Plans are afoot to restore this former floating nightclub and Paddle Steamer

Response to the news someone is keen to take on a project to restore the former Paddle Steamer has been mostly positive.

ps ryde queen

Plans are afoot to restore a former Paddle Steamer that was once used as a passenger ferry, was used during WWII as a minesweeper and anti aircraft vessel and then became a floating nightclub.

PS Ryde can still be found on the edge of the River Medina, where she was moored back in the 1970s when her life as a floating nightclub known as The Ryde Queen began.

According to planning permission conditions at Island Harbour, PS Ryde was should have been cleared from the site by November last year, but luckily for some, she’s still there, yet to be removed.

Restoration plans
Lisa-Marie Turner, a graduate of Underwater Archaeology at University of Southampton, who has previous experience and a passion for restoring vessels from our maritime history, has announced her company are looking into restoring the former Paddle Steamer.

The news was announced on the Isle of Wight Heritage Facebook Group on Sunday and has been met with a largely positive response from members, with offers of help, donations and more.

Former projects
Lisa has previously been involved in a project to restore Euorpe’s last known surviving steam turbine car ferry, the TSS Dover, but sadly things came together a little too late and it had to be recycled.

There’ll be more to follow in due course.

Image: © Damian Haworth (who we thank for the heads up)

Monday, 14th May, 2018 6:45pm



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Email updates?

Maybe this would work better than the current floating bridge.


Brilliant! Something worthwhile doing. This boat is part of history – not only WWII but 40/50 years back as a nightclub. Lets support this!


Yes, would be nice to see it restored, not sure the residents at the Island Harbour development would share their enthusiasm having it as a nightclub again though!


Is she insane, great idea about 15 years ago, its back is broken as is most of the rest of it, just take the fencing down and let it return to nature.


Is that the paddle steamer that was used on the Portsmouth/Ryde route in the late 50’s early 60’s ?


Nice idea but sad to say, it will not happen.


May be great in theory but in reality rust has done its thing and now is just beyond restoration never mind the huge sum of money that will be needed. Pull the engine out and find somewhere to display it.


I believe the engine, being largely brass, has aleady gone. Twenty years ago this might have had a chance, but not now. If somebody has that much enthusiasm and a deep pocket, what about that lovely hotel on Sandown seafront?


I would suspect the cylinders are cast iron not brass as it is unusual to have brass cylinders on a steam engine.


Most steam engines are cast, with brass pipework and ancillary items, an engine with brass internals would not last long!


Bronze not brass as brass is likely to suffer with dezincification.


I’ve seen worse than this restored, there are plenty of people willing and more importantly able to undertake such a project in the UK!


Have you actually looked at it recently, while there may be people willing and able there is still going to be a huge cost and where is that going to come from?


There are people that can afford such projects!


And yes I see it every week and have done for the last 20 years!


Very good drone video on u tube.


“Cleared from the site by November last year.” So why is the wreck still there? Who is responsible for clearing it? Why have IW council not enforced the clearance? As for restoring it, best of luck!