Here’s how to play ‘Isle of Wight Council Bingo’ whilst watching the annual budget meeting

If you plan to watch the annual Isle of Wight council budget meeting on Wednesday night, you might want to liven things up with this lighthearted bingo card

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Wednesday evening (from 5pm) sees the annual budget meeting take place at the Isle of Wight council – all virtually of course – and Our Island have shared a bingo card that might liven things up (jump to bingo card).

As reported by News OnTheWight as well as the ruling Conservative group’s budget proposal – given a majority of Conservative councillors is the one most likely to be voted through – there are alternative budgets being presented by the Independent Labour councillor, Geoff Brodie, by the IW Liberal Democrats and the Island Independent Group.

Watch the meeting live
Residents can watch the proceedings by clicking on this link just before 5pm on Wednesday (24th Feb 2021).

Once the Agenda has loaded, click on ‘Watch Meeting LIVE’. This will give you the option to ‘watch on the Web’ (if you don’t have MC teams on your computer). If you need to step away from the computer, just hit the pause button and hit play when you return.

How about a game of IWC Bingo?
The annual budget meeting is a serious affair. Very important issues are being discussed and many people will be affected by the outcome of the decision-making.

However, to create some levity the Our Island group have posted this bingo card to their Facebook Page along with this message :

To help get through the meeting we have created Isle of Wight Council Bingo.

The first 10 people to contact us with 30 points will get a free Flatpack Democracy Book: [email protected]

Click on image to load in new window, where you can print or download from

IWC Budget Bingo

Image: pixabay under CC BY 2.0

Tuesday, 23rd February, 2021 6:14pm



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4 Comments on "Here’s how to play ‘Isle of Wight Council Bingo’ whilst watching the annual budget meeting"

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Brilliant! This should keep us entertained.


What about “I say this with a heavy heart”,
“Councillor votes the wrong way”
“Mr. Brodie kicks off,”(fairly understandable),
“there’s been no complaints”
“we’ve set a lawful budget”


How about … “Council Leader throws in the towel..”


Maybe not the best thing to do if Our Island candidates want to be councillors I know some people will find this amusing however should a group hoping to take the council in May, be making such a mockery of a council meeting that is about budget and will effect Islanders? Some already struggling to make ends meet