Here are the facts behind the ‘Whitelink’ LED sign blooper

You would expect the person inputting Wightlink’s name into an LED system to know how to spell it, given we’re on the Isle of Wight and it also appeared under the logo. Here’s how the blooper happened.

whitelink led sign large by simon wratten

An LED sign placed on the route to Wightlink’s Fishbourne ferry caught the eye of many Islanders this week.

As you can see from the photo – shared with us by Simon Wratten – whoever was programmming the sign didn’t seem to know the Island very well.

Instead of inputting the company name as ‘Wightlink’, they spelled it ‘Whitelink’.

An Island Roads sub-contractor
OnTheWight got in touch with Wightlink to find out how such a major error could have been made.

A spokesperson told OnTheWight,

“Wightlink has partnered with Island Roads to inform drivers about delays with the new LED signs at Fishbourne.

“Island Roads asked its sub-contractor to correct the time which had been shown inaccurately on the sign.

“While this was being done, he decided to display the company’s name rather than leave a blank screen but unfortunately, he misspelled Wightlink.

“Island Roads rectified the error and have apologised to Wightlink.”

Thursday, 27th September, 2018 12:45pm



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Fred Karno

Shame the contractor didn’t go the whole hog and put a letter ‘S’ instead of the ‘W’ as well.


This sign story is irrelevant trivia.
What really concerns people is the horrendous rip off pricing of ferry fares as highlighted by the SLEP, the slow crossing times on their vehicle ferries, infrequent sailings away from peak periods and bouts of rudeness by their staff.


What you say about Wightlink may be true Tim but, for goodness sake, why don’t you lighten up and see the funny side!