Debbie Andre

Debbie Andre was elected as Island Independent councillor for Sandown North ward in the 2017 council elections.

Below are some of the article where Cllr Andre is mentioned.

‘Save the fish’ plea as canoe lake reduced to less than 10cm of water in some places

browns boating lake

Matthew shared a video of Facebook where the backs of some carp can be seen out of the water due to the lack of depth in the lake. He's calling for urgent action

Monday, 10th August, 2020 8:22am

By Sally Perry with 8 readers' comments

Review and moratorium of large-scale Isle of Wight developments called for by Island Independents

fence of building site with warning signs

Cllr Andre says a change in policy is needed and the economic climate of the Island demands a totally new, fresh approach to development. The Island Independent Group call for a stop on all large-scale developments prior to a review

Tuesday, 14th July, 2020 7:52am

By Debbie Andre with 4 readers' comments

Call for halt on planning application by Isle of Wight council to convert Grade II listed building

old town hall in sandown

The Isle of Wight council's Heritage Statement has been slammed and local councillors are calling for a halt to the planning process

Thursday, 9th July, 2020 3:17pm

By Sally Perry with 3 readers' comments

Boojum and Snark’s nano brewery approved: Bar reopens for table service this weekend

boojum brewery

The nano-brewery on Sandown's High Street will be brewing twice a week, as part of a wider regeneration scheme which also sees the cafe/bar reopening for table service this weekend

Friday, 3rd July, 2020 9:33am

By Louise Hill, Local Democracy Reporter

Ships moored off Isle of Wight – Bembridge to Ventnor – bring exhaust fumes and deep vibrations, say residents

Ships in Sandown Bay by Bruce Webb

A few years back small numbers of ships started mooring off the south west of the Island, but since lockdown the number has gone up considerably. Their massive engines are running constantly bringing engine exhaust and constant vibrations. Here’s the background and what residents are saying

Thursday, 4th June, 2020 4:06pm

By Louise Hill, Local Democracy Reporter with 9 readers' comments

‘Islanders are not guinea pigs’: Politicians hit back at pitch to use Isle of Wight as Covid-19 testing and mobile tracking pilot (update 3)

three guinea pigs sitting on a table

Not everyone has reacted positively to the Isle of Wight Conservatives' pitch for the Island to be a ‘potential pilot for testing a community’ for Coronavirus. A petition has been launched

Wednesday, 22nd April, 2020 12:05pm

By Sally Perry with 29 readers' comments

Cllr Lilley joins the Island Independents, then called ‘a coward’ by Cllr Brodie

geoff brodie and michael lilley

One half of the 1957 Group has joined the Island Independent Group and was tonight called a coward by the other member of the Group he left

Tuesday, 10th March, 2020 8:34pm

By Sally Perry with 12 readers' comments

Council refuse to give reassurance OnTheWight sought in relation to sale of land in Sandown

pointing fingers mobile

Residents are concerned that land dear to the hearts of locals and visitors - and rich in heritage - will form part of the deal for a new investment partner. OnTheWight sought reassurance from the council

Thursday, 27th February, 2020 5:39pm

By Sally Perry with 12 readers' comments

Isle of Wight councillor explains why she was prepared to sign PFI gagging order

debbie andre at the election by allan marsh

Cllr Andre explains why she voted in favour of the gagging order at last night's private briefing about the progress of the highways PFI scheme

Wednesday, 5th February, 2020 7:55am

By Sally Perry with 15 readers' comments

All but two of eight Isle of Wight councillors refuse to sign PFI gagging order

staples over mouth

Cllr Brodie asked the meeting how they could in all conscience, and with potential legal risk, sign confidentiality undertakings

Tuesday, 4th February, 2020 9:37pm

By Sally Perry with 12 readers' comments

A secret briefing on Island Roads’ progress will be held tomorrow claims Cllr Brodie (updated)

Geoff Brodie

Confidentiality agreements will bind the limited number of Cllrs who are admitted to the exclusive briefing about the Highways PFI from disclosing information they learn - even from other councillors, claims Cllr Brodie

Monday, 3rd February, 2020 2:44pm

By Sally Perry with 12 readers' comments

Are Conservative administration ‘incapable of any joined-up thinking?’ asks Cllr Andre (updated)

debbie andre at the election by allan marsh

Cllr Andre asks whether the Conservative administration have "simply just lost the plot, have no plan and are just showing that they are incapable of any joined-up thinking?"

Thursday, 24th October, 2019 8:12am

By Sally Perry with 6 readers' comments