Have your say on proposed Isle of Wight dog control orders

The Isle of Wight Council want to hear your views on the changes to the proposed dog control orders in areas such as cemeteries and children’s playgrounds

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Plans to update dog and alcohol controls across the Island go out to consultation today (Wednesday).

New legislation means the Isle of Wight Council and police officers will be gaining new powers to control antisocial behaviour – such as drinking alcohol in public – and dog fouling.

In the past, Dog Control Orders and Designated Public Place Orders have been separate pieces of legislation, but on the Island, as in the rest of England, these are now to be combined in the new Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs).

Protecting beaches and public open spaces
The new orders will allow police officers and the council to continue protecting the Island’s beaches and public open spaces for locals and visitors to enjoy.

Many of the rules which have been in place for the past ten years will remain unchanged under the new PSPOs.

Your views on changes~
The consultation will seek to confirm these existing arrangements and seek residents’ views on a number of amendments.

These mainly concern:

  • dog exclusion zones within fenced children’s playgrounds;
  • dogs on leads in cemeteries; and
  • dogs on leads on some rights of way.
  • No new dog exclusion orders are proposed for beaches — the existing orders would simply migrate over to the new PSPOs. Parks and open spaces with no fenced children’s playgrounds are not affected.

Eight weeks to have your say
The consultation will last for eight weeks with an online survey and opportunities to participate by emailing, in writing or at community drop-in sessions.

After the consultation, all the comments that are made will be considered before any decision is made.

The final decision to agree the new order, with any changes included, will be made by the council’s Cabinet in April.

Cllr John Hobart, Cabinet member for the environment and heritage, said:

“Most of the council’s beaches welcome dogs all year round, and I have no intention of changing that.

“The way information on the proposed orders was circulated last year caused a lot of concern and emotion within the community.

“This was a shame, because most of what was proposed was simply migrating the existing orders into new ones.

“There is not, and never has been, any proposal to change overall dog controls on beaches as a part of these new orders and it is disappointing that some people even now are claiming otherwise.

“Dog owners should be reassured that these proposals are needed to move existing orders to the new legislation, with the only proposed changes relating to cemeteries, fenced children’s play areas and some rights of way.

“The intention of dogs on leads in certain areas is about the safety and the enjoyment of the general public. To ensure areas are safe and clean for everyone to use, we have to be strict about asking dog owners to keep their dogs under control and to pick up after them.

“Most people are very responsible when walking their dogs and are happy to keep to these simple rules and we thank them for helping us to maintain pleasant green spaces for all to enjoy.”

Have your say by completing the survey.

The consultation closes on 15th April 2020.

News shared by Isle of Wight council press office. Ed

Image: wwarby under CC BY 2.0

Wednesday, 19th February, 2020 10:27am


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I agree with dogs being kept under control in cemeteries, etc and people picking up and disposing properly of dog poos. If only dog owners would pick up after their dogs and put them on a lead if they cannot control them, there would not have to be so much exclusion. My dog loves the freedom of chasing a ball on the beach especially now any green… Read more »

Bring back sensibly priced dog licences to pay for dog bins, collection, etc.

Benny C

We need Councillor Control Orders more urgently than Dog Control Orders. The mess islanders have to navigate at the hands of this current inept regime is usually worse than anything a dog can manufacture. Island Roads, Chain Ferry, LBC interview, browsing on line in important meetings, not reading important papers, not understanding PFI contract terms properly, dysfunctional town councils, climate change sceptic leader, the list goes on.


Thank goodness its the County Elections next year when we could actually put an end to this dire council once and for all.
Please please vote them out !!

Am I to assume that in the eventuality that this mob actually make a ‘joined up’ decision about Dog control AND Alcohol use that new signage will need to be produced for every area AND that someone will be overseeing the regulations thus adding a few thousand pounds to our already stretched budget. Perhaps they will just stick up a few signs and then leave it to… Read more »
I would like IOW Council to apply some imagination as to how to make the island more attractive as a destination for dog-friendly tourism (one of the biggest growing sectors of the travel market). After it’s biggest ever response to a public consultation, Cornwall County Council is this year reducing its dog bans on most of its beaches, making them daytime only (10am to 6pm) and, subject… Read more »

There is a link to the survey but I cannot see an explanation or list of what exactly the proposed amended PSPO’s actually do or which areas they effect.


To be fair to the council, as you go through the survey there are links you can click to access all the relevant documents, including maps.