Home Office Clarifies ID Cards on Isle of Wight Ferries

Those who were concerned over the ID needed to travel on ferries, should read this clarification from the Home Office.

Home Office Clarifies ID on Isle of Wight FerriesWe know that there was a lot of concerns popping up in the comments following Andrew Nordbruch’s reporting of the Mail on Sunday’s piece saying that extended police powers could require all people travelling to and from the Isle of Wight on the ferries to have their personal data logged.

Jonathan Green, Sales & Marketing Director of Red Funnel got in touch with us with a just-issued clarification by the Home Office.

The key point for the Island – The Home Office has “no plans to extend the new powers to other domestic routes,” beyond the Great Britain to/from Northern Ireland route.

Here’s the clarification in full.

  • Section 14 of the Police and Justice Act 2006 introduced a new power that will allow the police to capture passenger, crew and service information on air and sea journeys within the United Kingdom.
  • Important to recognise the power is to meet a need identified by the police, security and intelligence agencies to strengthen the UK against the threat from international terrorism.
  • The focus of the new power is on routes between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. We have no plans to extend these powers to other domestic routes.
  • The specific police requirements, which will include details of the data required, have yet to be finalised and will be subject to a 12 week public consultation where all interested parties will have the opportunity to contribute.
  • The public consultation is expected to take place during 2009 – the exact timing will be advised as soon as possible.

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Monday, 30th March, 2009 5:37pm


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Email updates?

As I said Daily Heil taking a real story and turning it into a scare tactic. They’ve done it before and will do it again


All Isle of Wight passport holders please start boarding!!!!


I propose we call the currency of our republic the Lilo.


But it does confirm that the power is there, so it is a simple matter to implement the power at some future stage.

“No plans” does not mean it will not happen. Why do the police need these powers, even if they are not implemented?


There is no plan to throw people with ginger hair off of the pier at Ryde


But there really should be.

Earl Grey

It certainly does confirm that the Government has this power, a worry for us all.

Especially from a government that used anti-terrorism legislation to sieze the assets of one of the Icelandic banks.

James P

“a government that used anti-terrorism legislation to sieze the assets of one of the Icelandic banks.”

Not to mention throwing elderly protestors out of their conference…



but will they have plans to extend these powers after the elections?

as for a public consultation, is there really any point in keeping up the pretence after the Southampton/fluoride sham


On the other hand though something clearly has to be done to stem the flood of terrorist activity on the Island

James P

“the flood of terrorist activity”

I thought that was George Bush talking about tourists. So easily confused… :-)


One mans terrorist is another mans North Islander. Oops. How sexist and male biased.


One mans terrorist is a woman.

(I really shouldn’t hit the Submit button, but I can’t help myself)


Both ferry companies hold my details from previous bookings and they insist that I take my photo licence with me as proof that I qualify for the Island discounted fare. Personally I have no difficulty with this.

James P

But if they’ve already got your details..?

The fact that you are asking for a return ticket to the Island must be a clue to where you live!

Sally Perry

I also don’t have a problem proving where I live when buying multi-link tickets, but I would object to having to show my ID every time I leave and return to the Island.

Luckily it sounds as though this won’t be relevant anyway. Fingers crossed.

But if your ID did away with the need to pruduce a ticket, they just swiped your card and on you get, surely this would speed up the process and make life a lot easier. Just think of your ID as an instant passport to all your travel needs locally and abroad and also you access to all local services..banks, signing on, on-line verification, proof of age… Read more »

Life is pretty easy without an ID card – why the hell would we want one? (rhetorical question – I’m not interested in a debate. I refused to have one)

James P

“Just think of your ID as an instant passport..”

I do hope you’re being ironic, V, or do you really trust the grubberment to look after all your personal details without leaving them on a train/laptop/memory stick/DVD, or selling them to a faceless American corporation, or mixing them up with the criminal records database, etc..?

They alreaqdy have the James in one way or another. They have your NI details, your tax records, your driving license..probably acesss to your telephone bills and credit card statements.. so no I see no problem with having all these things on one card..as long as it benefits me..like swiping a card to get on a ferry rather than having to buy and carry a ticket. I… Read more »
Jackie Hawkins
Unfortunately the question of ID cards is not quite as simple as whether or not we as Islanders have to show one to use the ferries. Under this government and the previous one our freedom and liberties have been systematically eroding. The EU as does the US also play a huge role in this. Huge amounts of data on each and everyone of us are being collected,collated,stored… Read more »
They have not been eroded..it was alie that we had any in the first place..ever since the barons and landowners gave up owning serfs they have found other ways of keeping tabs on us. For 50 years we have happily provided any information asked of us..we are even happy to post comments on that huge database called the Internet that tracks our IP addresses and can record… Read more »

A very confusing argument you’ve got there. Totally defeatist in my view.

Just because some information is held in separate areas you’re happy for it all be tied together. Bizarre.

It’s like saying, well they’ve gone to the trouble of making a noose, I guess I’d better stick my neck in it.


I thought you were refusing to have a discussion ;-)


Ha ha … yes I though the same just after I posted it!

James P

“a simple and honest ID card”

I doubt that it will be either.


What do you think it will be then?

James P

Complicated and unreliable. I don’t mind separate databases, because if one gets lost/stolen/broken, other sources can be used to correct it.

Putting everything in one big file and letting the Home Office (!) look after it is the worst of all possible worlds, IMHO.

Even pop singers know this is a bad idea!