GKN boss threatens possible legal action over IW Festival licence

A request from the GKN boss to meet and resolve matters prior to the licensing hearing have, so far, been rejected by organiser of the Isle of Wight Festival, John Giddings.

A piece of late evidence has come to light in relation to the application to review the Isle of Wight Festival licence.

The evidence is made up of two letters, the first a letter from John Giddings, organiser of the event to GKN boss, Jeff Armitage.

In the letter, dated 25th October, Mr Giddings says that he had offered to meet with Mr Armitage to discuss the Traffic Management Plan for future festivals, but given the application for a review of licence had since been lodged (by Mr Armitage), he said, “I do not see that such a meeting would assist”.

He goes on to say they are “committed to ensuring that improved systems are in place next year to minimise the risk of similar problems occurring in the events of inclement weather”. The letter closes that he would be happy to discuss but, “outside the Review Process”.

GKN: Legal action not out of the question
Also included in the late evidence is the reply from Mr Armitage to Mr Giddings (dated 6th November) which opens with his surprise at the position Mr Giddings is taking.

He states that at the meeting he hoped to discuss the “disruption” to their production, seeking a “way forward” to “suitably compensate” them “for past disruptions” and to “ensure that this does not happen in the future”.

He goes on to say that had a meeting taken place to help resolve the matters prior to the hearing, he may have been in a position to “withdraw my application for a Review”.

Will “use all means”
Adding that if Mr Giddings as not willing to meet prior to the hearing, Mr Armitage will, “use all means” at his disposal to “protect my business and my employees from further disruption, including further legal action”.

Mr Armitage closes by urging the arrangement of a meeting between the two of them before the Review hearing.

The hearing is due to take place on Monday 19th November at County Hall from 10am.

Thanks to the On The Wight reader ‘b4u’ for bringing these letters to our attention.

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Thursday, 15th November, 2012 9:29am


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  1. So I don’t know how you got these letters or who “b4u” is, but do you think it’s right to publish personal correspondance from a nameless source?

    Doesn’t sit well, whatever the content or situation.

  2. This exchange reads like;

    Dear music man,

    Give me some dosh and I won’t send the boys round.


    The Boss. (No, not the one who sings)

    (What with the allegations of the CEO of the council doing bookings, or not, for the other troublesome venue, being a resident over here is starting to look like living in a comedy sketch.)

  3. I’m all in favour of secret things being unearthed & sent to OTW! The more skulldugery the better, when it comes to revealing what’s really going on.

  4. So its OK for GKN to close roads and create traffic chaos moving a giant crane.

  5. The only difference being GKN don’t gridlock Island roads for hours on end causing people to sleep in cars, miss love one’s funerals etc etc. No.5 GKN moving a crane is hardly on par with what happened at the IW Festival. If they pull out of the Island the knock-on effect will be far reaching so we should support them whatever.
    As a prospective council candidate you must learn to be more tolerant.

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