Hospital Friends receive Rotarians money to help young Islanders

Children’s services on the Island will benefit from new equipment.

This in from George for the Friends of St Mary’s Hospital. Ed

Children’s services on the Isle of Wight are benefiting from a gift of £274 to the Friends of St Mary’s Hospital from Sandown Rotary Club.

The money was going towards most of the cost of two items of mobile equipment, one for measuring height measurement and another for lightweight portable scales. The items, the subject of a bid to the Friends, would enable health visitors to carry out visits to homes to ascertain the weight and height of a child.

Helping the community
Parents were able to participate in the measurement process and to keep a book recording the findings, so raising their awareness of their child’s development. Overall cost of the two items was £318, and both would go to the Ryde Health Visiting Team whose caseload was over 1,300 children under five years.

Sandown Rotary’s president, Esme Shakeshaft, said the gift was just part of the club’s efforts to help the community. It raised money through various sources including bric-a-brac sales, school fairs, barbecues and house clearances. “It all comes down to a lot of hard work by our members,” she added.

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Tuesday, 18th December, 2012 10:01am



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