Poundland store on the horizon (update 2)

Poundland is a popular store on the Isle of Wight and it looks as though they are opening a fourth branch. Details within

Poundland branch exterior

It looks like the discount chain, Poundland, will be coming to Cowes.

It’s thought the store would be located on the High Street where the iconic chain Woolworths once had a store. Most recently the site has been the home of M&Co.

News OnTheWight made some enquiries and on the QT it seems that the fourth store is planned, but the official word from Poundland is less revealing.

They told us this.

“The Isle of Wight is a great location for Poundland and we’d love to come to Cowes. As soon as we have any news to share, we will.”

However, the company are advertising vacancies for management roles in Cowes, which is a bit of a giveaway.

They also have this in the window of their Ryde branch.

In the window of Ryde poundland

The chain already has branches in Ryde, Newport and Shanklin.

Thanks to Christopher Jackson for the heads-up and further digging.

Article update
1.15pm 10th Mar 2021 – Details about job listings added
1.50 pm 10th Mar 2021 – Image from Ryde branch added

Image: pittaya under CC BY 2.0

Wednesday, 10th March, 2021 12:52pm



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4 Comments on "Fourth Isle of Wight Poundland store on the horizon (update 2)"

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A nice bit of levelling up, eh? Will the new shop have to do what MaccyD’s is made to do in posh areas of the US and camouflage itself so as not to lower the tone? Cover up the branding during Cowes Week?


In a posh Cowes voice it’s pronounced ‘Pined Larnd’

Eagle eye

Ha Ha! If it’s good enough for Frank Lampard…

Seriously though, doesn’t it highlight the poverty on the island if such shops are doing well. Where is the money Boris Johnson said we would get?


Reflects the current low paid, lack of investment, undervalued population and the inept council who continue to exploit and rip us off.