Have your voice heard: Public meeting to discuss Isle of Wight council’s plans to close mental health day centres

All those who will be impacted by the planned closures of the mental health day centres are encouraged to attend this public meeting next week to ensure your voice is heard, including family, friends and concerned residents.

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Colleen shares details of this public meeting taking place on Thursday 6th June, 7pm, Quay Arts Centre, Newport. Ed

We have had an overwhelming response to our petition to stop the planned closure of four Mental Health Day Centres across the Island, with over 5,400 signatures so far.

If you haven’t already, you can sign it the online version here.

The petition will be presented to the council at the next full meeting in July, assuming of course, it meets the new anti-democratic criteria set out for petitioning the council since the recent rule changes.

Ensure your voice is heard
You are invited to a public meeting to discuss the proposed closures on Thursday 6th June, 7pm at the Quay Arts Centre in Newport.

This will provide an opportunity for all who are concerned to be heard, to learn more, and to speak with local councillors and a UNISON representative.

There will be an opportunity for people who will be impacted by the proposals to speak. Cllr Michael Lilley will be speaking, as well as George Brewer, a service user, and there will be an opportunity for the public to ask questions and to find out more about the campaign to prevent the closures.

All impacted by planned closures are welcome
All people potentially impacted by these proposals, and their families and friends, are encouraged to come along, as well as concerned members of the public who understand the value of the services that are likely to be closed if proposals go ahead, and the impact on the community these changes will have.

We will also be inviting various representatives from interested organisations.

Concerns already raised
Concerns include, but are not limited to:

  • The drop-in service offered at these centres can provide bespoke and fluctuating levels of support – vital for some people
  • The drop-in service offered at these centres provides peer support that people would not be able to access without it
  • The drop-in service offered at these centres can provide immediate and accessible help in a crisis.
  • These services should be expanding to meet need, not being cut
  • There is some concern that the process for assessing needs of people that currently use the service is not adequate (eg does not take in to account people who have not used the service in 2 months, a relatively short period of time)
  • The suggested replacement service the IWCC has hinted at (eg Personal Assistant Service) does not address the issues outlined, and is at present rather vague.
  • Potential job loses

Looking after each other
On the Isle of Wight, we look after each other.

See you on Thursday 6th June, 7pm, Quay Arts, Newport (with thanks to UNISON for sponsoring this event).

Everyone is welcome.

Image: Ethan Sykes under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 28th May, 2019 11:58am


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