Growing concern from some Isle of Wight residents over the possible 5G rollout

Leader of Isle of Wight council says “it’s not a priority for us to get to 5G”, the CEO says they do not have the power to restrict the rollout, and some residents say “our health and environment come before faster Internet speeds”.

van with giveG as registration plate

There is a growing movement on the Isle of Wight of residents who are opposed to the introduction of 5G and smart meters.

This Saturday, they plan to hold a demonstration in St James’s Square, Newport (from noon), where you’ll be able to find out more information about the concerns. You can find out more by joining their Facebook Group.

5G under scrutiny?
At a recent Isle of Wight council Scrutiny Committee meeting, Cllr Debbie Andre asked the leader of the council, Dave Stewart, if he could allay the fears of some Islanders about the dangers of 5G in relation to the council’s digital transformation plans.

Stewart: “I’m actually an evidence-based individual”
Cllr Stewart replied,

“I’m told that some years ago when they invented the mobile phone you had people walking around with silver foil to avoid being impregnated by these mobile phones. Most people now can’t live without a mobile phone.

“I am actually an evidence-based individual, when I read some of the things I read and then I research them online I actually have to question the thinking of some people, because it takes them to the extreme of everything.”

Stewart: “Not a priority for us to get to 5G”
He went on to say,

“We as a local authority do due diligence on all that we do, from what I can see and I usually challenge it if we haven’t.

“5G is no different. If 5G is safe and if 5G will give us the kind of things I know I am hearing will do elsewhere in the country then I think we should be taking taking them up.

“At this point in time it is not a priority for us to get to 5G.”

Stewart: “It must be evidence-based and informed”
Cllr Stewart finished by saying,

“Irrespective to what we are doing here on the Isle of Wight I can assure you others are looking at it across the world. I was talking with an international specialist today and he was talking about 5G like it was the pen in his hat.

“We must be sensible and mustn’t bury our heads in the sand, but I actually believe it must be evidence-based and informed and not take risk with community.”

CEO: IWC has no control of rollout
The Chief Executive, John Metcalfe, reminded members that the council does not have the power to restrict the rollout of 5G.

He said it was down to the government.

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Well thats absolutely great to read – I am delighted that Councillor Stewart states “I am actually an evidence-based individual, when I read some of the things I read and then I research them online I actually have to question the thinking of some people, because it takes them to the extreme of everything.” et me direct him to the most up to date EVIDENCE BASED SCIENTIFIC… Read more »
Im almost speechless at the comments from Dave Stewart !!! I always thought he was an educated caring man… He states “It must be evidence-based and informed” !!! He needs to practice what he preaches then…!!! I know that anyone with “Fibromylagia” is already affected by WiFi but if this monstrosity 5G is allowed we will be very lucky to survive it, so this Council will have… Read more »
5G Problems – Digest of Key Points All the points below are FACTS and can be supported by references if required 1. No known independent studies on the adverse effects of Radio Frequency-ElectroMagneticFields (RF-EMF) to date have been done for 5G. 2. According to the European Commission the precautionary principle may be invoked when a phenomenon, product or process may have a dangerous effect, identified by a… Read more »
I do find these bold words from Mr Stewart him “having to question the thinking of some people, because it takes them to the extreme of everything.” I rather think Brussels, Belgium and Rome Municipality XII Speak loud and clear. They are the latest European municipalities to act on wireless 5G. The government of Brussels, Belgium blocked raising wireless radiation limits to ICNIRP levels effectively halting the… Read more »

On a slightly different tack it would be nice if we on the Island could get decent 3G & 4G before moving to 5G!!

Mr Stewart talks about “evidence based” There is plenty of evidence to show that WIFI is already causing serious health issues – see the Lancet of December 2018. 5G will vastly increase that exposure and it will go into the millimeter wave range, something which scientists, doctors & military weapons experts across the Globe are warning against. They are urging for a Moratorium and more research before… Read more »
The latest 5G wireless technology relies on the deployment of many more new antennas and transmitters that are clustered lower to the ground and closer to homes and schools. There has been even more limited research with respect to the health ramifications of 5G technology, and the FCC has thus far failed to adequately explain how they have determined 5G is safe. If it’s not as much… Read more »

Publicity a couple of years ago states that the local Council applied for the Island to become a “test bed” for 5G. Fortunately, it would appear that this application was rejected.

ONTHEWIGHT – you are accurate in your comment, yes THERE IS GROWING CONCERN OVER EMF/5G/WIFI whatever you wish to name it. We cannot continue exposing our precious children to the EMF smog that they have to live in each day, their little bodies are constantly growing the last thing they need is health issues from it. But who is responsible? The council say the government, but the… Read more »

I live on the High Street in Godshill and short of wandering around in the garden waving my mobile in the air, I can’t get 3G let alone 4G. Why can’t that be fixed for the WHOLE island first?


Storm in a Tea cup ? More like boil your brains in the MICROWAVE! That is a very basic description OF 5G. Make yourself more aware of the FACTS and then call it a ‘Storm in a Tea cup!


Microwave ovens run at around 600 watts. 5G sites will be a fraction of that. I’d be happy to have one on my house.


Dr.Devra Davies knows her stuff….The second video will be more in depth of her knowledge of Mobile Phones and wireless radiation. I hope Mr. Stewart finds time to watch this internationally recognised expert on electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones and other wireless transmitting devices. By the way Mr. Stewart, the second video ‘The Truth about mobile phones and Wireless radiation’ comes under the ‘Education’ category…


Be nice to get a signal, any signal at all, in some places, like Havenstreet, Brading, West Wight et al. I wonder how these people will organise their protest without modern communications? And how they would have reacted to the invention of the wheel. Reminds me of the letter in an Island paper about hand driers being dangerous.

Benny C
What an utter twit. Who on earth voted for this nonsense. It’s coming, like it or not. It’s ridiculously good. It will drive growth, jobs, safety, healthcare and wages. Regardless of any impacts , being left out will be like buying beta max instead of vhs. I know that’s old tech now but we all remember the impact. Please , at the earliest opportunity, get these people… Read more »

The expected growth to be generatedby 5G is estimated as £7 billion by 2026.
That is less than 0.3% of UK GDP


Yet Visible light is a radio wave at much higher frequency than 5G and there’s plenty of that all around us. Storm in a teacup methinks.