Huge Increase In Island Pothole Claims

Many more claims made to the council for damage to cars

The talk of increasing numbers of potholes on Isle of Wight roads won’t be news to you if you’ve driven around the Island since December’s snow.

Huge Increase In Island Pothole ClaimsWhen water gets in existing cracks between and underneath road tarmac, then freezes, the resultant ice is larger, so forces the road surface to break up.

(Like our nearly-Isle of Wight pothole picture?)

Damage to cars can be significant. Back in January 2010, VB reader Jill Dennis shared her experience and photos of damage to her car, showing a severe dents to both her front and rear alloy wheels, caused by a pothole near Whiteley Bank.

Huge increase of Island claims
The BBC has been investigating claims made against local councils for damage to vehicles.

The IW council has seen the number of claims made in 2009/10 by Island road users increase over two and a half times, from 157 to 419.

The council added that the amount paid out remained roughly the same.

If you come across a pothole, VB wrote an article last year on how to report them.

Read the BBC report about other councils in the area

Image: juggernautco under CC BY 2.0

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steve s

You could be on to something here, guys.
If we filled in all of our potholes with Isle of Wight shaped tarmac, we could sell our roads as a unique tourist attraction. Island roads are, after all, different!

Sally Perry

He he. Bit concerned about the ‘Island’ that seems to have appeared off the coast of Ventnor.

Steephill Jack

That’s the Island of Ventnor which will move away from the larger island following the next major landslip.
It may not be a bad thing as the survivors might become independent from the IoW County Council and move on to better things.
The Age of Prophesy is not yet passed and there has been a lot of rain recently.

At the end of the “economic boom” around the year 2008,if asked how one would expect to find Island roads generally? Considering the wealthy economic period we had just lived through. The answer should have been very good to excellent. But no, hardly any money had been spent on them in the previous 10 years or so. So the roads generally were in a poor patched up… Read more »

Thats Luccombe!