Have your say on council plans to reduce staff at Freshwater Library

Friends of Freshwater Library urge their library goers to take part in the upcoming consultation on council plans to reduce staff to one and rely on the community to keep the library running.

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Further to news reported by OnTheWight earlier in the month about proposals for communities to take on the running of their libraries, the Friends of Freshwater Library have launched an appeal.

They advise the ‘Freshwater Library Public Consultation’ period is due to start next week and go on to say,

“The changes the council are proposing to make to Freshwater library service are subject to the outcomes from this mandatory Public Consultation process.

“We urge you to respond to this consultation and make your views known to the council; we may yet be able to influence the decisions about the future of our library.

“As you know, the proposal is to reduce the staff to one with volunteers from the community helping run the library. Under this proposal, the library premises would pass out of Council control.”

Two month consultation
The consultation for all libraries goes live from Monday 6th July for two months, followed by analysis of data. A report will then go to the Council Executive Tuesday 27th October.

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The library celebrated its 75th year in 2014.

Article edit 11.51am
Amended length of consultation from three weeks to two months.

Thursday, 2nd July, 2015 9:06am


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They will use Shanklin Library as a example.


The council recently voted to have all council employees on “the living wage”.

I suppose volunteers doesn’t count.