‘Grades do not define you, there are still plenty of options for you’ says head of service at Childline

Childline share tips on how to help your children who may be anxious about receiving A-level results today

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Wendy Robinson, Service Head: Childline shares this Letter to the Editor. Ed

Usually around this time teenagers are anxiously awaiting their A Level and GCSE results having spent months revising and sitting their exams. But as we’ve already learned, nothing in 2020 is the same.

Between April and July 2020, Childline delivered 1,121 counselling sessions with young people who told counsellors they were feeling overwhelmed that their exams had been cancelled, were struggling with the uncertainty and felt robbed of the chance to sit their exams. Others regretted not taking their mocks more seriously.

Grades do not define them
It’s vital that children remember their grades do not define them and there are still plenty of options for them. Childline has advice for children and parents and carers to help them during these uncertain times.

If you don’t feel the grade reflects your child’s ability speak to the school about retaking the exam this autumn. Or make an appeal about how the grade was decided. Look at other courses, training programmes and apprenticeships. Speak to the university they’ve applied to – they might be flexible. And don’t forget there’s always the clearing process.

How to help
If your child finds it hard to talk about their results be patient and supportive until they feel ready. Encourage them to take their time and think about what they want to do next. Write down a list of pros and cons.

If they’re finding it hard to talk they can contact Childline for free, confidential support and advice on 0800 1111 or www.childline.org.uk.

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Thursday, 13th August, 2020 10:11am


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“Grades do not define you”

Precisely, how many people flunked school and then blossomed and went on to become highly successful in the real world.


Academia isn’t everything, too much emphasis is placed on it. Couldn’t agree more longford.


Another Tory stitch up