Green Party respond to their only Isle of Wight council Cllr resigning

The only Green Party councillor on the Isle of Wight council announced today he would become an Independent Green councillor. OnTheWight has the Party’s response to what he referred to as the “increasingly irreconcilable” situation.

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The resignation from the Green Party by the Isle of Wight council’s only Green councillor earlier today, has left only town and parish councillors representing the Party on the Island now.

The Ryde town councillor and Isle of Wight councillor for Ryde East and Cllr Michael Lilley announced his resignation earlier today (Monday), citing “increasingly irreconcilable” situation with “some members of the IW Green Party”.

OnTheWight got in touch with Isle of Wight Green Party Chairman, Daniel James (pictured above), to ask for a response from the IW Green Party to comments made and reason given for Cllr Lilley’s resignation.

Isle of Wight Green Party’s response
Daniel told OnTheWight,

“The Isle of Wight Green Party has been notified that Michael Lilley has resigned from the Green Party of England and Wales this morning. Michael had been elected as a Town Councillor in Ryde, and subsequently as the County Councillor for Ryde East, with the help and resources of Green Party volunteers and regional staff.

“Although the Green Party does not instruct its elected members how to vote, accountability is a required principle for all Green Party councillors. We understand that Michael will now serve on the Isle of Wight Council as an independent.

“We thank Michael for his hard work on behalf of Ryde residents and wish him all the best for the future.

“Michael’s resignation brings the number of Green Party members serving on Island [town and parish] councils to eighteen.”

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Email updates?

mmm so that clears it up nicely!


‘accountability is a required principle’ What does that mean in practice? It can range from just discussing your actions to facing the third degree. why do I suspect with the Greens it will be the latter?


Yes, why do you? The Green Party does not “whip” its councillors, MPs or MEPs unlike all the othes, but it is entirely reasonable that those representatives can, and do on request, justify their actions.
Luckily, there are plenty of competent, rational, enlightened Greens ready and willing to fill vacancies.

Looks like the Green Party are going the same way as Ukip. There will always be differences of opinion in politics but any. institution needs to be pretty big to survive the really big issues, as we can see by how the two main Parties are tearing them selves apart. They’ve both, Green and UKIP served their purpose and soon we’ll back to the three mainstream parties:… Read more »
UKIP was, and remains, a one-trick pony supported by bigots and little-englanders. The Green Party has clear social priorities and a very wide constituency. The Green agenda has a very long way to go before achieving its aims, and thanks to the last two or three (mainstream) governments, we haven’t even started yet. Labour has made itself unelectable, and the Libs/LibDems appear to have gone into hibernation.… Read more »

I think the Greens will be viewed with suspicion on this island while ‘that woman’ continues to allow ‘that pub’ to fall down while, if I’m not mistaken, Green policy is to bring disused pubs back into use.